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The Easiest Way to Cancel Sling TV [Top Methods]

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel Sling TV

    If you’re like most people, you’re easily sold on all of the different streaming services available today. After seeing an appealing ad for a service, you sign up without hesitation to see what all the hype is about.

    But after spending some time with the service, you come to find that it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. This is a common scenario, and it’s different for everybody since we all have our own unique tastes in movies and TV shows.

    Best Ways to Cancel Sling TV Subscription

    If you recently signed up for Sling TV but found that it’s not quite what you were hoping for, you’re going to want to stick around. In this guide, we’re going to walk you through the steps needed to cancel your Sling TV subscription.

    You may have experience canceling other subscription services, but they’re all different in their own ways. As such, it’s important to know the best method to cancel your subscription successfully.

    What is Sling TV?

    Sling TV is a viable alternative to cable TV. With Sling TV, you can watch a number of live TV shows, just as you would via cable or satellite. So, what makes Sling TV stand out from the traditional methods of watching TV?

    For starters, Sling TV is a lot more affordable compared to satellite or cable. And since Sling TV uses your internet connection to connect you to the myriad of channels offered through it, you have the perfect opportunity to cut the proverbial cord once and for all.

    If you’ve wanted to reduce your entertainment bill and get away from the big cable companies, Sling TV offers a viable means to do so. Moreover, Sling TV lets you watch a wide variety of programs, including:

    • TV shows

    • Movies

    • Sports

    • News

    What’s more, Sling TV lets you customize your plan to your liking. These features combined with an excellent way to cut your expensive cable bill make Sling TV a good choice for many people. 

    That said, Sling TV isn’t for everyone. And if you’re reading this, you are likely in the camp that didn’t enjoy it for whatever reason. But regardless of why you’re here, you can rest easy knowing you aren’t stuck with your Sling TV subscription.

    Read on to learn the steps you need to take to cancel Sling TV. As you will soon find out, it’s easier than you might think and requires just a few simple steps to complete.

    How Do I Cancel Sling?

    Now that you know you aren’t stuck with your Sling TV subscription, let’s explore the steps you need to take to cancel it. The first thing we need to establish is the methods you can employ to cancel Sling TV.

    Using the table below, you can see how you can and can’t cancel your subscription. If your preferred method isn’t available, you will have to use one of the other ways.

    Cancellation MethodCan You Cancel This Way?
    Can you do it online?Yes
    Can you do it on the App?Yes
    Can you do it by mail?No
    Can you do it by email?No
    Can you do it by phone?Yes

    As you can see, you have a few options for canceling your Sling TV subscription. Now that we’ve established the methods you can use to cancel your subscription let’s go through each one individually.

    How to Cancel Sling TV Online

    It’s easy to cancel your account online. Follow the steps below to terminate your Sling TV subscription:

    • Sign in to your Sling TV account

    • Go to the “Account Settings” page

    • Click “Cancel Subscription”

    • Choose the reason you are canceling your account

    • Click “Continue”

    • Choose “Cancel My Subscription”

    And that’s it. Your Sling TV subscription is now canceled. 

    How to Cancel Sling TV With the App

    The good news is that the app functions just like the website. Therefore, the steps to cancel your Sling TV subscription via the App are virtually the same as online. Follow the steps below:

    1. Sign in to your Sling TV account

    2. Tap “Account Settings”

    3. Tap “Cancel Subscription”

    4. Select the reason you are canceling your account

    5. Tap “Continue”

    6. Tap “Cancel My Subscription”

    You have just successfully canceled your Sling TV subscription. 

    How to Cancel Sling TV Over the Phone

    Canceling your Sling TV subscription over the phone is equally easy. Follow the steps below to initiate the cancelation process over the phone.

    • Call 1.888.291.5217 

    • You will be connected to a live Sling TV agent

    • Ask the Sling TV agent to cancel your subscription

    • Request that confirmation be sent to your email address once your account is closed

    The live Sling TV agent may try to get you to stay. But keep in mind that you are under no obligation to do so. Once you explain that you no longer wish to pay for the service, you should have no trouble canceling your Sling TV subscription.

    How to Get a Sling TV Refund

    As you navigate Sling TV’s website looking for information about refunds, you may find yourself quickly aggravated by the complicated verbiage. Indeed, it can be challenging trying to make sense of the information the company presents.

    But in short, Sling TV’s Terms of Use explain that users cannot get a refund after canceling service. Moreover, you aren’t entitled to a refund for partial use. This means that if you cancel your Sling TV subscription midway through the month, you can’t get a credit for the unused remainder.

    However, you can still watch Sling TV after canceling if you have days left in the month on your current billing cycle. Once that time ends, your service will end, as well. With all that said, Sling TV does state that they can issue a refund if they choose to.

    But don’t get your hopes up. It’s not often that this happens. Most likely, you won’t see a refund appear on your credit card or bank statements. 

    It’s worth noting that some users have stated that Sling TV continued to bill them even after canceling the service. If this happens to you, then you are absolutely entitled to a refund. To get your refund, you just need to email Sling TV proof that you canceled the service.

    Another way you can get a refund from Sling TV is if the company accidentally charged you twice in the same month.

    How to Lower Your Sling TV Bill

    Not happy with how much you’re paying for Sling TV but don’t want to cancel service? You have options. The good news is that Sling TV lets you customize your plan to suit your needs. 

    To do this, follow the steps below:

    • Go to your Sling TV account online and login

    • From there, navigate to “Settings”

    • Choose “Account”

    • Choose “Manage Account”

    • Select “Change Subscription”

    Now you can make the necessary modifications until your Sling TV plan is more to your liking.

    Sling TV Discounts

    Sling TV routinely offers specials that let you lower your monthly bill. For example, you can use an HD antenna in conjunction with Sling TV to get a discount. You can check on Sling TV’s website under the “Deals” page to see what the current promotions are.

    Final Thoughts

    It’s easy to cancel Sling TV when you know the correct steps to follow. If you have issues at any time during the cancellation process, don’t hesitate to contact Sling TV’s customer service department for assistance.

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