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Check Your Chipotle Gift Card Balance [2023 Guide]

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 29, 2023

Chipotle Gift Card Balance

    If you feel like eating tacos, burritos, or quesadillas, Chipotle Mexican Grill is an excellent choice. And if you have a gift card, you are in for a real treat. 

    However, you might be wondering about the balance on your Chipotle gift card. It’s easy to check it by using our guide below – take a look and find the simplest option to check your Chipotle gift card status!

    Check Chipotle Gift Card Balance – All Methods

    You can pick from three different methods to check the balance on your Chipotle gift card, which makes it easy to find one that suits your preference. If you are already in or close to a restaurant, you can head there to confirm the balance. Those who aren’t that skilled with technology can call phone support, but it’s also easy to check the Chipotle gift card balance via the website.

    We prepared detailed step-by-step instructions about each method below, but before we proceed, let’s confirm all the available options!

    MethodShort explanation
    OnlineUse the online checker.
    Over the phoneCall 1-877-925-4878
    In-personVisit a Chipotle restaurant.

    Online Chipotle Gift Card Balance Checker

    1. Make sure to have a working internet connection. You can check the funds available from a PC but also a smartphone, iPad, or another device with a web browser.

    2. Head to this link to speed up the process. Alternatively, open and then choose Gift Cards, followed by Check Balance.

    3. Enter the Chipotle gift card number. It should have 16 digits, and this is the only necessary field.

    4. Add your email address and mobile phone number if you feel like it. These fields are optional, so only add them if you want to receive the current balance info to your phone or email. It can be convenient to ensure you can easily check it later.

    5. Click on Check Balance. Tick the box “I’m not a robot” and then select Check Balance to see the current funds available.

    Check Gift Card Balance Over the Phone

    1. You can contact Chipotle at 1-877-925-4878.

    2. The working hours of customer service are Mondays to Fridays from 8 AM to 8 PM EST.

    3. Call the number and ask to speak to an agent.

    4. You’ll need to provide your personal information, along with the gift card number.

    5. The agent will inform you about the balance on your Chipotle gift card.

    Check Balance on Chipotle Gift Card in a Restaurant

    1. All Chipotle restaurants accept gift cards, and their system can check the current balance on your card.

    2. Ask an employee to check the Chipotle gift card balance.

    3. It will be necessary for the employee to scan your card, which could take a moment.

    4. The employee will let you know the current balance on the card.

    Where Can I Buy Chipotle Gift Card?

    You can purchase them at Chipotle restaurants throughout the US, major retailers in the country, and the official Chipotle website.

    Does My Gift Card Expire?

    You don’t have to worry about the potential expiration date of your Chipotle gift card. It will never expire, but you need to preserve it in optimal condition for it to be used.

    Is There a Minimum Necessary When Buying?

    You will need to load the card with at least $10, while a single card can’t have a value higher than $250. The good news is that there are no fees for purchasing or using the card, which means the entire value is yours to spend in Chipotle restaurants.

    What Types of Chipotle Gift Cards Are Available?

    You can pick the classic gift card that’s made of plastic and can be delivered via mail. A few designs are always available, including seasonal themes like graduation.

    If you choose Chipotle eGift cards, these will arrive at the recipient’s email address. They are convenient not only because you can choose from dozens of designs but also due to the fact that the electronic form allows an animated card appearance.

    Finally, if you plan on ordering Chipotle gift cards for the entire company, bulk orders are available for ten or more cards, so make sure to visit the Chipotle website.

    My Chipotle Gift Card Balance Check Showed a $0 Balance. Can I Reload It?

    It’s possible to reload your Chipotle gift card online. Please make sure that you use this official link provided by Chipotle to avoid any possible scams. You can always find this link at -> Gift Cards.

    What to Do If My Chipotle Gift Card Gets Stolen or Lost?

    You should pay special attention to your Chipotle gift card because there’s nothing you can do if you lose it or someone steals it. The company specifies it treats these cards as cash, so you can’t apply for a replacement.

    Similar Gift Cards

    Many restaurants and other companies offer gift cards, just like Chipotle. Here are some interesting suggestions that are worth considering:

    • DoorDash gift card. You can use DoorDash to receive the food at your doorstep if you prefer eating at home than dining out.

    • Domino’s gift cards. The famous restaurant offers pizzas, sandwiches, pasta, and other delicious meals.

    • Red Lobster gift cards. These are ideal if you enjoy seafood and have these restaurants nearby.

    • Netflix gift card. If you choose to eat at home, combining that with watching a great movie can be a true jackpot.

    • AMC gift cards. Perhaps you feel like going to the movies after your fine meal at Chipotle. It could be the perfect addition to your evening.

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