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How to Check Your Fandango Gift Card Balance in 1 Minute!

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 29, 2023

Fandango Gift Card Balance

    Fandango is a platform where you can buy tickets to watch movies in cinemas throughout the United States. Getting a Fandango gift card is a great present for movie fans, but what if you don’t know the amount available? Here’s a detailed guide on how to check your Fandango gift card balance in less than one minute!

    How to Check Fandango Gift Card Balance on All Devices

    The good news is that you can check the Fandango gift card balance from PCs and laptops, but also smartphones, tablets, iPhones, and other portable gadgets. The important thing is that you have a working internet connection and a mobile web browser, such as Chrome, Safari, or Opera.

    Also, don’t forget that you will need to have the card information on you. That includes the exact card number, as well as the PIN related to that actual card. Once you get that data ready, pick from the options below to check the balance on your Fandango gift card!

    Use the Fandango Gift Card Balance Checker on the Site

    1. Open a web browser. Pick one available on your device, such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Safari.

    2. Navigate to this page. It’s the official Fandango website where you can check your card balance.

    3. Enter the Card Number or Code. The information required will depend on the card you received.

    4. Type the PIN if available. This unique number is a security check to ensure you actually own the card whose balance you are checking.

    5. Click on “Check Balance.” The information about the funds available will show up on the following screen.

    Contact Customer Support via Live Chat to Help You Check Balance on Fandango Gift Card

    1. Customer support working hours are from 6 AM to 10 PM PST.

    2. Head to the Contact page on the Fandango site. 

    3. Click on “Chat with an Expert” in the lower-right corner.

    4. A Virtual Assistant will ask you what you need help with, and you need to choose your Gift Card Balance.

    5. The bot will ask you if the information provided was helpful. Choose No, and then pick Yes when asked if you want to be connected to an agent.

    6. Once connected, ask the agent to check your card balance.

    Get in Touch with Customer Support Over the Phone and Check Your Fandango Gift Card Balance

    1. Fandango customer support phone number is (866) 857-5191. Please note that this isn’t a toll-free number.

    2. Follow the instructions and talk to an agent.

    3. Explain that you want to check your Fandango gift card balance and follow the agent’s directions.

    Send a Message and Ask Support About Your Fandango Gift Card Balance

    1. You can send a message via the contact form on the official website.

    2. Enter the mandatory details, including your name, email, and phone.

    3. Make sure to describe your message in detail.

    4. An agent should contact you to help you check the gift card balance.

    5. According to the information available, it could take the support up to 72 hours to answer your message.

    Where Can I Buy a Fandango Gift Card? is the platform’s official website, and you can visit it to purchase gift cards. You can pick a design for a digital gift card and have it delivered immediately. Another option is to use a retail store like Walmart, as it could have physical Fandango gift cards available. 

    Once the card is available to the user, they can use, but also and related apps to purchase tickets for the desired movie screenings. 

    If Fandango Gift Card Balance Check Shows Funds Available, Can I Refund or Exchange Them for Cash?

    No, that’s not how it works. The balance in Fandango gift cards is non-refundable and non-reloadable. You can’t exchange it for cash or even transfer the funds to another gift card. Instead, you can only use it to purchase movie tickets via this company.

    What If My Fandango Check Gift Card Balance Shows $0 for the Available Amount?

    As you can’t reload the Fandango gift card, there’s no point in keeping it anymore. You can purchase another gift card if you want to continue using this service.

    Can I Buy Concession Items with Funds in My Fandango Gift Card Balance?

    No, and that’s because movie theaters aren’t actually owned by Fandango. You only use gift cards to buy movie tickets from this company, which means they aren’t available for purchasing tickets or concession items in cinemas.

    Other Services with Similar Offers to the Fandango Gift Card

    Fandango is a convenient option if you want to purchase tickets for movies shown in cinemas throughout the US. It’s not the only service of this type, and there are many other great options for those who love quality entertainment. You can find our top recommendations in the table below:

    CompanyGift Card Perks
    AMCPurchase movie tickets and concession items for thousands of theaters in the US and worldwide.
    AmazonYou can purchase Amazon Prime Video subscriptions to watch movies and TV shows or buy other goods on the platform.
    DisneyA single gift card is sufficient for all theme parks, resort stays, merchandise purchases and other things Disney.
    CinemarkYou can pick from different cinema packages intended for families, couples, teachers, and others.
    NetflixGet unlimited access to the Netflix streaming service and thousands of movies and TV shows.
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