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Guide on How to Cancel PlayStation Plus Subscription

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel PlayStation Plus Subscription

    Anyone familiar with the world of online gaming has not only heard of PlayStation but also owned it, playing games for hours upon hours for endless fun.

    PlayStation Plus is Sony’s subscription service that allows people to play online games on the PlayStation console. It is a multiplayer online game subscription with 47.2 million subscribers.

    However, sometimes people grow out of the habit of online gaming or no longer have the time to do it. In such instances, it’s possible to cancel your PlayStation Plus subscription and stop spending on games you never play.

    Canceling your PlayStation Plus subscription is pretty easy, as we’ll show you.

    So, without further ado, let’s figure out how to cancel a PlayStation Plus subscription quickly.

    Steps to Cancel PlayStation Plus Subscription

    Having a PlayStation Plus subscription is pretty fun, as you can play with your friends. However, multiple drawbacks are present in some PS subscription packages. So, you need to cancel the PlayStation Plus subscription before moving on to other PlayStation subscription packages. This is the right way.

    Cancel PlayStation Plus Membership From Web

    You can cancel your PlayStation Plus membership from the web browser with these simple steps.

    1. Go to PlayStation’s official website.

    2. Sign in to your account.

    3. Return to the home page and click on your profile picture (in the top-right-hand corner).

    4. Click on the subscription management category.

    5. Find the auto-renew option next to the PlayStation Plus tile.

    6. Click and turn off the auto-renew option. You have successfully canceled your PlayStation Plus membership.

    How to Cancel PlayStation Plus Subscription From PS4 Console

    You can also cancel a PlayStation Plus subscription from the PS4 console. There is no need to go the extra mile and log in from your computer when you can do everything from your PS4 console.

    Here’s what you need to do to cancel your subscription successfully:

    • Go to PlayStation settings

    • Open membership management

    • Go to the subscription option

    • Turn off the auto-renewal of your subscription plan from the settings.

    Your membership is canceled now.

    How to Cancel PlayStation Plus Membership From PS5 Console

    If you own a PS5 instead of a PS4, you can also cancel your membership without logging in to your account through the website. This is how to cancel a PlayStation Plus membership quickly via the PS5 console:

    1. Open settings

    2. Go to the user and accounts option

    3. Select accounts settings

    4. Click on the Payments and Subscriptions category

    5. Go to the PlayStation Plus option

    6. Choose to turn off auto-renew from the settings

    That’s all you had to do.

    How to Stop PlayStation Plus Membership From PS Vista

    You can stop your PlayStation Plus account from your PS Vista console. See how easy it is:

    • Open PlayStation store

    • Go to the service list under the options category

    • Select the current subscription option.

    • Turn of auto-renewal

    Your account subscription will not renew anymore.

    Can I Use PlayStation Plus After Cancelling My Subscription?

    A PlayStation subscription allows you to access thousands of games online. You can download these games and play them anytime. However, even after downloading, you do not own these games. After your subscription ends, PlayStation will cease your rights to play these games.

    But you can download a new game or enjoy previously downloaded ones till your subscription renewal date. PlayStation has a policy to offer all features for the month you have already paid for. However, this access will be denied after the subscription renewal date. Fortunately, if you ever renew your PlayStation Plus subscription again, you will get your game progress, avatars, and character enhancements back. So, it’s not a loss if you cancel your membership for some months.

    Can I Pause My PlayStation Plus Subscription?

    You might want to know if it’s possible to pause your subscription for the foreseeable time and start paying again when you are ready to play.

    Well, you cannot pause your PlayStation Plus subscription, but you can cancel it. The only way to stop your account from renewal is by canceling the membership. You can easily cancel your account from this guide. The good news here is that canceling your membership will not erase your progress in your favorite games. Whenever you subscribe back to PlayStation Plus, your previous progress is synced, and you can start playing where you stopped.

    Can I Play Any Games Without PlayStation Plus Subscription?

    If you want to play on your PS console but don’t want to spend the money, you can still enjoy some games.

    If you want to play on your PS console but don’t want to spend the money, you can still enjoy some games. Unfortunately, there are very few games for free, and you will have to look for them. Moreover, these games allow single-player only. So, you can’t share the fun with your friends.

    You will know which games are free to play by looking at the title. Free games clearly state that they can be played without any PS Plus subscription.

    How to Check PlayStation Plus Subscription’s Expiration Date?

    You might not remember the date you first bought your PlayStation Plus account membership. However, even after canceling your account subscription, you can use it until the account renewal date.

    However, you don’t have to think hard to remember when you first bought a PS Plus membership, as you can quickly check it online. Here’s how to review your account’s expiration date through a web browser:

    • Visit the official PlayStation website

    • Log in to your account

    • Click on your profile icon and select subscription management

    • Here you will see your active subscription package and account starting renewal and expiration date.

    If you don’t want to take the long road and see the expiration date from your PS console, this is how it is done.

    1. Go to PS console settings

    2. Select the option of account management

    3. Click on account information

    4. Select “PlayStation Subscriptions” from the selection options

    5. Go to the PlayStation Plus option

    6. This is where you can see the subscription title, charges, expiration, and renewal date.

    This process is applicable for both PS4 and PS5 consoles.

    How to Get a Free PlayStation Plus Subscription Trial?

    Everybody loves free stuff. So, there is no need to feel shy if you want to use PlayStation Plus for free. You can certainly get a free 14-day trial period. However, the rule is that you must not have used a free trial before. If you haven’t, this is how you can use your account for additional days free of cost.

    • Sign in to your PS console with your new or old account

    • Visit the PlayStation store

    • Search for “Trial” in the search bar

    • The PlayStation Plus 14-day trial option will appear in the suggestion list.

    • Click and subscribe to the service. (If you are a first-time user, you select a payment method)

    • After your information is processed, you can use the free trial period

    No amount will be deducted from your bank account. Your credit or debit card details are only taken for verification purposes. So, people don’t use fake accounts to access free trials multiple times.

    How to Resubscribe PlayStation Plus Account Subscription?

    It is pretty tough for true gamers to stay away from their PS console for long. So, if you want to re-access your account, this is how to resubscribe your PlayStation Plus subscription:

    1. Log in with your previous account credentials

    2. Go to PlayStation Plus category

    3. Click on the Join PlayStation Plus option

    4. Purchase a suitable payment plan. PS offers three programs, one month, three months, and 12 months.

    As PS already has your credit/debit card details, your payment will be processed automatically. After making the payment, you can access your previous games right where you left them.

    Can I Request a Refund on PlayStation Plus Subscription?

    PlayStation offers a refund when you cancel your PlayStation Plus subscription. However, you will have to request a refund within 14 days of purchasing a PlayStation Plus membership. Moreover, if you have used many membership services, PS will not refund the total amount.

    What Benefits Will I Lose After Cancelling PlayStation Plus Membership?

    As long as your membership period is live, you can use all the downloaded games and features. However, the moment your subscription expires, you can’t access:

    • Monthly games

    • Online storage

    • Online multiplayer

    But you can still use:

    • Redeemed PlayStation Plus packs

    • Purchased avatars

    • PlayStation Plus discounted purchases

    What Are the Pros and Cons of PlayStation Plus Account?

    Being a regular member of PlayStation Plus is not very expensive. However, this pastime hobby you can’t afford while living on a tight budget. Despite all the elements, having a PlayStation Plus subscription has its pros and cons. See for yourself.

    PlayStation Plus subscription comes with multiple exclusive game discounts.PlayStation Plus combines two unrelated subscriptions, such as online gaming and Instant Games Collection (IGC). You have to subscribe to both services.
    You will get two or more free indie games per month.A PlayStation Plus subscription is quite expensive if you are not a regular player.
    You get instant access to every newly launched game. Additionally, you can play any new games before it hits the store.You cannot sell back the bought digital games.
    You can connect with your friends and play online multiplayer games.PlayStation Plus lacks backward compatibility.
    You can log into your PlayStation Plus subscription on any PS console.Free indie games are poor-quality games which doesn’t amount to much.
    With a PlayStation Plus subscription, you can play a vast collection of games.You cannot share your PlayStation Plus subscription with anyone else. So, it is impossible to share it with others to cut costs.
    You can save your game’s progress online.
    You get 100GB of online storage.

    This guide shares how to cancel a PS Plus subscription from multiple platforms, such as web browsers and PS consoles. If you are not using your PlayStation Plus subscription, it is better to cancel it and renew it. This way, you will not have to pay money for privileges you are not using.

    Additionally, it is pretty easy to cancel and renew your subscription anytime, and you can easily do that with this guide.

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