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How to Cancel FabFitFun [New Guide]

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel FabFitFun

    Women love trying out new beauty products. But the truth is, these items can get expensive, especially when you have to buy the real deal or a full-sized container. What if you don’t like the product? Or how do you find that newest item that all your friends are bragging about? The answer is in the FabFitFun mystery box that women nationwide touted as one of the coolest subscription services in the beauty industry.

    Every three months, women receive a beautifully-designed, high-quality box chock full of products ranging from tote bags to umbrellas, skin moisturizers, workout apparel, and so much more. And for many, this service is well worth the price, especially since it offers an excellent way for women to try new products they’ve never heard of or wouldn’t think to buy on their own. Unfortunately, the boxes don’t come cheap. The price may outweigh the benefit if you don’t use all the products in your package. As a result, you may want to know how to cancel your FabFitFun subscription.

    How Do I Cancel My FabFitFun Subscription?

    The beauty industry generates $100 billion+ in revenue worldwide. It’s estimated that the skincare market will generate up to $177 billion by 2025, and cosmetic retailers have recently reported $17.09 billion in online sales for 2022. But getting all these products in front of the right consumers can be challenging, especially when there is so much competition. Social media advertising, magazine ads, and billboards are all influential, but there is nothing like getting a sample of your product into a willing buyer to help drive future conversions. This same strategy is what FabFitFun employs to introduce new brands and products to interested consumers

    As we said earlier, however, these mystery beauty boxes come at a price. 

    Annual Prepay for 4 Boxes and Save $20SeasonalPay Per Box
    Quarterly Cost$54.99 per box Members are billed $219.99 annually$55.99 per box Members are billed quarterly
    Inclusions– Seasonal box with up to eight products – Customize your entire box if you wish, or be surprised. – Unlimited swap for credit – Early access to customize your box – Early access to special sales and add-on events – Earlier shipping than what seasonal members get – Ability to cancel anytime– Seasonal box with up to eight products – Four customizations – Unlimited swap for credit – Ability to cancel anytime

    Steps on how to cancel your FabFitFun box

    Whether you subscribe to the annual or seasonal program, FabFitFun members can cancel anytime. For information on the FabFitFun cancellation policy, do the following.

    • Navigate to the FabFitFun support page on the company’s website. 

    • Under My Account, select ‘How do I cancel my membership?’

    If you have decided that you want to cancel your beauty box subscription, follow these steps.

    • Log in to your FabFitFun dashboard.

    • Navigate to “My Account”

    • Select “Cancel Subscription” and complete the steps 

    FabFitFun does not charge cancellation fees. However, you will not receive a refund for any prepaid boxes and cannot stop a pending charge. 

    • Annual memberships prepay for four boxes which are non-refundable. So, if you are on this plan, you will keep receiving your prepaid packages and have access to all FabFitFun membership perks until the end of your prepaid annual term.

    • If you are on the seasonal plan and have already paid for your next box, your subscription will cease after your next beauty box has been delivered. You will not be billed for additional packages.

    If you have any questions about canceling your FabFitFun beauty box subscription or want to reactivate it, you can contact their Customer Care Team by texting (310) 409-4711. Standard messaging and data rates will apply.

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