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How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium in No Time

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel LinkedIn Premium

    Did you know that every minute, 3 people find employment on LinkedIn? The same statistics report over 55 million companies and 14 million active job offerings, and over 738 million professionals from 200 countries registered as of January 2021. This makes LinkedIn the most popular professional networking platform for job hunters, recruiters, and businesses. 

    While it’s free to get access to the basic features, to unlock advanced options, you have to opt for a Premium subscription and become one of the 236 million LinkedIn Premium subscribers. Whether you’ve achieved your professional and business goal or you find out that this is extra spending you’d like to cut off, knowing how to unsubscribe from LinkedIn Premium will help you break free. Please take a few minutes to go through the easy steps to follow that we’ve compiled for you.  

    Who Can Benefit From a LinkedIn Premium Subscription?

    Subscribing for LinkedIn Premium and unlocking the features it offers can be beneficial if you’re searching for employment, looking for employees, or seeking to establish an online brand presence. So, this is an excellent option for:

    • People that need a greater selection of job opportunities

    • Recruiting specialists hunting for talents

    • Business owners and managers that aim at finding partnerships and promoting their brand

    • Sales and marketing professionals looking to generate leads and sales

    What Are the Potential Advantages of a LinkedIn Premium Subscription?

    Signing up for a LinkedIn account can help you connect with other people that have similar professional interests and goals so that you can expand your network. You have various options to choose from depending on your needs and goals. So, let’s take a quick look at the plans you can opt for and the features they offer.

    LinkedIn Basic

    The free LinkedIn account enables you to:

    • Connect with ex-colleagues and ex-classmates

    • View other LinkedIn member profiles

    • Receive weekly notifications on up to three saved searches

    • Ask for recommendations and give recommendation

    • Get InMail messages

    LinkedIn Premium Perks

    LinkedIn offers a number of paid subscriptions unlocking advanced features that you may find beneficial when you have specific, more demanding goals:

    • Premium career, which unlocks free learning courses and is designed for people who seek more varied job opportunities and advancement

    • Premium Business is designed to help businesses expand by providing extensive business insights 

    • Sales Navigator focused on lead generation capabilities.

    • Recruiter Lite is designed to help recruiting managers find and hire talented candidates for the needs of their organization.

    • LinkedIn Learning is focused on providing learning resources to people that want to develop and improve their professional skills and qualifications.

    To get a more detailed idea of all the features and potential benefits of each LinkedIn Premium plan, you can check out this page.

    The various paid LinkedIn subscriptions may help you achieve your current goal by providing advanced options that meet your specific needs. However, if you don’t think it’s valuable enough to be worth paying for, or you no longer need the advanced features, you may consider canceling LinkedIn Premium and switching back to the free option

    Why Should I Cancel My LinkedIn Premium Subscription?

    Whether you’re using premium career or premium hiring, at some point, you will achieve your goal, and you won’t need LinkedIn Premium services. Unfortunately, if you forget about your subscription plan, LinkedIn will continue charging you for a service you no longer use. How much will you pay for the unnecessary subscription? It depends on your plan:

    Subscription planMonthly costAnnual cost
    Premium Career$29.99$239.88
    Premium Business$59.99$575.88
    Sales Navigator Professional$79.99$779.88
    Premium Hiring$119.95$1,199.40

    When Could I Cancel My LinkedIn Premium?

    There’s no specific time set by LinkedIn so that you can cancel your Premium plan at any time. However, there is one note you should keep in mind. Cancel your subscription at least a day earlier to avoid being charged for the next billing cycle.

    How to Cancel Step by Step

    You have two options to cancel your LinkedIn Premium subscription:

    1. You can cancel your Premium account from the LinkedIn desktop site if it was purchased via the LinkedIn desktop site.

    2. You can unsubscribe from LinkedIn Premium using the LinkedIn mobile app on your iPhone if you’ve subscribed via iTunes or the App Store.

    Follow the instructions below, and in just a few minutes, you will be able to stop money from pouring out of your pocket every month.

    Cancel Linkedin Subscription on Browser

    To cancel your membership, take the following steps:

    1. Sign in to your account.

    2. Find and click the Me button. This will be located on the top right of the page and show your picture.

    3. Click on Access My Premium.

    4. Select Manage Premium account. This will take you to your Premium subscription options.

    5. Locate Manage Subscription and choose Cancel subscription.

    6. Click on the Continue to cancel button.

    7. Choose your reason for canceling and Confirm cancellation.

    Cancel Linkedin Premium on iPhone

    Following Apple’s privacy policies, you won’t be able to unsubscribe from LinkedIn’s website if you’ve subscribed via iTunes or the App Store. In this case, you can use the LinkedIn desktop or mobile app to start your Premium account cancellation, and you’ll be redirected to the iTunes subscription management settings page. Here is how you can proceed:

    1. On your iPhone, go to Settings

    2. Click on your name.

    3. Select Subscriptions

    4. Find and select LinkedIn Premium in the subscription list.

    5. Tap on Cancel Subscription, which can be found at the bottom of the screen, and Confirm your choice.

    Note that if you can’t see your LinkedIn subscription on the Subscription page, you may be using a different Apple ID, and you have to switch to your own Apple account.

    That’s it! You’re no longer subscribed to LinkedIn Premium. 

    Cancel Linkedin Premium on Android

    Currently, there isn’t a way to cancel from the Android app.

    What Happens When You Cancel Your Subscription?

    When you cancel LinkedIn Premium, your subscription will continue to work for the rest of the latest billing cycle, upon which you’ll return to your Basic account. Note that LinkedIn will not refund your money, but you’ll still have access to Premium features until your billing cycle ends.

    What Happens If You Cancel a LinkedIn Subscription During the Free Trial?

    If you cancel your LinkedIn subscription before the end of the free trial period, you won’t have the option to sign up for another free trial for 12 months. However, if you need the advanced Premium features, you can always subscribe to the paid plan that best matches your goals.

    What Other Choices Do You Bave Besides LinkedIn Premium?

    When you need similar services to LinkedIn, you may select other alternatives at a lower price. Here are the top three options:

    PlatformPricing per monthWhat’s in it for you
    JobcaseFreeSupporting community
    MyOpportunity$29Unlimited messaging Pro member advertising Advanced search tool available
    Meetup$35Great network insight Event scheduling option Branded community hub support

    As a key takeaway, a LinkedIn Premium subscription provides the opportunity to use a variety of services that can expand your opportunities, professional connections, and audiences. However, as our goals and needs change, such an investment may turn out to be redundant and unnecessary. Knowing the exact LinkedIn Premium cancellation procedure will help you avoid confusion and delays that could cost additional fees and expenses.

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