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How to Cancel Bet Plus [Newest Guide]

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel Bet Plus

    As a premium subscription service, BET Plus offers an extensive library of over 1000 hours of content from prominent African-American creators. With a diverse range of movies and TV shows, this platform brings Black stories, voices, and culture together. However, with the myriad of streaming options available today, you may find yourself looking to switch to another service and wondering how to cancel Bet Plus.

    Owned by Paramount, BET Plus is an online extension of the African-American-themed Black Entertainment Television cable channel. The video streaming service features a mix of classic content from the original cable network and other sources, as well as new and exclusive offerings. The monthly fee of $9.99, however, could make some subscribers cancel before the seven-day free trial ends or before another month is billed. 

    So, if you’re considering canceling your subscription, you’ve come to the right place. We understand that sometimes a service may not meet your expectations or it may be used infrequently, making cancellation the most cost-effective solution. In this guide, we will explain how to cancel BET Plus subscription quickly and efficiently.

    Why Cancel BET Plus: The Cost of the Subscription

    BET+ provides a robust collection of Black content, including dramas, sitcoms, movies, and specials. With over 1,000 hours of premium ad-free content and more than 1,500 episodes from nearly 100 shows, BET+ is a great option for fans of Black entertainment.

    After the free trial of seven days, subscribers are charged a fee of $9.99 monthly plus the taxes that apply. However, if you opt for a longer commitment offered by the annual plan, you’ll save 20% on your overall cost, which is $94.99 a year (add the applicable tax to get the actual total price). Note that subscribing through a third party can make the procedure more complicated and expensive. Therefore, it’s advisable to subscribe to the service separately.

    Here’s a quick overview of the BET+ charges


    If you’re looking to cut back on your expenses, or maybe you’re just not finding enough content that appeals to you, it’s important to know that canceling your BET+ subscription is a straightforward process. Just follow the steps below.

    How to Cancel BET Plus Subscription on Desktop

    1. Go to the BET Plus website and log in to your account.

    2. To open the settings, click the gear icon in the upper-right corner.

    3. Navigate to the “Subscription” tab and select the “Manage Subscription” option.

    4. Choose “Cancel Subscription” from the available options.

    5. Confirm your decision to cancel.

    How to Cancel BET Plus Subscription Through Amazon Prime Video

    1. Go to your Amazon account page.

    2. Locate Digital content and devices. 

    3. Select Amazon Prime Video settings.

    4. Go to the Channels menu tab.

    5. Find your BET Plus subscription and click on the “Cancel Channel” link.

    6. Confirm by clicking on the “Turn off auto-renew” option.

    7. Select a reason, and your BET+ subscription will be canceled.

    Cancel BET Plus on a Kindle Fire Tablet

    1. Log in to Amazon

    2. Tap “Apps” on the home screen.

    3. Hit “Library” on the top menu bar.

    4. Select “Subscriptions” on the left menu bar.

    5. Tap the BET Plus subscription.

    6. Hit “Manage.”

    7. Uncheck Auto-Renewal and hit “Save.”

    How to Cancel BET Plus on Apple Devices

    On an iPhone or iPad 

    1. Open the Settings app.

    2. Select your name at the top.

    3. Hit “Subscriptions.”

    4. Select the BET Plus subscription.

    5. Hit “Cancel Subscription.”

    6. Hit “Confirm.”

    On an Apple TV 

    1. Using your Apple TV remote, navigate to the home screen and select the “Settings” app.

    2. In the “Settings” menu, select “Accounts.”

    3. Under the “Accounts” section, select “Manage Subscriptions.”

    4. Locate the BET Plus subscription and select it.

    5. On the subscription details page, choose the “Cancel Subscription” option.

    6. The Apple TV will ask you to confirm your decision to cancel the subscription. Select “Confirm” to complete the cancellation process.

    You will receive a confirmation message once the subscription has been successfully canceled.

    Cancel BET Plus subscription on Google Play

    1. Open the Play Store app.

    2. Select the Menu icon in the top left corner.

    3. Choose “Subscriptions.”

    4. Select the BET Plus subscription.

    5. Select “Manage.”

    6. Choose “Cancel.”

    7. Hit “Confirm.”

    How to Cancel BET Plus on Roku Devices

    1. Use the Roku remote to navigate to the icon and hit the Star button.

    2. Choose “Manage subscription.”

    3. Select “Cancel subscription” and confirm the cancellation.

    BET Plus Cancel Subscription on Samsung/Hisense VIDAA TV

    1. Go to the BET+ website.

    2. Select “Sign In” and log in to your account.

    3. Once you’re logged in to your BET+ account on the Samsung/Hisense VIDAA TV, you can access the account settings by clicking on the “Settings” button

    4. Cancel your BET+ subscription.

    You Canceled Bet Plus Successfully… Now What?

    With a single subscription option at $9.99, Bet Plus is the costliest option of the Afro-American-focused streaming services we’ve tried. Now that you’re free from being charged every month, you can opt for the alternatives – Brown Sugar costing only $3.99 a month or KweliTV at $5.99 monthly. 

    Alternatively, you can try services offering much richer libraries. Consider video streaming options like ad-free Hulu at $11.99 monthly or Netflix at $12.99 monthly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I Receive a Refund If I Cancel My BET+ Subscription?

    Unfortunately, canceling a BET Plus subscription does not entitle you to a refund for any prior subscription fees. Note that subscription payments are non-refundable, and no refunds will be issued for partially used subscription durations.

    How Long Will My BET Plus Subscription Remain Active After I Cancel It?

    If you cancel BET Plus, your subscription will remain active until the expiration date.

    What Should I Do If I Can’t Locate the App Store Account I Used to Subscribe to BET Plus?

    Check your email for receipts that may help you find the right account.

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