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The Easiest Way How to Cancel Dropbox Subscription

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel Dropbox Subscription

    Dropbox is a useful tool for individuals, teams, and companies. It’s a file hosting service with cross-platform support, synchronization, personal cloud storage, sharing options, and other benefits.

    If you’ve tried Dropbox via the trial or signed up for a premium subscription only to figure out this service isn’t for you, you are on the right page. We’ll tell you everything on how to cancel a Dropbox subscription simply via the web or mobile devices. Here is a detailed overview of what you should know before canceling your account!

    Learn About Pricing Plans Before You Cancel Dropbox

    If you sign up for a free Dropbox account, you receive 2 GB of storage and cross-platform support. However, premium subscriptions come with many benefits, and they can be great for advanced and multiple users.

    Dropbox has a huge selection of plans, and here’s a brief pricing info:

    PlanMonthly billingAnnual billing
    Plus$11.99$9.99 monthly
    Family$19.99$16.99 monthly
    Professional$19.99$16.58 monthly
    Standard$18 per user$15 per user monthly
    Advanced$30 per user$24 per user monthly
    EnterpriseOn requestOn request

    Depending on the plan, you’ll receive benefits like unlimited device linking, extended file and account recovery, more cloud storage, etc.

    How do I Cancel Dropbox Standard or Advanced Subscription

    1. Make sure you are the account’s admin. Team members will have to contact the administrator to cancel their subscriptions. Also, if you use a manual invoice to pay for the subscriptions, contact the account executive or Dropbox support for more info.

    2. Sign in to your account. Use your credentials on the Dropbox login page.

    3. Choose Billing. You’ll find it in the Admin console, which is in the left sidebar.

    4. Submit the cancelation request. Choose the Cancel plan option, and then select the reason why you want to stop your subscription. Click on Continue with cancellation and tick all boxes about acknowledging various details.

    5. Finalize the cancelation. Choose Complete Cancellation, and you should see a confirmation that you’ve successfully finished the process.

    The Easy Way to Cancel Dropbox Family Subscription

    1. You need to be the Family manager to cancel this account. Otherwise, you can only opt out of the Family plan.

    2. Access your account. Use your credentials on the Dropbox login page.

    3. Choose to Cancel the plan from Settings. You can access Settings in the upper-right corner by clicking your avatar. Next, select Plan, and then scroll to the Cancel Plan option.

    4. Finalize the process. Choose Continue canceling, and once you are done, you’ll receive a confirmation on cancelation. All members will keep access to shared items and those they created, but they’ll be downgraded to a free account.

    Simple Steps to Cancel Dropbox Free Trial

    1. Access your account from the login page. Make sure you are the account’s admin first.

    2. Choose Billing. You can find it on the left part of the screen under the Admin console.

    3. Finalize the cancelation. Choose to Cancel your trial and tick all boxes to confirm you want to stop the trial.

    Cancel Dropbox Subscription on Android Devices via Google Play

    1. Open your Dropbox app. If you’ve accidentally deleted it, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

    2. Access your account. If necessary, enter your credentials to access the account.

    3. Choose to Manage your subscription. You’ll find it in the lower-right corner of the Account tab. You can follow this process to cancel the Dropbox trial, too.

    4. Cancel the plan. Click on the Cancel plan, and the app will take you to Google Play. You’ll see subscription details – pick Cancel subscription and confirm. You should get a confirmation email that the process was successful.

    A Guide to the Dropbox Cancel Subscription Process on Apple Devices

    1. Enter Settings on your device. Pick your Apple ID name and open the Settings menu.

    2. Choose Subscriptions. You might need to do some scrolling to find this option.

    3. Navigate to the Dropbox subscription and cancel it. Choose the Cancel subscription and confirm your decision. You can follow this process to cancel the Dropbox trial, too.

    Things to Keep in Mind Before You Cancel Dropbox Subscription

    The following are the most common questions asked by Dropbox users and detailed answers!

    How Long Does the Dropbox Free Trial Last?

    The usual duration of a Dropbox free trial is 30 days. You need to cancel before that time expires, or you’ll be charged for the next monthly or annual billing cycle.

    What Happens When You Cancel Dropbox Subscription?

    Dropbox will preserve any deleted files for 30 days, but it will stop syncing the files if you’ve exceeded the new storage quota. Since the platform has a free Basic plan, you’ll keep access to all data even after you cancel a premium subscription.

    Does Dropbox Offer a Refund?

    Dropbox doesn’t offer refunds for subscriptions unless it’s otherwise specified. If you have any questions or think there’s been a payment error, don’t hesitate to contact Dropbox support.

    How Can I Find the Admin of My Dropbox Team Subscription?

    After you access your account on Dropbox, you can find the option to View teams and groups from the menu that shows up when you click on your avatar. Identify the tab Members, and that’s where you can see who’s the Team Admin. Please note you can resolve authentication issues, reset a password, or restore deleted items on Dropbox without their assistance.

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