Learn How to Cancel HBO Max: The Easy Way

How to cancel HBO Max

HBO Max is one of several cable TV stations that the Homebox Office Company provides. Like all such services, the advertising draws you in, and you sign up for a subscription. At some point, you may wish to cancel your HBO Max subscription, and here is how.

What Is the Length of an HBO Max Contract and What Does It Cost?

The subscription lasts for 12 months, and a basic subscription will cost $99.99. You can pay either every month or in advance for the whole year. By paying the subscription in full instead of monthly payments, you will get a 16% discount, which works out at $20 over the year.

If you want uninterrupted viewing, you can subscribe to the non-advertisement option, and for this, the charge increases to $149.99 per year. Again, the subscription can be paid monthly or annual, and paying for the year will give you a 30% discount.

These figures are laid out in your account contract but are good to keep in mind when you want to cancel your contract because they affect HBO Max’s charges if you wish to cancel your subscription.

Important note to remember: HBO Max subscriptions are renewed auto unless you contact them to cancel.

When you go to the help section and look for how to cancel your HBO max subscription, the website advises you to cancel with your provider 1-2 days before starting your next billing cycle. As cancellation notices vary by provider, it is better not to wait until the last minute but instead aim for 7-10 days ahead of time.

When you cancel, you can still watch HBO Max until the next billing date. Understand that you will be charged up until that date.

How to Cancel HBO Subscription

There is a whole range of HBO Max providers, so to cancel HBO  effectively, with the minimum of fuss, you have to go through the one you signed up to initially. How to cancel HBO also depends on the device you use.

To cancel an HBO subscription, you need to do it with the provider. If you cannot remember which provider you signed up with, go to HBOMax.com/account and sign in.

You can also find your provider from your bank statement. Check your bank/credit card statement for the HBO Max subscription charge. Remember, though, if your subscription is part of a TV or wireless package, HBO Max may not appear as a separately detailed charge.

How Do I Cancel HBO Max Subscription When Billed Directly?

If you signed up directly with HBO (billed by Warner Media) and not a third-party provider, the process to cancel HBO Max is easy.

Cancel HBO Max Online

  1. Sign into HBO Max
  2. Click on your profile in the top right corner
  3. Select on your ‘Billing information’ and go to the ‘My Account Page’
  4. Click on ‘Cancel subscription’
  5. The site will ask you if you are sure
  6. If so, click on ‘Yes, Cancel subscription’

Cancel HBO Max on App

On phone or tablet:

  1. Open HBO Max
  2. Click on your ‘profile icon’
  3. Select the ‘settings icon’
  4. Next click ‘subscription’
  5. And then click ‘manage subscription’
  6. Finally click on Cancel subscription

If there is no option to ‘Manage subscription,’ you will need to find who your third-party biller is.

How to Find Out Who Bills You for HBO Max


  1. Sign into your HBO Max account
  2. Go to your profile in the top right-hand corner
  3. Click where it says ‘Billing information’

By App:

  1. Open the HBO Max app
  2. Select your profile icon in the lower left corner
  3. Tap ‘Manage subscription’
  4. Click on the option that says ‘Billing information’

It will open and show you who you pay your subscription through.

HBO Max Providers

There are numerous ways to access the HBO Max streaming service through an App store, TV provider, or wireless provider.

You can learn how to cancel your HBO Max based on the provider below.

ProviderHow to Cancel
AT&TLog in to your AT&T account. Go to your auto-renew settings, located in the Billing Information section and turn off auto-renew.
CoxOn your Cox remote, press the Contour button. Use the arrows buttons to select ‘Apps’ and then press OK. Select ‘HBO Max’ and then press OK. Now select ‘Unsubscribe’ and press OK. A confirmation window will confirm your cancellation.
DirecTVLog in to MyAT&T. Choose My DIRECTV. Next, click on Manage package. Find the My add-ons section and select Manage next to HBO Max. Click on Remove.
HuluLog in to your Hulu account.
Find the Your Subscription section located in the Overview section of the Manage Your Account page.
Click on ‘Manage Add-ons’ and then uncheck Hbo Max and click ‘Review Changes.’
Internet or wireless providerYour provider will have information on how to cancel in their Help section. If not, you will need to call them.
SpectrumYou will need to contact Spectrum to cancel HBO MAX. You can do so here.
TV or Satellite providerYour provider will have information on how to cancel in their Help section. If not, you will need to call them.
Verizon FiosLog in to your Verizon account. Click on Subscription. If this isn’t available, try Auto-Pay. Find HBO Max and click cancel and then confirm. If this doesn’t work, you can also call Verizon at 800-VERIZON (800-837-4966).
Xfinity / ComcastSign in to your account and contact a representative on Xfinity Assistant. If that doesn’t work, some users have reported luck contacting them on Twitter.
YouTubeTVVisit Youtube and log in to your account.
Select your profile picture
Click on ‘settings and then ‘membership.’
Find HBO Max in the list and uncheck it
Click on ‘Confirm’ to finish.

If you can’t sign in to your provider website, reset your password or try signing in on another device.

Whichever way you choose to cancel your HBO subscription after confirmation, make a note of the date and the expiration date. If you can still stream after expiration, the cancellation has not worked, and you need to contact your provider.

Switch Payment Methods Instead of Cancelling HBO

If you want to continue with your viewing package and do not want to cancel HBO, you might consider changing your payment method.

HBO Max has three types of subscription methods. You can pay for HBO max monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on what you prefer.

If you change to a monthly charge, the change will take effect on your next payment date.

If you move from monthly to quarterly, the change will take effect immediately. There will be charges because of the differences between the two payment plans.

When moving from annual to quarterly,  the change will be effective on your next payment date.

Switching to annual payments will take immediate effect.

Can You Pause HBO Max

HBO Max doesn’t allow the pausing of its service. You either have it or cancel it. Other cable TV service providers of HBO Max may pause or suspend your service if you ask.

Each third-party provider has its own policies. On average, they will suspend or pause your service for up to six months. They will charge you a fee for this by the month, but it is smaller than the normal fee. Note: HBO Max does not offer refunds, but other providers may do so.