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How to Cancel Audible Membership – A Simple Guide

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel Audible Membership

    Audiobooks are an excellent alternative for those who love books but don’t have much free time to read them. They allow listening to novels and other literature while on the go. Many users prefer audiobooks as they find listening more convenient than actually reading the content. The reports confirm this is a huge trend since audiobook sales revenue reached $1.3 billion in the US in 2020.

    You might have come across Audible while looking for an audiobook service. The platform offers a huge library that includes thousands of titles. The service is premium, which means you need to pay to use it. But what happens if you want to cancel your Audible membership? 

    That’s what we focus on in this article. You’ll learn about the easiest methods to cancel an Audible subscription and avoid unnecessary expenses. Here is what you need to know about this platform!

    What is Audible?

    Audible is an audiobook platform offering a huge library of different content to access and listen to. Here is a quick look at the type of content you can get with this service:

    • Books. Users will find everything from classics to the latest releases in audio formats.

    • Sleep tracks and meditation programs. These can help to promote your well-being and contribute to better sleep.

    • Podcasts. You can also listen to podcasts from reputable authors. The themes range from business and entertainment to health and education.

    Audible is a premium service, which means you need to become a member to access its content library. The platform offers a 30-day free trial but will charge for its services afterward. The lowest monthly membership cost is $7.95, but what if you don’t want it anymore? Whether you didn’t like Audible during the free trial or want to stop using the service, it’s vital to avoid this unnecessary expense. If you are wondering how to cancel an Audible subscription, the good news is that it’s fairly easy to do that.

    How Do I Cancel Audible Membership?

    There are multiple methods of stopping your membership on this platform. In this guide, we will cover the following ways:

    • Online via a web browser

    • Online by using your mobile phone

    • By sending an email to customer support

    If everything goes smoothly, the entire process won’t take more than a couple of minutes.

    How Do I Cancel Audible Online?

    This is the basic way of stopping your subscription. The only thing you need is your laptop or PC and a valid internet connection. Before we explain the steps, it’s vital to note that this process works for those who want to know how to cancel the Audible trial, too. Whether you are an ongoing member or only going through the free trial, this is how to stop your subscription.

    Access Account Details on the Website

    1. Head to the Audible website and log into your account. That will include entering your email address and password.

    2. Once you access your profile, go to the Account Details. Please notice that there’s information about your membership specifics. That will include the number of credits to purchase titles permanently, your billing date, and the day when you became a member.

    3. It’s vital to cancel your Audible account before your next billing date. Click on “Cancel Membership” and start the process.

    What’s the Reason for Your Cancellation?

    Audible will first warn you about what you are losing by stopping your subscription. We assume you are certain about this action, so choose to continue the cancellation process. Audible will now ask you to state the reason why you are leaving.

    The reasons listed could be:

    • I wasn’t aware of my membership, and I want to stop my Audible subscription.

    • There’s another audiobook service I prefer.

    • I couldn’t find my favorite book.

    You can be as honest as you feel here. Some users revealed they actually cancel to catch up with permanently downloaded books while avoiding unnecessary expenses.

    It’s Time to Leave!

    You’ll be surprised how persistent Audible can be when convincing users not to cancel their subscriptions. However, you want to push through their questions and keep clicking. The last offer from the platform will be to contact support to resolve any issue you might have. Gather the courage and click on “Cancel Anyway” to finish the process.

    That’s it; you’ve made it! You now know how to cancel your Audible membership. Once you finish the process, you’ll receive a confirmation to the email used for registration.

    Can I Cancel Audible on Mobile?

    The platform also has a free mobile app you can download for Android and iOS. The software is free, and you can download it from respective app stores on your device. If you use Android OS, you can start the cancellation process from the app. Access your profile and choose to stop your Audible membership. 

    However, you won’t be able to cancel Audible in the app. Instead, it will take you to the desktop website version. From there, you can follow the steps mentioned in the previous section.

    How to Cancel Audible Subscription on iPhone?

    The critical question to answer is – did you sign up for Audible from its iOS mobile app? If the answer is yes, the cancellation process is different. According to Apple, you’ll need to use your device to stop the subscription.

    Here is how to cancel Audible membership on a phone, tablet, or another gadget made by Apple:

    1. Head to the Settings app on your iOS device.

    2. Click on your name and then access Subscriptions.

    3. Choose Audible from the available subscription. You should have a Cancel button available. If the request is successful, you won’t see this button anymore.

    You can also use iTunes on Windows to cancel Audible Premium Plus and other subscriptions.

    Can Audible Cancel My Membership Via Email?

    If you want to cancel the Audible free trial or membership but have problems with the process, you can always contact customer support. You can do so via chat, phone, or email. It might be easiest to write an email. All you have to do is to mention that you’d like them to handle the cancellation instead of you. It might take up to 24 hours for the support to answer, although they are often faster than that. Make sure that they clearly confirm your membership has been canceled. You don’t want to end up having an unnecessary expense because you had a “misunderstanding.”

    How to Lower My Subscription Cost Instead of Cancelling My Audible Membership

    You have several options for maximizing the value of your Audible membership. First, make sure not to miss the free trial. All new members are eligible for it, and the trial lasts 30 days. It will give you enough time to figure out whether joining the platform is a smart move.

    Before suggesting ways to lower your subscription cost, here is a comparison of pricing plans:

    Subscription PlanUnlimited Library Access for Listening PurposesCredits (Download and Keep a Title Permanently)Price
    Audible PlusYes0$7.95 per month
    Audible Premium PlusYes1 per month$14.95 per month
    Audible Premium Plus / 2 creditsYes2 per month$22.95 per month
    Audible Premium Plus Annual / 12 creditsYes12$149.50
    Audible Premium Plus Annual / 24 creditsYes24$229.50

    The obvious way of saving is to switch to a subscription plan that costs less. Audible has two basic membership tiers – Plus and Premium Plus. If you don’t have the desire to keep any particular titles permanently, you can downgrade from Premium Plus to Plus. It’s worth noting that any other titles you purchased that far will remain in your library forever.

    If you are serious about Audible, annual plans offer long-term savings. The basic Premium Plus subscription costs $14.95 per month. But if you buy it for an entire year, you’ll actually end up paying $12.4 per month. That will save roughly $30 bucks annually, and you’ll get all yearly credits to buy books permanently right away. 

    It’s worth noting that Amazon is behind Audible, so Prime members can expect additional credits. Finally, before you can Audible membership Amazon offers you, don’t forget to use any existing credits. You already paid for them, and the titles you download will be yours forever.

    How to Put Audible Membership on Hold

    Some users prefer to put their membership on hold instead of canceling Audible. This is a convenient option offered to users since you get to keep any accumulated credits while your subscription is on hold.

    Putting your Audible membership on hold actually means placing it on pause. The pause can last up to three months. It’s easy to put your account on hold. All you need to do is to head to account details and click on “Pause Membership.”

    Here are several important things to consider:

    1. You can only pause your subscription once per year.

    2. The maximum holding time is three months. 

    3. Once you resume the plan, the platform will charge you on the next billing date as usual.

    What Are the Best Audible Alternatives?

    Now that you know how to stop Audible membership, it’s time to consider viable alternatives. What if you want to continue listening to audiobooks and other content but simply don’t like Audible? The good news is that there are plenty of similar services available on the web. Here is a quick comparison and overview of Audible and other platforms.

    PlatformMajor FeaturesPrice
    AudibleMore than 200,000 titles Owned by AmazonFrom $7.95/month
    AudiobooksNowMore than 85,000 titlesFrom $4.99/month
    DownpourGreat for DRM-free content Rental periods availableFrom $12.99/month
    Nook AudiobooksMore than 60,000 titles Owned by Barnes and NobleNo subscription (each book sold separately)
    ScribdHuge collection of audiobooks, ebooks, magazines, newspapers, etc. Affordable pricing plansFrom $8.99/month
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