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Do You Want to Cancel Spectrum Internet? Learn How!

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel Spectrum Internet

    If you are done with your Internet connection and want to cancel Spectrum services, you might have understood that canceling it is not that easy. But we can help you!

    Many people use Spectrum to enjoy various services like cable television, internet, Wi-Fi, etc. However, not everyone is happy with their services. When it comes to canceling, Spectrum makes it as hard as possible for you to cancel their subscription. You cannot do it online, and when you call in, they take forever to get back to you. Spectrum is known for its poor customer service; at first, the representative wouldn’t let you go, and even if you cancel it, they keep calling to get you to sign up again.

    So, we have written this guide for you to cancel Spectrum service with minimal hassles and switch to a new and better internet connection in no time.

    Let’s get started!

    How to Cancel Spectrum Internet

    Before we get into the process to stop Spectrum services, here are a few things that you should know:

    • Spectrum doesn’t let you cancel online. You have to call them or visit their store in person.

    • There are no termination fees while canceling the subscription.

    • To avoid paying the bill for an extra month of services, it’s best to cancel before your next billing cycle as there are no prorated bills.

    • Ensure you return your equipment in person at its store and get a receipt because Spectrum can charge $200 or more if they don’t get the equipment back.

    • There is a Spectrum pause service that will suspend your services for a while if you are going out of town; it will save the hassle of canceling and getting it again.

    • If you are only canceling it due to higher internet bills, you can negotiate the prices with them before canceling. People have got lower rates when they negotiate and have plenty of information on their latest internet deals.

    • If you are unhappy with their service, or internet speed, you can always check the Spectrum refund policy to ask for a refund.

    Here is how to cancel a Spectrum account:

    1. Ensure You Don’t Have Past-Due Charges

    It’s always a good idea to check for past unpaid balances on your account before you cancel Spectrum service. If you cancel with a full-paid account, the process will be much faster and smoother once you log in to your account on Click on the billing section and check the balance amount by downloading the most recent statement.

    2. Choose the Cancellation Date Wisely

    Since Spectrum has stopped prorating bills from 2019, so whenever you cancel, you will have to pay for the whole month, whether you cancel at the start or the end of your billing cycle. Therefore, before canceling, you need to ensure that the cancellation date is before the next billing cycle.

    3. Call Or Visit the Store to Cancel Spectrum Internet

    Since they don’t allow you to cancel Spectrum internet online, you need to call or visit their store. If you want this process to go fast, we suggest visiting their store. They are known for their bad customer service on call, and there are issues with equipment return. When you visit them, you can avoid all those issues.

    You don’t need to worry about the termination fees as there is none. Spectrum offers contract-free plans, so they can’t charge you any fees. However, they do charge you if you don’t return equipment.

    Plan TypeContract RequirementTermination Fee
    Internet-onlyNo contractFree
    TV bundlesNo contractFree
    Phone bundlesNo contractFree

    If you are planning to cancel by calling them, they will try their best to retain you. Here are the steps you should follow to get done with it as quickly as possible:

    • The number for cancellations is: (833) 267-6094.

    • Upon asking what you are calling about, reply “service changes.”

    • Out of all the options they give you, select “remove service option.”

    • Now you will be taken to the retention department. Here the Spectrum agents are required to stop you from canceling, so prepare a solid excuse and stay firm in it.

    • The best excuse will be to tell them you are moving out of the US; this will leave them no option to argue more.

    • Before cutting the call, always double-check to confirm that your account is actually canceled. Also, ensure that your account is canceled on the correct date to avoid a billing mishap.

    4. Returning All Equipment

    Once you are done with the cancellation, either in person or through call, you will be required to return any equipment leased from Spectrum. There are four ways to do that:

    ● In-person at store
    ● UPS
    ● FedEx
    ● Home Pickup (it comes with a variable fee)

    We highly suggest in-store return because it eliminates all the possibilities of getting lost, and you will have a receipt, so Spectrum won’t have any reason to charge you for it. If you don’t return the equipment, here is an example of the fees you could be charged:

    Equipment TypeExample Replacement Fee
    WiFi modem/router$200+
    Tuning Adapter$130

    The rates mentioned above are estimated based on what we researched; the actual fees may vary by location and hardware type. Therefore, while looking for how to cancel a Spectrum account, don’t forget to look for the replacement fee for lost/unreturned equipment.

    5. Don’t Forget the Return Receipt or Email Confirmations

    Additional or accidental charges may incur on your account after canceling the services. So, whether you returned the equipment via FedEx/UPS or dropped it off at Spectrum store, it’s highly important to keep the receipt safe, and they can help you object to those additional charges. Upon returning the equipment, you will also receive an email confirmation, so print it to keep its copy.

    FAQs to Cancel Spectrum Service

    Can I Cancel Spectrum in Person?

    Yes, you can. It is the safest and recommended way to cancel Spectrum service.

    How to Cancel Spectrum TV?

    Although the process will be similar to our guide on canceling Spectrum internet, you can still visit their website to learn more.

    How Can I Cancel Spectrum Cable but Still Keep Internet?

    For downgrades or changes in your plan, you need to call Spectrum or visit them in person. They don’t allow downgrades online; you can only upgrade via their website or mobile application.

    Final Thoughts

    Whether you need to cancel Spectrum Wi-Fi or internet, you can get through the whole process without any hassles if you follow this guide. We have answered all the main queries regarding how to cancel Spectrum services. If you don’t want to cancel it and just need a lower price, you can negotiate with them or change your plan.

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