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How to Cancel iTunes Subscription [All Methods]

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel iTunes Subscription

    If you are wondering how to cancel an iTunes subscription at some point in time, it may come as good news that you can cancel the iTunes subscriptions at any time. The iTunes subscriptions are billed according to the periods mentioned during the purchase, such as annually, monthly, or weekly. The iTunes cancellation steps can change depending on how you have signed up for the iTunes membership or where the subscription was billed from. When you have signed up using an Apple device, the iTunes subscription gets billed and managed using the iTunes service.

    Canceling the iTunes Subscriptions

    Most Apple subscriptions get renewed automatically unless you specifically cancel them. After you have completed a cancellation of a paid subscription, you may keep on using it till the next billing period. If you decide to cancel the iTunes subscription at the time of the trial period, you may lose access to the paid subscription immediately. When you are signed up for a discounted or free trial subscription, and you have decided not to renew it, you can cancel the subscription 24 hours before the end of the trial.

    How to Cancel an iTunes Subscription on a PC or a Mac

    This section will show you how to cancel an iTunes subscription using a personal computer. Here are the steps.

    1. Open iTunes from your personal computer: Your iTunes icon appears similar to a music note placed over a white button. It is possible to find this icon in the Start menu of your Windows or you can also find it in the Applications folder of your Mac.

    2. Click on the View My Account button available on the menu: It will open the account information on a new page.

    3. Sign in by using your Apple id: Here, enter your email address and password. Then click on Sign In. It will verify your identity and then it will display the account information. In case you are already signed in, you can automatically drop this step.

    4. Scroll down to click on the Manage button next to the Subscriptions: This button can be found in the Settings section available near the bottom. It will open a list depicting all your iTunes subscriptions.

    5. Click on Cancel Subscription: You are required to confirm the decision to cancel an iTunes subscription in a pop-up window.

    6. Finally, click on the Confirm button in the pop-up window: This will lead to the confirmation of your decision, and it will cancel the iTunes subscription for the selected service. Almost all the services will let you utilize the subscription till the end of the current billing cycle.

    How to Cancel iTunes Subscription by using Apple

    Now let’s learn how to cancel the iTunes subscription you have purchased by using an app from the App store. You may cancel the iTunes subscription from the Settings tab of your iPad or iPhone. It is also possible to cancel Apple News, Apple Fitness, Apple TV, and other subscriptions from Apple. You can use the App Store available on your Mac for this.

    Canceling the iTunes Subscription by Using iPad, iPhone, or iTouch

    Here are the steps.

    1. Open your settings app.

    2. Tap in your name.

    3. Click on subscriptions.

    4. Tap on subscriptions.

    5. Now click the Cancel Subscription.

    If you want to cancel just one of the subscriptions, such as Apple One and want to hold the others, you can click on Choose Individual Services. If you do not see the Cancel button, you need to realize that this subscription is canceled already and will not renew again.

    How to Cancel an iTunes Subscription From Your Apple Watch

    Follow these steps to cancel.

    1. Open your Apple Watch and then go to App Store.

    2. Scroll down to Account and tap it.

    3. Click on subscriptions.

    4. Select the iTunes subscription you wish to cancel.

    5. Tap on Cancel Subscription. Sometimes you are unable to see this button. It means your subscription is already canceled and it will not renew.

    How to Cancel iTunes Subscription From Apple TV

    If you are using Apple TV, you may edit your subscriptions related just to the TVOS apps installed on your Apple TV. For the Apple TV that belongs to the 3rd generation or even earlier, you can use iOS, computer, or iPadOS for managing the subscriptions. Here are the steps you need to follow.

    1. Open Settings.

    2. Tap on Users & Accounts to choose the account you wish to cancel.

    3. Select Subscriptions.

    4. Select the subscriptions you are trying to manage and opt for Cancel Subscription.

    If you cannot see the Cancel Subscription option, you can assume that the iTunes subscription is already canceled and will not renew.

    How to Cancel iTunes Subscription on Android

    If you are using iTunes with an Android smartphone, it is easy to cancel the iTunes subscription just by visiting the Account section of the Apple Music app. Android users subscribed to Apple iTunes can cancel the subscriptions by using these steps.

    1. Click on the Listen Now icon.

    2. Now open the three-dot setting menu to select Account.

    3. From here select Manage Subscription.

    4. From here select Manage Subscription.

    How to Request a Refund for an iTunes Subscription

    Some iTunes subscriptions bought from iTunes Store, Apple Books, Apple Store, and other Apple services are eligible for a refund. You may use any device for this purpose, but it must have a web browser that can be used to send the request. Here are the steps to request a refund.

    1. Visit the page

    2. Sign in by using your Apple Id and password.

    3. Click or tap I’d like to.

    4. Select Request a refund.

    5. Pick a reason from the dropdown indicating the reason for wanting the refund and select Next.

    6. Select the item or items you have purchased and then select Submit.

    If the charge is pending, you will not be able to request a refund as yet. When the charge has gone through, you can again request a refund. Sometimes you may have an unpaid order. So, in this case, you will first need to complete the payment for the order before requesting a refund. You will have to update the payment information. The eligibility for the refund can vary with a country or a region. Check out the terms and conditions of Apple Media Services for more details.

    How to Resubscribe or Change a Subscription for a Canceled iTunes Service

    Apple maintains a record of your iTunes subscription history. This makes it simpler to resubscribe to an iTunes service you may have canceled earlier. Remember that the subscription gets automatically renewed after resubscribing to an iTunes service unless it’s canceled again. The existing subscriptions can also be modified by using the same screens. Use the steps described below.

    1. Open the Settings from your iPad or iPhone.

    2. Click on your Apple Id near the page top.

    3. Click Subscriptions.

    4. Here, under the Expired section you can click on the service you are looking to resubscribe to. You can also select any active subscription you want to change.

    5. Click the payment method you want to use for purchasing the newer subscription and then you can authorize by using Face ID or Touch ID.

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