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How to Cancel CVS CarePass: A Detailed Guide

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 29, 2023

Cancel CVS CarePass

    The COVID-19 pandemic only reminded us that we need to take health seriously. That includes taking our medications on time and using products that could promote our physical health and well-being. Unfortunately, the virus made leaving the house a risk. That’s why online shopping is more popular than ever.  The reports indicate more than two billion people are purchasing products over the web. It’s not only safer but also more comfortable for someone to deliver the items to your doorstep.

    All industries are adjusting to the new trend, and pharmacies aren’t an exception. CVS Pharmacy is one of the biggest industry chains in the United States. They successfully launched a CVS CarePass loyalty program with multiple benefits for customers who regularly purchase in their store. You might have tried this service, but now wondering how to cancel CarePass. This guide reveals all details of the process and recommends multiple ways of stopping your subscription.

    What Is CVS CarePass?

    CarePass is a member program designed for loyal purchasers at CVS pharmacies. The company started this program as a pilot in 2018 in Boston but soon expanded it nationwide. CarePass was very well received among customers, which is why you can now join the program from anywhere in the US.

    The default price of the CVS CarePass is $5 monthly. If you pay annually, you get a 20% discount. That means you pay $48 for an entire year, which is $4 monthly.

    CVS CarePassPrice
    Monthly membership$5
    Annual membership$4 monthly ($48/year, you pay when signing up)

    If you are a member, you surely know some benefits of this program. But here is a quick overview if you need to think about whether it’s the best move to cancel CarePass:

    • Free and fast delivery. The pharmacy guarantees that the delivery of qualifying prescriptions and the majority of other purchases won’t take more than two days.

    • No minimum purchase is necessary. There’s no minimum sum you need to spend on the site to qualify for free delivery.

    • Special discount on certain products. You can expect a 20% discount on CVS Health Brand items. That includes better prices for personal care products, supplements, vitamins, and some OTC medications.

    • Promotional reward. Each member can look forward to $10 to spend when purchasing online or in CVS pharmacies.

    • Collect reward points. The pharmacy calls them ExtraBucks, and you receive 2% of each purchase back in the form of these points. You can use them to get discounts on future purchases.

    • 24/7 helpline access. You can talk to a pharmacist that can answer any queries about medications or other products you might need.

    How Do I Cancel My CVS CarePass?

    You tried the pharmacy’s loyalty program and decided it was not the best fit for you. That decision is up to you, and you reserve the right to cancel CVS CarePass at any point.

    It’s possible to cancel by using one of the following three methods:

    1. Cancel CVS CarePass online from your web browser or mobile phone.

    2. Call the company over the phone to stop your subscription.

    3. Send an email asking to stop being a member.

    Some reports indicate that you might need to be persistent if you want to cancel CarePass CVS. We’ll show you detailed guides on each of the above methods. If you fail to have success with one, please try other available alternatives.

    How Do I Cancel CVS CarePass Online

    This is the easiest and fastest method of stopping your member subscription. You’ll only need a working internet connection and a device with a web browser. It’s easier to use a PC or laptop because it has a bigger screen. However, it’s also possible to use your smartphone or tablet. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to cancel CVS CarePass online!

    1. Head to the Website and Access Your Account

    Your first task is to head to the CVS website. Once you are there, you will find a link to your CVS CarePass.The website will require you to sign in with the email address and password entered during the registration. If you forgot the password, you can reset it and then proceed to cancel CVS CarePass online.

    2. Submit a Cancelation Request

    Once you log into your account, you will notice your profile with all relevant information. In the lower-right corner, there should be a CarePass help section. You’ll notice the text “Cancel your membership online” written in red letters. If you are sure you want to cancel your membership, click on that text.

    3. Be Persistent and Continue with the Cancellation

    Every company will do its best to keep you subscribed to its services. That’s why the pharmacy will remind you what you give up if you go through with the CVS CarePass cancel online process. If you are certain in your decision, confirm it by pressing “Continue with Cancellation.” You will find that link at the bottom of the page.

    4. Why Are You Giving Up Your Membership?

    CVS Pharmacy appreciates your feedback, which is why they will ask you about the reasons for stopping your membership. You don’t have to respond to these questions. If you feel like it, explain why you are canceling your CVS CarePass membership. Once you finish stating your reasons, click Submit.

    5. Check for Confirmation

    The platform will confirm that you unsubscribed from its loyalty program. You can continue using your membership benefits until your current subscription expires. Please note that you should also receive a confirmation email, and it usually arrives a minute or two after you unsubscribe. That’s the official confirmation you successfully completed the “How to cancel my CVS CarePass” process.

    Please note the steps are exactly the same if you use a mobile device, and the only difference is that the page layout might look different. The only important thing is that you shouldn’t use the CVS app but head to the company’s website with an internet browser.

    How Can I Cancel My CVS CarePass Over the Phone?

    If you want to cancel your CVS CarePas membership over the phone, it’s necessary to call the company during working hours.

    You have two windows to contact the agents:

    1. Monday-Friday: 9 AM – 7 PM ET

    2. Saturday-Sunday: 10 AM – 6 PM (not working on major holidays)

    The next thing you will need is the CVS CarePass cancellation phone number. That’s 1-833-320-CARE. This is a helpline, so you’ll need to be patient and follow the instructions to talk to an agent.

    Once you hear from a staff member on the other side, let them know you want to cancel your CarePass membership. They will ask you to provide account details and confirm your member identity. Once you do that, they will process your request. We strongly recommend you ask for a confirmation SMS or email that they canceled your membership.

    Important note: You need to submit a CVS CarePass cancel request at least three days before your membership expires. That way, you’ll have enough time to avoid potential auto-renewal problems.

    Can I Cancel My CVS CarePass via Email?

    If you failed to cancel over the website and don’t feel like calling the CVS CarePass cancellation number, you can try unsubscribing via email. The address to use for this purpose is It’s recommended to use the email address you entered when registering the CVS account. Make sure to include other relevant account details, but never share your password or sensitive financial info.

    Make sure to send an email four to five days before your renewal date. It ensures that you will have enough time to communicate with the company to avoid paying for the next membership period.

    How to Lower My Subscription Cost Instead of Canceling My CarePass Membership

    You don’t have many options when it comes to lowering the cost of your subscription. If you have a CVS CarePass monthly membership, you can upgrade to a yearly deal, and that way, you’ll end up paying less on an annual basis. The monthly membership costs $5 per month, but if you choose an annual subscription, you will save $1 per month or $12 in total per year.

    It’s also not possible to put your CVS CarePass membership on hold. If you cancel, you’ll need to subscribe again. That means you are starting from scratch, and any reward points and benefits will be erased. That’s why it might be wise to use any advantages offered by your CVS CarePass before unsubscribing.

    What Are the Best CVS CarePass Alternatives?

    Once you cancel CarePass at CVS, perhaps you want to look for a similar loyalty program. You might find other providers have better conditions and benefits for their members. Most alternatives come from different pharmacy chains available throughout the US. However, their loyalty programs aren’t as advanced as CVS CarePass. Here is a detailed comparison of available options!

    PlatformMajor BenefitsPrice
    CVS CarePass– Available in 50 states – Monthly or annual membership – 2% rebate + reward points scheme – $10 promotional reward monthly$5/month or $48/year
    PillPack – Available in 50 states – Medication delivery to your doorstep – Sorting medications by the time of day when you use them – Monthly paymentsFree (only copays)
    Walgreens– Available in 50 states – 1%-5% rebate – Fitness rewards for meeting certain goalsFree
    Rite Aid – Available in 18 states – Multiple membership levels with different benefits – Up to 20% discounts in-store and online – BonusCash credit systemFree
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