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Cancel Sam’s Club Membership [Hassle Free]

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 29, 2023

Cancel Sam's Club Membership

    Sam’s Club is a chain of stores that offer wholesale prices for things like groceries, pharmacy needs, tires, flowers, mattresses, and more. It is a chain of warehouses only accessible by members and owned by Walmart. You cannot shop there without a membership (or a good friend who lets you in with theirs). But what about when you are no longer shopping there, you move, or you find a better membership? Then you might ask, “How do I cancel my Sam’s Club membership” or “How to cancel Sam’s Club membership online.”

    Types of Sam’s Club Memberships

    Sam’s Club has two tiers of membership:

    Membership TypeCostAdditional MembersOther Benefits
    Club Membership$50 per year for one card for the primary account holder and free second card for the second member of the householdUp to 8 additional members at $45 per year, with a complimentary second card for eachAccess to Instant Savings at all Sam’s Club locations Scan and Go services to skip lines
    Plus Membership$110 per year for one card for the primary account holder and a free second card for the second member of the householdUp to 16 Club memberships at $45 per yearFree shipping for most online items Free curbside pickup Discounts for pharmacy and extra optical 2% back on all qualifying purchases Early shipping hours

    How a Sam’s Club Membership Works

    How your card works is simple: with an annual membership, you can get into any Sam’s Club location and shop. However, additional benefits and people you can bring will vary depending on your plan type. 

    • A Sam’s Club membership is available to anyone over the age of 18. 

    • The membership is charged annually. 

    • There is a limit of one membership per household or business. This means that anyone who is a direct part of that family or business can use the card to get in. 

    Type of MembershipWho Can Use*
    HouseholdSpouses or partners, children, guardians, and other family members living in the home
    BusinessEmployees of the same business

    *Members get advantages like bringing up to two guests per visit to any location. 

    Auto-Renew or Not

    When you sign up for a Sam’s Club membership, you can choose auto-renewal or not. 


    Auto-Renew plans are automatically billed for the annual renewal (plus any extra members’ renewals) until you cancel Sam’s Club membership plans. You don’t get a new card (so make sure you shower the day you get your picture taken). 

    No Auto-Renew

    If you do not sign up for auto-renew and you don’t cancel your membership before the next billing cycle, you will receive a notice 60 days before your membership expires. You cannot just ignore the notice and think that it is the same as canceling. Only the Primary Member may make payments online, over the phone, by mail, or in person, and if you fail to pay for the next season without auto-renew, Sam’s Club will continue to contact you with follow-up steps and changes to your account. 

    Sam’s Club Cancel Membership or Downgrade? Pick the Price You Want

    You might consider downgrading to a less expensive Club Membership if you have the Plus Membership. With this Sam’s Club membership cancel option, you avoid losing out on access to Sam’s Club locations, but you get the benefit of spending half as much on your membership. 

    Tip: If you use a Sam’s Club membership for your household, a Club Membership gives two cards to two members without additional fees. This enables you and a partner or spouse to use the benefits and bring friends or family with you. 

    At The Store: Cancel Sam’s Club Membership 

    If you are asking, “How do I cancel my Sam’s Club membership,” and you live near a Sam’s Club, you can cancel at the front desk when you first visit. 

    1. Use your card to get in.

    2. Walk to the customer service desk. 

    3. Tell them you want to cancel. 

    They will walk you through the steps to cancel Sam’s Club membership or change levels to a Club Membership, not a Plus Membership. 

    Sam’s Club Cancel Membership: Phone Options

    You can easily learn how to cancel Sam’s Club membership programs on the phone, but be prepared for a wait time. 

    1. Call 1-888-746-7726

    2. Tell the operator that you wish to cancel

    3. Follow any prompts to complete the cancellation

    How to Cancel Sam’s Club Membership Online

    Until very recently, it was not possible to figure out how to cancel Sam’s Club membership online. You were relegated to a long wait time on the phone or in person. Thankfully, there are ways now to cancel Sam’s Club membership:

    1. Go to the Sam’s Club website. 

    2. Log in to your account.

    3. From the dropdown menu, select “Membership.”

    4. Click “Cancel Membership” and follow all remaining steps. 

    Other Things to Know

    If I Cancel Sam’s Club Membership, Can I Still Use My Card?

    When you cancel, you can continue to use the membership benefits until your annual plan expires. For example, if you purchased a membership in January, then canceled in October, you would be able to continue using your membership benefits until the following January. 

    Who Can Cancel Sam’s Club Membership?

    If you want to know how to cancel Sam’s Club membership plans or change them to a different plan, be advised that only the Primary Member on the account is allowed to make such actions.

    This means that if you have the free second card that comes with either membership or you are one of the add-on members, you have no control over canceling or downgrading your account.

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