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Fitness Connection – Cancel Membership With 2 Easy Methods

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel Fitness Connection Membership

    Fitness Connection is a network of workout spaces throughout the US. The company designed its services for anyone from active athletes to those who only plan to start exercising. But if you already tried and figured out that this isn’t for you, perhaps you’d like to know more about the Fitness Connection cancellation forms and other details. The good news is that the paperwork isn’t complicated, and our guide reveals everything you should know before and about canceling your subscription!

    What You Should Know Before You Cancel Fitness Connection Membership

    Fitness Connection has three different membership options. Before we continue, here is a quick overview of the subscription choices:

    SubscriptionPriceAnnual FeeCommitment
    FC Plus$23 monthly$4912 months
    FC Basic$10 monthly$4912 months
    FC Flex$15 monthly$49No commitment

    You will find that each plan comes with different conditions. Basic and Flex memberships grant unlimited access to the chosen home club, sauna, FC OnDemand, use of women’s workout areas, and virtual group fitness classes. If you pick the Plus membership, you can also use the pool, kids club, and other amenities, which depend on the location.

    Apart from monthly fees, you must also pay the Fitness Connection annual charge, which is paid once yearly. Another important consideration is that only the FC Flex subscription comes without a 12-month commitment, which means you can cancel it at any time.

    How to Cancel Fitness Connection Membership via the Phone

    Fitness Connection has a Member Services Team that you can contact to cancel your membership. Here are the steps to follow:

    1. Make sure to call during working hours. The default working hours are from 8 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Friday. However, the support doesn’t work or closes early on most holidays.

    2. Ask to speak to an agent. The number of the support team is 800-922-7898. Once you establish the connection, follow the instructions to talk to an agent.

    3. Tell them you want to cancel your account. You will receive instructions, and the agent might require your additional details, such as full name and other personal info.

    4. Ask for a confirmation email or message. You’ll probably receive it anyway, but it’s important to get it to have proof that you canceled. If it doesn’t arrive in 24 hours, call the support again.

    Can You Cancel Fitness Connection Subscription at Your Local Club?

    Yes, it’s possible to do it in your chosen Fitness Connection club, and here’s how:

    1. Check if the club is open. You will need to check the working hours, and you can get this info if you visit the locations page.

    2. Visit the club. Ask for a receptionist to help you with the cancelation process. They will gladly help or refer you to another employee who will handle your request.

    3. You can also call your home club. It’s also possible to cancel if you call the home club during its working hours.

    What Else You Should Know Before You Enter the Fitness Connection Cancel Membership Process

    In case you have any confusion regarding your Fitness Connection membership or its cancelation, you might find the answer to the desired question below!

    When Do I Pay the Annual Fee?

    The platform charges the annual fee on the 15th of the month after you subscribe. So, if you subscribe on the 1st, you’ll be charged in two weeks. But if you subscribe on the 16th, your payment will be processed the next month.

    Is It Possible to Freeze Your Fitness Connection Membership?

    Yes, you can freeze the subscription temporarily if life gets busy. The platform, however, mentions that this requires meeting certain conditions. They invite you to contact customer support to discover if you qualify for freezing a membership. There’s no clear mention of which terms you have to meet to freeze a subscription, which means that it might depend on the individual.

    Can I Cancel Fitness Connection Membership Anytime?

    It depends on the plan you selected when subscribing. If you use the FC Flex plan, you can cancel anytime. You won’t qualify for a refund, but you can use the services until your current subscription cycle expires.

    Things are different if you have FC Plus or FC Basic subscriptions. They are billed monthly, but you sign up for a 12-month commitment. That means you can’t cancel anytime, but only when your current commitment expires. Nobody can force you to use the services, but even if you don’t visit Fitness Connection locations, you’ll still have to pay the monthly membership fee. Pay attention when the 12 months of your commitment expire, and make sure to cancel during the last month of the active subscription. That way, you’ll avoid any additional monthly or annual fees imposed by the Fitness Connection.

    Can I Change or Downgrade My Fitness Connection Membership?

    You can do this, and the simplest way is to visit your local club and ask for a receptionist to assist you. Now, you can’t change from a commitment to a no-commitment plan, so this isn’t a way out of the contract that you signed. 

    Another thing to consider is that changing your membership plan might activate a new 12-month commitment. Fitness Connection will consider the date of the subscription change as the date when your new membership commitment started, so make sure you are okay with that first.

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