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FYE Backstage Pass Cancel Process

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 29, 2023

Cancel FYE Backstage Pass

    FYE isn’t your ordinary retail store chain since it focuses on entertainment products. Its history goes back to 1993, and it proudly presents everything from music and movie releases to action figures, other collectibles, and video games.

    Thanks to the FYE Backstage Pass, you could benefit from a discount on virtually every purchase in these stores. But if you feel like you aren’t up for it anymore, our guide reveals everything about the FYE subscription cancellation process.

    Pricing Details – Before You Learn How to Cancel FYE Membership

    FYE tries to come up with regular discounts and various benefits for its shoppers, and Backstage Pass is a unique rewards program for this platform. The idea is to secure a 10% discount on purchases, as well as other benefits like exclusive member-only deals.

    You have two different options for subscribing to FYE rewards programs:

    Backstage Pass VIP Trial$11.99 billed after one month
    Platinum Backstage Pass$25 annually

    The first one is basically a trial that allows you to experience the benefits of the FYE Backstage Pass for free. You need a credit card to sign up for the VIP trial, which lasts for a month. If you don’t go through the FYE VIP cancel process, the system will automatically charge you after the trial ends.

    On the other hand, Platinum Backstage Pass is an annual membership that you can get in any of the FYE stores throughout the United States. You pay $25 immediately, and the benefit last for 12 months.

    How to Cancel FYE Backstage Pass Via the Phone

    It’s important to mention that this refers to your Backstage Pass VIP membership. You will need to cancel it before your trial expires, and here’s how to do that:

    1. Check when your membership expires. We strongly suggest calling customer support at least a few days in advance to ensure everything goes smoothly.

    2. Contact an agent. You can call 1-877-351-2131 and follow the instructions to talk to an agent about your membership cancelation.

    3. Tell them you want to cancel. They might ask you to provide details like your name and membership number, so it helps to get these ready.

    4. Ask for a confirmation email or message. It’s always better to have written proof that you’ve canceled.

    Can You Cancel FYE Membership Online?

    1. Head to the Customer Care section on the VIP website.

    2. You will notice the End Membership button – click on it.

    3. Access your account with the existing credentials.

    4. Follow the instructions to complete membership cancellation.

    Can You Go Through the FYE Membership Cancel Process Via Email or Contact Form?

    1. FYE has a contact form on its website. You can send them a message from this page.

    2. Make sure to enter all details. In the “What Can We Help You With” field, choose Backstage Pass membership.

    3. Write the question with all the info about your membership info. Add your membership number, name, and contact info so that support can contact you. Once you receive a response, follow the instructions to cancel the membership.

    Is It Possible to Cancel FYE VIP in the Stores?

    No, and that’s because it’s necessary to call customer care. You can ask the employees in the stores to assist you with the process.

    What Else You Should Know Before You Cancel FYE Subscription

    Our experts gathered the most common questions and issues users have related to the FYE cancel membership process and the subscription overall. Here are the answers!

    Can I Use a Free Trial without the Need to Cancel FYE Backstage Pass?

    If you don’t cancel your free trial, you will be charged $11.99 after the trial period expires. Avoiding that charge is only possible if you cancel your FYE VIP membership on time, and you can find the instructions above.

    Is There FYE Backstage Pass Refund?

    The one-time fee that you pay after your VIP trial ends isn’t refundable. It’s also worth noting that you can only cancel your FYE Platinum Backstage Pass membership on the same day when you signed up if you want to get a refund. In that case, you will receive a full refund. Partial refunds are not available, and you shouldn’t expect your money back if you cancel on the following or any other day after buying the membership. Oh, and you should have a receipt to qualify for a refund.

    Will My Platinum Backstage Pass Be Automatically Renewed?

    No, the company doesn’t offer that service. You need to go to one of the stores to renew your membership and extend it for another year. We want to note that it’s much better to renew the subscription as that will ensure you keep the purchase history and customized member savings. If you fail to renew by the expiration date specified, you’ll receive a new pass that’s not related to the previous one in any way.

    Where Can I Find My FYE Backstage Pass Membership Number?

    If you don’t know your membership number, you can check the welcome email that the support sent you after subscribing. It’s also possible to find it on the FYE website. You will need to access your account with the chosen login details. After you log in, the Profile section is where you’ll notice the membership number. If you still can’t find it, you can contact support at 1-877-351-2131 or via email at 

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