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How to Cancel Dollar Shave Club [Easy Method]

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel Dollar Shave Club

    According to an article in The Washington Post, it is estimated that the average man spends 140 days of his life shaving. That’s a lot of time! When spending so much time in front of the bathroom mirror, it only makes sense to make it count. That’s why subscription shave clubs like Dollar Shave Club are so popular. With so many fun products to choose from, including razors, cologne, grooming products, and more, it can make the experience seem much more rewarding than just a simple daily task. But these memberships can add up, and after a while, members may find that they can save a lot of money with a razor and shave cream purchased at their local convenience store. But how exactly do you cancel your Dollar Shave Club membership?

    How Do I Cancel My Dollar Shave Club Membership?

    Dollar Shave Club delivers grooming products directly to your door via a subscription service. Receive your selected items monthly, every two months, or at whatever cadence makes sense based on your needs. Depending on the membership combination you choose, you’ll pay as directed to receive razors, shaving cream, and other items.

    You’ll take a brief quiz during the sign-up process (more on that below) that will help Dollar Shave Club tailor a kit to fit your needs. And joining Dollar Shave Club felt like a great idea then; for some members, it is a worthwhile investment. From lucrative advertisements on your social media to funny commercials produced for YouTube, they can draw you in. But membership is costly, and the various membership plans are seemingly endless.

    The first step to joining Dollar Shave Club is to select the right plan for you. 

    • Select the body part you want to shave – Head, face, armpits, private bits, legs, neck, or other.

    • Indicate how often you shave – Daily, weekly, or monthly

    • Indicate any problems you have when you shave – Redness/irritation, razor burn, dryness, nicks & cuts, hair growing back too fast, etc.

    • Share if you have any skin concerns – Fine lines/ wrinkles, sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, dandruff, dehydrated skin, chapped lips, or oily skin

    The membership combinations may seem endless. Consider the following membership combinations as an example. 

    Part of BodyFrequencySkin ConcernsCost
    FaceDailyNone$28.00 every 2 months includes a razor, extra blades, and shave butter
    LegsWeeklySensitive skin and razor burn$23.50 every 2 months includes a razor, extra blades, and shave butter
    ArmpitsDailySensitive skinevery

    You could spend $168 or more per year with any of these combinations to shave one body part. This can seem pretty pricey, especially when a men’s razor and shaving cream costs $15 or less at the local store.

    Considering these prices, you may cancel your Dollar Shave membership so that you are less limited in the shave products you can select.

    Thankfully, canceling your Dollar Shave Club membership is easy.

    • Visit the Dollar Shave Club website.

    • Click the two horizontal lines in the upper left-hand corner of the website and scroll down to Account.

    • Select Sign In

    • Sign in to your account and go to your Membership Settings

    • Select “Cancel Membership,” then Continue.

    • Select a reason for stopping

    • Follow the remaining prompts

    Problems canceling your Dollar Shave Club membership?

    The Dollar Shave Club website implies that members may occasionally need help canceling their membership. You may need to contact Dollar Shave Club directly to process your cancellation. However, they need to make it easier to find their phone number, and it is often easiest to locate it elsewhere than on the Dollar Shave Club website. 

    Know that any time you contact a subscription service for cancellation, they will ask you questions to get you to stay. Be polite with the representative, but get to the point and stay the course. At the end of the call, thank the representative for their time and request confirmation of your cancellation. It is common for customers to be offered a special promotion in exchange for continuing their membership.

    3 Alternatives to Dollar Shave Club

    Harry’sHarry’s is a direct-to-consumer shaving and grooming brand offering high-quality razors, blades, and grooming products at affordable prices. They focus on simplicity and craftsmanship.
    BillieBillie is a female-focused shaving subscription service providing premium-quality razors, replacement blades, and body care products. They cater to women’s specific shaving needs.
    Gillette Shave ClubGillette Shave Club is a subscription service from the well-established razor brand, offering their popular razors, blades, and shaving accessories on a recurring basis for added convenience.
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