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Learn How to Cancel Adobe Subscription

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel Adobe Subscription

    Adobe provides an array of creative tools and programs, but sometimes their software isn’t what you expect or doesn’t have the features you need. So how do you cancel Adobe subscription services?

    When canceling your subscription, options vary based on how long you have maintained your subscription.

    About Adobe Subscriptions

    Before you learn how to cancel Adobe creative cloud subscription services, you should understand what programs fall under the Adobe umbrella. Adobe Creative Cloud is, as mentioned, a new cloud-based subscription service with lots of apps and platforms all under the same “Creative Cloud” roof.

    ToolWhat it's used for
    Adobe PhotoshopEdit, save and share photos
    Adobe IllustratorCreate and draw graphics
    Adobe InDesignPublish any document online
    Adobe LightroomAllows you to create, edit, store, and share photos online.
    Adobe StockAccess thousands of stock images for your projects
    Adobe FontsAccess thousands of fonts for all your creative projects
    Adobe CommunityA portfolio platform where you can communicate with other users
    Adobe SparkCreate and share social media posts

    Pricing varies based on the services to which you subscribe. For Adobe Creative Cloud, you get access to a broader range of subscriptions at once for the same monthly price:

    Basic ServicePremium Service
    $20.99 per month$52.99 per month

    You can also purchase single subscriptions within the cloud for one service, like Lightroom, which costs $9.99 per month on its own.

    How to Cancel Adobe Subscription Services

    You can cancel your plans in six different ways.

    1. Using your iPhone

    2. Using your Android

    3. Via Email

    4. Over the Phone

    5. Via PayPal

    6. Through the Adobe Website

    How Do I Cancel My Adobe Subscription With an iPhone?

    1. Click on your settings and your profile name.

    2. Find the subscriptions button and click on it.

    3. Click the respective Adobe subscription–this might be Creative Cloud or just one of the programs.

    4. At the bottom of your screen, click “cancel subscription”.

    You should receive a confirmation email once this is done.

    How Do I Cancel Adobe Subscription Services With an Android?

    1. Launch the Adobe app from your phone.

    2. Click on the hamburger icon on the left.

    3. Find the subscriptions button and tap on the respective Adobe subscription.

    4. Click “cancel subscription.”

    5. Choose your reason for canceling the subscription and confirm.

    You should receive a confirmation.

    How Do I Cancel My Adobe Subscription via Email?

    You can cancel via email by sending a message with your account information to Tell them why you are canceling, and you should receive a confirmation email after that.

    How Can I Cancel Adobe Over the Phone?

    Over the phone, you can call the support team at (800) 833-6687. They will confirm your account and walk you through the steps to cancel.

    How Do I Cancel Adobe Subscription Services via PayPal?

    1. Sign into your PayPal account.

    2. Navigate to “settings” in the top corner.

    3. Select payments and manage automatic payments.

    4. Click on the Adobe payment.

    5. Click “Cancel”.

    How Do I Cancel My Adobe Subscription Online?

    1. Visit the Adobe Account Page.

    2. Sign in and navigate to “plans.”

    3. Click on my plans on the left.

    4. Click “cancel plan.”

    5. Enter the reason for cancelation.

    How to Cancel Adobe Creative Cloud

    Adobe is now switching many of its services to a cloud-based platform.

    • If, for example, you had Lightroom 7 years ago, you would have paid for the software once and installed it on your computer. 

    • If you installed Lightroom 2 years ago, you found that a subscription model was the new norm, but still, you installed the software.

    • Now that service is cloud-based, the layout is completely different, with an Adobe cloud-based platform on which you can have multiple service subscriptions visible.

    How to Cancel Adobe Free Trial

    If you signed up for Adobe services of any kind through their free trial, and now you want to cancel Adobe free trial services before they charge you, the steps are similar. You can use any of the methods mentioned above, and you just have to do it before the end of your free trial.

    You only get 7 days for any free trial, whether it’s a single program like Illustrator or the entire Creative Cloud service. So, use those 7 days to figure out if you want to keep your subscription to cancel your Adobe Illustrator subscription or Creative Cloud services.

    Does Adobe Prorate Cancelations?

    Adobe does not prorate cancelations, and this is because once you cancel your subscription, you still have access to the service until the end of your billing cycle. The only exception is if you cancel within 14 days, in which case you get a full refund, not a prorated refund.

    Alternatives When You Cancel Your Adobe Subscription

    Your first alternative to a complete cancellation is to ride out the remainder of your current subscription and then cancel. This gives you whatever time is remaining on your account to enjoy their features.

    Adobe Cancel Plan Costs

    With an Adobe membership, cancel options change after 14 days. For 14 days, you can cancel Adobe without being charged. You can also get a refund for any services to which you have subscribed. When you cancel Adobe account services after 14 days, you cannot get a refund. However, you can still use the services you have purchased until the current billing cycle ends.

    Knowing how to cancel Adobe plan services can be helpful, but so, too, can be knowing how to reactivate a plan later. When you cancel Adobe membership services, it closes everything, all access to anything in your account.

    Do I Lose My Account When I Cancel Adobe CC?

    No. Cancelling Adobe subscription services do not make your account disappear. It does, however, mean you will no longer have access to items you stored on the cloud, and your storage will be significantly reduced as storage amounts are tied to subscriptions. So, if you cancel your subscription to one service but keep another, you might see changes to your account settings.

    Can I Reactivate After I Cancel Adobe Cloud Subscription Services?

    Yes, you can reactivate your account at any time. When you do this, your original settings and new subscriptions will be automatically available to you.

    Alternatives to Adobe CC

    If you want to switch services, there are comparable products available.

    • Pixlr is a free Photoshop alternative with basic editing capabilities. This is a more beginner-friendly option, but so is Photoshop. You can also invest in the Pixlr Pro E version if you want something for professional editing.

    • RawTherapee is an alternative to Lightroom with a range of editing rolls for raw photos, especially batch processing. It has recovery details, color boosting options, and distortion correction features too.

    • Inkscape is an Illustrator alternative that uses the SVG format. It has advanced features even Illustrator lacks, such as cloned objects and alpha blending. The interface is also simpler compared to Illustrator and works well for Windows or Mac.

    • Scribus is a popular alternative to InDesign. What’s more, like all of these options, it is free. It is a professional program for all operating systems with ICC color management, CMYK colors, spot colors, and PDF creation. There are vector drawing tools and an active community much like that of Adobe, to whom you can turn for help.

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