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Check Chili’s Gift Card Balance [Fastest Method]

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Chili's Gift Card Balance

    Chili’s is part of a family of similar restaurants that include the following:

    1. Chili’s

    2. On The Border

    3. Maggiano’s Little Italy

    When you look at your gift card, if it only has the name Chili’s printed on it, then it only applies to that chain. If the card has all of those names printed on it, it is a card that you can apply toward your purchase for an online pickup or a dining-in experience at any of the locations.

    Either way, how do you check on your remaining Chili’s gift card balance? We show you how to check in less than 1 minute!

    Chili’s Check Gift Card Balance: What Are My Options?

    If you use a physical or E-Gift card for your online or in-person order, your receipt should show you the remaining balances. But what do you do when you throw away the receipt and don’t remember?

    Chili’s Gift Card Balance Check Online

    You can check your Chili’s gift card balance online

    1. Enter the 19-digit gift card number

    2. Enter the pin

    3. Enter an email address

    Note: Chili’s asks for an email even if you are checking the balance of a physical card because they use that email to deliver a copy of your balance and send ongoing marketing messages. 

    Your other option for a Chili’s gift card balance check online is to email customer service at: and ask them to provide a balance. They will likely ask for the card number and pin to facilitate the transaction. 

    Check Chili’s Gift Card Balance At Chili’s

    You can check your Chili’s gift card balance at any restaurant, in person. Chili’s has a restaurant locator you can use to search for nearby facilities based on your location. 

    Check Balance on Chili’s Gift Card Over the Phone

    You can check your balance over the phone if you don’t want to go online or visit a Chili’s in person. 

    1. Call 888-354-5764

    2. Tell them you want to check your balance

    3. Have your card number and pin ready

    Similar Restaurant Chains That Sell Gift Cards

    There are a few other restaurant chains that also sell gift cards if Chili’s isn’t your style. Some of the top selections include:

    Chili’s Gift Card Balance FAQ

    Where Can I Use My Chili’s Gift Card Balance?

    If you received a virtual gift card, you can apply it to an online order that you scheduled for pickup or curbside delivery. If you have a physical gift card, you can use it the same as you would a credit card online to cover the cost of part or all of an online pickup order. Conversely, you can also use your physical cards for any in-restaurant purchases.

    Can I Buy In Bulk?

    Chili’s offers corporate gift cards for guests who want to purchase in bulk. These, too, can be purchased in the form of physical cards, or E-Gift cards, or a combination of the two. 

    Bulk corporate gift cards get free 2-day shipping and discounts on specific dollar amounts, like those who spend more than $1000. 

    To order corporate gift cards, you can create an online account or call customer service at 1-844-816-3091

    If you have received a corporate gift card from your employer, you can check the Chili’s gift card balance the same ways you would a gift card purchased anywhere else:

    1. On the phone

    2. Online

    3. Or in person

    Are There Fees or Expirations For My Chili’s Gift Card Balance?

    No, there are no fees, nor do any Chili’s gift card balances expire. You can continue to apply any remaining balance to purchases in restaurants. 

    Where Can I Buy a Chili’s Gift Card?

    You can buy Chili’s gift cards in person from a restaurant or retailer or online from third-party sellers or from Chili’s. Some examples include the following:

    • Amazon

    • BJ’s

    • Sam’s Club

    • Walmart

    • Target

    • Gyft

    • Chili’s

    What Kinds of Chili’s Gift Card Options Do I Have?

    Chili’s lets you purchase two types of cards:

    1. Physical cards

    2. E-GIft cards

    Buying Physical Cards

    With physical cards, you can buy them online or in stores. If you buy online, you are guided through a series of steps:

    1. Choose the type you want 

    2. Personalize the plastic with the amount you want, between $10 and $100, in increments of $1

    3. Select the quantity

    4. Choose whether it is a gift or a card for you–if it is a gift, there are gift notes available. 

    5. Enter the shipping details and choose the shipping you want 

    Buying E-Gift Cards

    With E-Gift cards, you can purchase them directly from Chili’s website. 

    1. Choose the type you want (like for birthdays, holidays, or just because)

    2. Personalize the amount you want between $10 and $100 in increments of $1

    3. Select the quantity

    4. Choose whether it is a gift or a card, or you

    5. Upload images or record personal messages for gifts

    6. Choose “send now” or “send later.”

    7. Enter the email details. 

    If I Buy a Physical Card Online, Do I Have To Pay To Ship?

    Yes, if you buy a physical card online from Chili’s website, Chili’s charges you between $1.95 and $17.95 depending on the shipping rate. 

    If you purchase from other sites online, you may not have to face the same shipping fees, but you will also have to purchase higher minimum amounts and increments of $25. 

    TypeValueIncrementsShipping fees
    Physical gift card from Chili’s websiteBetween $1 and $100Increments available in $1 amounts. Shipping fees:$1.95 for 5-7 days$10.95 for 2 day shipping$17.95 for overnight shipping
    Physical gift card from AmazonBetween $25 and $100Increments available in $25 amounts. Free shipping for those with Amazon Prime.
    Physical gift card from stores like TargetBetween $25 and $100Increments available in $25 amounts. Shipping fees do not apply to Target orders over $35.
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