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Step-by-Step Guide to Cancel Fabletics Membership

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 29, 2023

Cancel Fabletics Membership

    Are you among those who have a passion for fashion and love keeping up with the latest trends while getting the best value? Then you’ve noticed the rise of online clothing shopping over the past years. The tendency precedes the pandemic, but the Covid-19 outbreak significantly accelerated it. In 2019, clothing items sales in the US climbed at a rate of 12.7%, followed by a dramatic increase of 62.9% in June 2021 compared to June 2020. 

    Undoubtedly, online clothes shopping offers many benefits like convenience, huge apparel selection, and ease. However, it also hides some pitfalls, such as the risk of excessive spending on clothing subscription boxes flooding the market.

    First Things First – What is Fabletics?

    Fabletics is a worldwide company that offers men’s and women’s sports clothes, footwear, and activewear accessories. Launched by Kate Hudson in 2013, it’s one of the most popular subscription services and online stores. It offers a wide choice of athletic outfits and fitness accessories and the option of customized search based on the workout routine and preferred style. With a Fabletics VIP membership, the subscriber gains access to special discounts every month, which are not available to non-members.

    How Much Does a Fabletics Subscription Cost?

    There are two options for Fabletics shoppers. You can either shop without having to subscribe or get access to exclusive products and deals by signing up for a VIP membership. This grants you access to a promotional Membership Credit, exclusive workout outfit products, unique deals at the lowest prices and free shipping for all your orders. You can skip a month by visiting the website between the 1st and 5th and selecting the Skip the Month option. If you fail to do so and miss the 5-day grace period, you will automatically be charged the monthly fee of $59.95.

    Here is an idea of what Fabletics charges look like:

    Type of CustomerMonthly CostDescription
    Non-Subscribing visitorNone– High prices – Limited choice of items
    VIP Member$59.95– Lower prices and exclusive deals – Exclusive sportswear products available to members only

    How does an exclusive VIP membership discount work?

    ProductType of CustomerPrice
    LeggingsNon-Subscribing visitor$99
    LeggingsVIP Member$24 for 2 pairs

    12 Reasons Why You Should Cancel Fabletics Vip

    Although Fabletics is widely known for its odd prices, various negative reviews point to some issues experienced by customers while shopping on Fabletics:

    • Very expensive items without membership and main promotional deals available only for VIP members

    • Poor clothes and fabric quality and cheaply made sportswear clothing items make buyers uncertain of the quality of the outfits.

    • Unclear specification of the subscription type or plan details during the sign-up process

    • Size issues experienced by some buyers upon receiving their items

    • Poor customer service and customer complaint handling

    • Quantity over quality or buying more workout outfits than you actually need

    • Delivery using environmentally unfriendly vehicles and excessive extra packaging 

    • Out-of-style or poorly chosen outfit patterns that may not satisfy the buyer’s taste

    • A standard $59.95 monthly fee, irrespective of whether you get your discount products or not

    • The fact that buyers need to be quick, as some promotional items sell out fast

    • Membership credits are available within the year only. 

    • Only Fabletics’ brands of apparel items are available.

    Taking into account these drawbacks, you may decide to cancel your Fabletics account.

    How Do I Cancel My Fabletics Membership?

    All you need to do is choose the method that best suits you and follow the steps we’ve compiled for you. Fabletics cancellation is free, provided you do it between the 1st and 5th of the month.

    Cancel Fabletics Online Using Your Account

    There is no cancellation option available on In order to cancel, you will need to use “Live Chat” or call.

    Cancel Fabletics Membership Using Live Chat

    1. Visit the Fabletics profile page (you must be logged in).

    2. In the “Questions” section.

    3. Click Start Chat (live chat is available 7 days a week from 9 am – 9 pm EST)

    4. In the pop-up window, type in your details, including your name, email, and shipping address, and briefly give the reason you need this chat.

    5. Tap Start Chat

    6. Closely follow the instructions that the agent gives you to cancel your Fabletics Membership

    4 easy Steps to Cancel Fabletics Membership With a Phone Call

    You can also cancel your Fabletics membership by reaching Fabletics customer service available 24/7. To do so, follow the steps below:

    1. Dial 1-844-322-5384 on your phone

    2. Clearly express your intention to cancel your Fabletics membership to the agent

    3. Give the agent all the personal details and information required

    4. Follow the agent’s directions to cancel your membership smoothly

    Cancel Fabletics Subscription Through Facebook Messenger

    You may try another option to cancel your Fabletics VIP membership through Facebook Messenger chat, which is available 24/7. To do that, follow these simple steps:

    1. Visit the Fabletics website.

    2. Go to the Help&Contact section on the upper-right side of the screen

    3. Click Contact Us at the lower section of the page

    4. Select Facebook Messenger

    5. You will be redirected to the Fabletics Facebook official page

    6. Click on the Send Message button.

    7. Closely follow the prompts given by the digital assistant to select the “Talk to an Agent” option

    8. Give the agent all the required details to cancel your membership.

    Cancel Fabletics Account by Email

    Another option you could try requires taking the following steps:

    1. Write an email to

    2. Mention that you intend to cancel your VIP membership in the subject line as well as the email text.

    3. Include your subscription details and personal information.

    4. Ask for a cancelation confirmation email.

    You may find yourself uselessly overspending if you keep your Fabletics VIP membership. Instead, you can stop letting money out of your pocket and invest it more beneficially.

    How Do I Skip a Month?

    The skipping a month feature is only available from the 1st-5th.

    • Sign in to your account.

    • Tap the VIP Account button.

    • Tap Account Details if you are using the desktop version of the website or My Account for the mobile version.

    • Click “SKIP THIS MONTH”

    • Confirm your choice

    If you don’t skip the month by the 5th, you will be charged on the 6th.

    What’s Next?

    There are many subscription boxes similar to Fabletics. The table below shows some popular alternatives:

    CompanyMembership Plan
    lululemon$148 per year
    GainzBox$32 per month + $7 for shipping
    StrideBox$19.95 per month
    YogaClub$79 per month + shipping

    Canceling your Fabletics membership might turn out to be a good idea after all, especially if you had a bad experience while using it. Besides, what a relief it would be to get rid of unnecessary extra costs. You’d be able to try other clothing subscription boxes and see if they’re a better fit, or you could invest your savings more wisely.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are some questions about additional issues a sportswear lover may have in mind:

    Can I shop on Fabletics Without Having to Sign Up?

    Yes. You can always purchase from Fabletics without becoming a VIP member. Yet, many VIP membership benefits and exclusive products are not available to non-VIP members, such as access to Reward points, special deals, and promotional member credits.

    Can I Cancel My Fabletics Membership After My First Purchase?

    Yes. Canceling your Fabletics membership is possible at any time by going through the steps mentioned above.

    Do I Still Have Access to VIP Membership Benefits Even if I Skip a Month?

    Yes. Even after skipping a month, you are still eligible for VIP membership prices and deals.

    How Hard Is It to Cancel a Fabletics Subscription?

    Many customers’ reviews reported that canceling Fabletics membership is a challenging and complicated process. Nevertheless, if you carefully read and follow the instructions, the process will become effortless.

    Can I Cancel My Fabletics VIP Membership Anytime?

    Fabletics VIP Membership can still be canceled anytime and without any additional fees. The customer may also choose to skip a month by signing in between the 1st and 5th day of a month and choosing to skip the month from the account settings.

    Can I Freeze My Fabletics Account?

    As mentioned earlier, the option of skipping a month without being charged is possible with Fabletics. But you have to take action every single month: either you buy an athletic outfit item or skip the month.

    Will My Fabletics Membership Be Automatically Renewed Every Month?

    If you don’t cancel your Fabletics VIP membership, it will automatically kick in. And of course, the subscription fee will be charged to your account every month until you decide to cancel your membership.

    Can I Get a Refund After Fabletics Subscription Auto-Renewal?

    If you cancel your Fabletics membership between the 1st and 5th of the month, you will stop the subscription auto-renewal. But if you do so in mid-month, you will not get a partial refund for the unused subscription time.

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