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How To Cancel ESPN Plus Subscription In No Time

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel ESPN Plus Subscription

    An ESPN Plus subscription provides the user access to thousands of original TV shows, acclaimed series that aren’t available on the ESPN networks, and exclusive live events, including combat sports, tennis, soccer, baseball, hockey, and many more.

    But if you aren’t making enough use of your subscription or feel that you aren’t getting what you expected and it isn’t worth paying for, you need to know how to cancel your ESPN Plus subscription immediately and painlessly. Here is a clear and detailed guide to easily cancel your ESPN Plus subscription in no time.

    Reasons Why People Decide to Cancel ESPN Plus Subscription

    Many users around the world decide to cancel their ESPN Plus subscription for different reasons. Some of the common issues behind such a decision are:

    Missing Features

    ESPN Plus lacks various features compared to other platforms, including instant cancellation and an appropriate refund policy. In addition, some Pro sports are not included, and there is no live NFL or NBA game coverage, which means ESPN Plus is not the right choice for every sports fan. It fails to be a super-powerful streaming solution bringing ESPN’s channels, so you still have to rely on cable.

    Unmet Customer Expectations

    Instead of enjoying the expected range of features, the ESPN Plus subscriber may end up experiencing regional blackouts, slow service, or cluttered search options. Such a mismatch between expectations and reality naturally causes disappointment and dissatisfaction.

    The Need to Break Free

    Many people decide to follow their resolutions and stop spending all day lying in front of the TV. So, they opt out of their ESPN Plus subscription and take up outdoor and social activities.

    Improve the Quality Of Sleep

    ESPN Plus may encourage you to stay up late to watch your favorite TV shows or sports events, and not getting enough sleep may cause health problems. Instead, with your subscription canceled, you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle and well-being.

    Save More Money

    Once you cancel your ESPN Plus subscription, you get a chance to put more money aside instead of getting billed more due to additional expenses that add up to your monthly utility bills.

    Here is how much you will save from ESPN Plus subscription plans:

    PlanPriceSimultaneous Streams
    ESPN Plus monthly subscription$6.99/mo.3
    ESPN Plus yearly subscription$69.99/yr.3

    Other Reasons

    There are many more considerations that can lead you to the decision to cancel your ESPN Plus subscription, including permanently.

    • The need to be subscribed to a cable provider to be able to watch ESPN channel 24/7

    • ESPN Plus is not a replacement for cable TV

    • The app doesn’t sync between different devices.

    As an ESPN subscriber, you may be included in the following statistics:

    However, if you doubt the benefit of your subscription, it’s time to consider canceling it and lowering your expenses.

    How Can I Cancel My ESPN Plus Subscription?

    There are multiple ways to cancel your ESPN Plus subscription, depending on your subscription plan and your device. If you signed up for the service and are billed through another service or provider such as Roku, Amazon TV, Google Play Store, or Apple’s iTunes, you will be required to cancel the ESPN Plus subscription from those services. You can select one of the options below that best suits you and follow the easy step-by-step directions that will allow you to cancel your ESPN Plus subscription.

    Cancel ESPN Plus Subscription Online

    To cancel your subscription online, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the following link.

    2. Click Log In.

    3. Click Manage.

    4. Click Cancel Subscription.

    5. Confirm your request when prompted.

    Cancel ESPN Plus Subscription From the Roku Website

    It is possible to cancel your ESPN Plus subscription if it is billed to your Roku account from the Roku website through the following steps:

    1. Go to the Roku website.

    2. Click Manage your subscriptions.

    3. After the page My Subscriptions loads, you’ll have all your subscriptions billed by Roku listed, along with the related terms and renewal date.

    4. Choose your ESPN Plus subscription and select Unsubscribe.

    5. Confirm your request when prompted.

    Cancel ESPN Plus Subscription From Amazon

    If your Amazon account is used for billing your ESPN Plus subscription, you may cancel it using the Amazon website. Simply follow these instructions:

    1. Go to on your computer or smartphone.

    2. Sign in to your Amazon account.

    3. Find your ESPN Plus subscription and select Actions.

    4. Select Cancel your subscription and Confirm your request when prompted.

    Cancel ESPN Plus Subscription From Google Play Store on a Mobile Device

    1. Run Google Play Store on your mobile device.

    2. First, check if you’re using the right Google Account.

    3. Click the Menu icon, then tap Subscriptions.

    4. Select your ESPN Plus subscription.

    5. Click on Cancel subscription.

    6. Confirm your request when prompted.

    Cancel ESPN Plus Subscription Through Apple iTunes on a Mobile Device

    1. Go to your iPhone Settings app.

    2. In the top section, tap [your name], then click iTunes & App Store.

    3. Type in your Apple ID at the upper section of the screen, then Click View Apple ID when it shows up. Signing in using your Apple ID might be required.

    4. Navigate to the Subscriptions icon and click it.

    5. Click your ESPN Plus subscription.

    6. Manage your ESPN Plus subscription using the provided options. You’ll either select another subscription plan or click Cancel Subscription in case you wish to cancel the subscription.

    If you cannot cancel your ESPN Plus subscription through the steps listed above, you may use an alternative option to cancel your subscription either by phone or email.

    Cancel ESPN Plus Subscription by Phone

    1. Call (800) 727-1800 to get in touch with the ESPN Plus customer service department.

    2. State your intent to cancel the subscription to the service

    3. Listen closely for any instructions the representative gives you, note them, and follow them

    4. Urge the representative to provide you with an email or letter of confirmation

    Cancel ESPN Plus Subscription by E-mail

    1. Write an email that clearly expresses your intent to cancel your streaming subscription to

    2. Provide all the requested information

    3. Ask ESPN Plus to send you an email confirming your cancellation request

    4. You may write: ‘ESPN Plus subscription cancellation request’ as a subject to your email

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Pause or Freeze My ESPN Plus Subscription?

    No, the option of temporarily suspending the user’s subscription is unfortunately not supported by ESPN Plus. Reactivating your subscription after you’ve previously canceled is possible, but you cannot freeze your current subscription.

    What Are the Best ESPN Plus Alternatives?

    Now that you have successfully canceled your ESPN Plus subscription, you may be wondering what other alternatives are. The following table states various other options along with their monthly prices, number of possible simultaneous streams, and available video quality. You can use them to choose the platform that fits your needs well and compare it to ESPN Plus.

    ServiceMonthly Price (USD)StreamsVideo quality
    ESPN Plus$6.9951080p
    Prime Video8.99-11.9931080p-4K
    Disney +6.9941080p-4K
    HBO Max14.9931080p-4K
    Paramount +4.99-9.9931080p
    Apple TV +4.9961080p-4K
    Discovery +4.99-6.9941080p-4K

    Can I Get a Refund?

    ESPN Plus does not provide refunds or credits, including those for billing periods or partially watched events. But if you cancel either your monthly or annual subscription, you may still have access to the service until the end of your present billing period (be it a month, for monthly subscriptions or a year, for yearly subscriptions).

    What Else Do I Need To Know?

    Here are some additional points and tips that you need to keep in mind:

    • Uninstalling the app will not be enough to cancel your subscription.

    • You will not get a refund if you cancel your ESPN Plus subscription.

    • If you do cancel your subscription, you will still be able to view ESPN+ content through the end of your present billing cycle. Hopefully, you won’t be charged on your next bill.

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