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How To Cancel Tidal Subscription: The Easy Way

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel Tidal Subscription

    Ready to unsubscribe from Tidal or switch your subscription to free? Canceling subscription services can be a real pain. If you have been a Tidal subscriber, but you’re just not using it as much as you thought, or you’d rather downgrade to the free version and put up with a few ads rather than continue to pay for the service, you can cancel your Tidal subscription, and this will show you how. It’s easy to cancel your Tidal subscription.

    Tidal Subscription Pricing and Tiers

    Tidal Free

    The lowest Tidal tier is the Free tier. The Free tier gives you access to all of Tidal’s 100 million+ songs at a decent sound quality, but not the highest quality. You will also get access to some carefully curated playlists for particular artists and genres. This tier is ad-supported, so there are limited interruptions in your playlists for ad breaks. But you don’t even need to enter a credit card to sign up for this tier. All you need is an email address.  So if you like the huge catalog that Tidal offers and you’re not that concerned with audio quality, and you want to save some money, this is a great budget-friendly option.

    Tidal HiFi

    The next tier offered is the HiFi tier. The HiFi tier gives you a 30-day free trial to see if you like it, and after that, it costs $9.99 per month. When you sign up for the HiFi tier, you get access to the 100 million+ songs in the Tidal catalog at a much higher sound quality of up to 1411kbs. And you get access to more than 650,000 videos. You can play songs and videos offline too, and there are no ads. You get access to live listening parties, and you can share your own curated playlists and connect with other music fans.

    Tidal HiFi+

    If you demand the best audio quality, then the HiFi+ tier is the choice for you. In addition to everything that you get with the HiFi tier, you get the best quality audio, up to 9216kbs and access to innovative new formats like Master Quality Authenticated (MQA), Dolby Atmos, Sony 360 Reality Audio, and HiFi. If you’re a true audiophile, then the HiFi+ is a bargain at $19.99 per month after a 30-day free trial.

    Tidal Subscription Tiers

    The breakdown of Tidal subscriptions tiers looks like this:

    TierMonthly Cost

    Both the HiFi and HiFi+ tiers offer a 30-day free trial. If you don’t cancel within that 30 days, your card will be charged as soon as the 30 days are up.

    Cancel Tidal Online Using Your Account On The Website

    • Visit

    • Log in with your username and password

    • Navigate to Subscription

    • Click ‘Cancel Subscription, then confirm the cancellation

    How to Cancel Tidal Subscription On Android

    1. Open the Tidal app

    2. Next, Login to your account

    3. Select “My Collection”

    4. Click “Settings”

    5. Click “Edit Profile”

    6. Click “Manage Subscription”

    7. Click “Subscription”

    8. Click “Cancel Subscription”

    How to Cancel Tidal iPhone

    If you subscribed to Tidal on your iPhone through the app and you can see the active subscription in your Apple Wallet, you can use these directions to unsubscribe from Tidal:

    1. Open your phone’s settings.

    2. Select your name

    3. Click “Subscriptions”

    4. Click “Tidal”

    5. Click “Cancel Subscription”

    How Do I Unsubscribe From Tidal Through A Mobile Carrier?

    If you signed up for Tidal directly through your mobile provider, you will have to call their customer service department to find out how to cancel a Tidal subscription. Also, if you used any other third-party service or app to sign up for a Tidal account, you will need to contact them directly to cancel Tidal.

    Additional Information

    Some other important things to know about how to cancel Tidal are:

    Can I Downgrade Instead Of Cancel Tidal?

    Yes, if you want to continue to use Tidal but not pay a monthly fee, you can downgrade from a paid subscription to the free tier.

    Can I Cancel My Tidal Subscription Anytime?

    Yes, you can unsubscribe from Tidal at any time. If you are in a 30-day free trial period, you must cancel Tidal before the end of the 30 days, or your card will be charged. 

    Can I Get a Refund For A Tidal Subscription?

    If you live in the United States, you cannot get a refund for a Tidal subscription. If you live in a country that is part of the EU or if you live in Brazil, you may be able to get a refund or a partial refund if you cancel your subscription in the middle of the month.

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