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How to Cancel NYT Subscription [Fast & Easy]

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Oct 12, 2023


    If you have a New York Times subscription, you might find that the mobile services you pay for don’t work with your phone. Perhaps you signed up with a promotion, but now the costs are too high. Whatever the reason, you can cancel NYT subscription services in several different ways.

    What is Included in the NYT Subscription Service?

    If you have an NYT subscription, you get access to the digital and sometimes print material provided by the news company, The New York Times. Print material is a separate subscription, but it comes with digital access too. This includes access to:

    • News content

    • Blogs

    • Media like videos

    • Crosswords

    • Podcasts

    • Newsletters

    All the Ways You Can Get a Refund or Cancel NYT Subscription

    Knowing how to cancel an NYTimes subscription is crucial if you plan to take out a subscription or have one currently. Knowing how to cancel an NYTimes subscription without calling or through an online portal is even better.

    How to Cancel NYT Subscription Online

    If you want to cancel your NYT Subscription online, there are a few options:

    1. You can use the web portal to make changes to your account and cancel nytimes 

    2. You can use the chat function

    3. You can use the New York Times cancellation help page to find the phone number and hours during which you can call a representative. 

    Log in to your account through the NYT homepage. Select the “my account” button at the top. From there, choose “cancel” under your “purchase history.” When a new page launches, click “begin chat.” State in the chatbox that you want to cancel your service. You should receive an email confirming your cancellation.

    How Do I Cancel My New York Times Subscription Online With a Chat Function?

    You can cancel the New York Times subscription online by using their chat function.

    How to Cancel NYT Subscription Over the Phone

    The NY Times subscription phone number is 866-273-3612. When you phone them, you can also discuss ways to avoid canceling your subscription and, instead, reduce the cost. 

    Provide the customer service representative with your account information, your name, your address, and your account number if you have it. Once they complete the cancellation of your account, you should receive a confirmation email.

    How Do I Cancel My New York Times Subscription Through the App?

    If you have the app, you can visit them online or call to cancel your subscription and choose to uninstall the app or keep it for free access.

    You can also send an email through the app or your account to  Ensure your login name, account number, and billing information when you submit your cancellation request. You should receive a confirmation email when this is complete.

    Can I Cancel NY Times Digital Subscription but Keep the Magazine Subscription?

    When you decide to cancel your NYTimes subscription, you have alternative options. For example, some people don’t want to receive a print subscription anymore. So, a good alternative is to cancel the NY Times subscription for your print copy but maintain a subscription for digital content. This gives you all the same access, but in an online capacity and at a slightly lower rate. 

    The table below shows the different rates for NYT subscriptions:

    Basic subscriptionPrint SubscriptionDiscounted Subscription
    This is all digital access at $2 per week for 1 yearThis is access to all digital content, archives, and print material at $4 every 4 weeksAre available for: – New customers – Teachers and students can get academic rates from the website.

    If I Cancel NYT Crossword Subscription, Can I Still Read Their Content?

    If you want to know how to cancel NYTimes subscription services but still get access to some of their content, you are in luck. Their help pages show that visitors get free access to limited quantities of blogs, podcasts, articles, and newsletters from the website. The app can be downloaded for free, giving you limited access to free content regularly.

    Why is it So Hard to Cancel NYTimes?

    Some users complain that learning how to unsubscribe from New York Times services is difficult. The reality is that when you cancel NYTimes, they lose a valued customer, so customer service will try to convince you to stay.

    You can use this to your advantage. When you are ready to cancel NY Times, consider calling a customer service representative and asking about promotions or deals they have. You might be surprised to learn that they can give you a much better offer than what is posted online just to keep your services.

    Can I Pause or Downgrade My Service Instead?

    Yes! With a NY Times subscription, cancel your service as a last resort. According to the subscription page online, regular deals are happening all the time with the New York Times, and these deals can extend to different subscription services or apply to different jobs you might have.

    • If the costs are too high right now, you can cancel new york times digital subscription services and then reinstate them whenever you are able to afford them

    • If the costs are too high, but you like the service, you can cancel at any time after taking out a new subscription and wait until a promotion or discount comes around again. 

    • If you want to switch the platform you use, perhaps because the mobile app isn’t supported on your device, you can do so and still keep online digital access through a computer or switch to print access. 

    The New York Times subscription site is very clear that deals are subject to change at any time and that the costs can increase or decrease without warning. For this reason, you can always hold out until you find a better deal. Similarly, you might sign up with a deal that is quite good, only to find that down the line, your prices increase beyond what you are willing to pay. In these situations, it is good to know how to pause, downgrade, or cancel your subscription and then pick it up again in the future.

    How Does New York Times Subscription Cancellation Work?

    When you sign up for digital access, the terms and conditions state that you can cancel at any time. The fine print says that cancellations will take effect at the close of your current billing cycle. You do not get prorated, and instead, you don’t get charged moving forward.

    For example: If you take out a subscription on July 3rd, you get charged $4 per month starting in July. If you cancel on Sept. 12th, you are still charged for Sept, and you keep access until the end of the month but are not charged after that.

    New York Times vs. Washington Post vs. The Wall Street Journal

    If you decide to cancel NYT, there are other options you might consider.

    Name:Basic Subscription Cost:Discounts:
    Washington Post Online access is $10 for 4 weeks or $100 for the yearGovernment and military: free Teachers and students: 4 weeks for $1 and 50% off after that
    New York Times$2 per week for 1 yearTeachers and students can get academic rates from the website.
    The Wall Street JournalDigital subscription: $12 for 12 weeks or $19.50 per monthStudents can get digital subscriptions for $4 per month and print for $10 per month.

    You have many options, whether you want to keep your subscription but change some of the features or cancel your subscription and switch to another service.

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