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How to Cancel Fitbit Premium – The Simple Way

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 29, 2023

Cancel Fitbit Premium

    If you are a fan of an active lifestyle or would like to lead a healthier life, Fitbit is among the services that might help. The company started by making wearable fitness trackers and has now become a comprehensive activity tracker with apps offering different services. 

    Fitbit Premium is loaded with features ranging from daily readiness and stress management scores to health and fitness stats, workouts, and fitness sessions. You can use a trial or sign up for the service, and if it happens that you want to remove your subscription, our guide below has all details on how to cancel Fitbit Premium. Keep reading to discover everything you should know about canceling this service!

    Before You Cancel Fitbit Premium – All Pricing Details Revealed

    Fitbit Premium doesn’t have a complicated payment system. You only have a single subscription, and it’s up to you to choose between monthly and annual recurring payments. You’ll save 30% if you pick a yearly payment, as you can see in the table below:

    Recurring PaymentsPrice

    Another important note is that Fitbit Premium comes with a 90-day free trial. The trial requires you to enter valid payment method details. It’s because the company will charge you automatically after the trial expires. So, if you don’t want that to happen, you need to cancel before the 90 days expire. You can find more on canceling the Fitbit Premium trial below.

    How Do I Cancel Fitbit Premium from the App?

    If you purchased the subscription from the Fitbit Premium app, here’s how to cancel it:

    1. Open the Fitbit software on your phone.

    2. Find the tab Today and choose your profile photo.

    3. Navigate to Account Settings and then proceed to Manage Subscriptions.

    4. The app store used by your device should open – Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for iOS devices.

    5. Find the Fitbit Premium subscription and choose to cancel it.

    6. You’ll know you canceled the service because the option to cancel it won’t be there anymore.

    If you purchased the subscription directly from the app store, you’ll need to enter it to cancel from there. The subscription will stay active until the current billing cycle ends.

    How Do I Cancel My Fitbit Premium from the Website?

    Please note that this will only work if you purchased your subscription from the website:

    1. Head to the official website and log into your account by clicking the person-like icon in the upper-right corner and entering your details.

    2. Enter the My Account section, and then pick My Subscriptions.

    3. Choose the subscription and open the details to find the Cancel button.

    4. Click on Cancel Subscription and confirm.

    5. You’ll see the status of your subscription changed to “canceled.”

    How to Cancel Fitbit Premium Using PayPal?

    If you used PayPal as the payment method, you might need to cancel recurring charges on that site. Here are the steps to follow:

    1. Log into your PayPal account.

    2. Choose Settings and find the Payments area.

    3. Select Manage Automatic Payments.

    4. Find the Fitbit subscription and cancel it.

    5 Things to Know About the Fitbit Premium Cancel and Subscription Terms

    We gathered answers to the most common questions that users ask regarding Fitbit Premium subscriptions, and you can read them in the following sections!

    How to Cancel Fitbit Premium Trial?

    The process of canceling the Fitbit Premium trial is identical to canceling any other membership. It comes down to logging into your account on the website or the app, finding settings, and choosing the option to manage subscriptions. Feel free to refer to the sections above for detailed instructions.

    Can I Leave a Program Instead of Going Through the Fitbit Cancel Premium Process?

    Yes, it’s possible to leave a Fitbit Premium program by doing the following:

    1. Log into your account and choose the Today section.

    2. Choose Edit and browse the available programs.

    3. Find the program you want to leave and press X to cancel.

    If it happens that you aren’t active in the program for ten days, it will automatically become inactive.

    How to Cancel Fitbit Premium Subscription If You Have a New Device with an Included Trial?

    If you already have a Fitbit Premium subscription, but you purchased a device that secures a trial, you have the right to activate it. However, you’ll need to cancel the current membership by following the steps mentioned above.

    Once the membership is canceled, wait for one to three days for the administrators to process the request. You should see the option to start the trial appearing no later than three days. Follow the steps to activate the offer.

    How to Redeem a Gifted Fitbit Premium Membership?

    In some regions, Fitbit offers digital gift cards with an annual membership. If you received this card as a gift, you can visit the redemption page to activate it. The process includes entering the 19-digit redemption code and the related PIN. You can contact customer support to help you with the process.

    Can I Expect a Refund After I Cancel My Fitbit Premium Service?

    No, the company doesn’t offer refunds for a subscription that was already charged. The only thing to consider is that you can continue using the membership until the billing cycle you paid for expires. At any moment, you can restore your subscription from Account Settings on the website or the app.

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