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How to Cancel NFL Plus: A Guide to End Your Membership

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel NFL Plus

    NFL Plus is a streaming service operated by the National Football League and offers fans an array of football content and features enhancing the viewing experience. NFL+ allows subscribers to watch the season and postseason games on mobile devices. As entertaining and valuable as it may be, you may find yourself looking to end your subscription until the next season starts. Read on to learn how to cancel NFL Plus without the risk of being unexpectedly charged for the next billing period.

    Officially launched on July 25, 2022, NFL+ provides access to prime and local-time live games, replays, and diverse NFL content. If you still decide that you’d prefer to terminate your membership and subscribe again for the next season, knowing how to cancel NFT+ can save you from the hassle of looking for effective ways and platforms to end your subscription. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to cancel your NFL Plus subscription on various platforms, such as desktop, mobile web, Apple devices, Amazon, Roku, and Google Play.

    Let’s dive into the pricing and offerings of NFL+.

    Why Cancel NFL Plus: The Cost of Membership 

    NFL+ is a one-of-a-kind streaming subscription designed to give fans access to various content such as live games, on-demand shows, and archives. There are two subscription plans: NFL+ Basic and NFL+ Premium.

    NFL+ Basic Plan

    • Stream live local and primetime games on smartphones and tablets

    • Watch live out-of-market preseason games on all devices

    • Enjoy live game audio for all matches, including home, away, and national broadcasts

    • Access a vast collection of ad-free, on-demand NFL content

    • The subscription fee is $4.99 per month 

    Currently, the service is offering a 25% discount as part of an early access promotion. This special offer is applicable solely to the NFL+ Basic annual plans, bringing the original yearly cost of $39.99 down to just $29.99.

    NFL+ Premium Plan

    • Includes everything in the NFL+ Basic plan

    • View full and condensed game replays on all devices without ads

    • Get exclusive access to Coaches Film, an ad-free experience

    • The subscription fee is $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year

    Let’s summarize the NFL+ pricing:

    PlanPricingFull game replays
    NFL+ Basic Plan$4.99 per month or $29.99 per year
    NFL+ Premium Plan$9.99 per month or $79.99 per yearYes

    So, the cost of NFL+ is not that steep. Yet, if you want to optimize your expenses and feel that you don’t make enough use of your subscription, you can decide to end it. Also, you may find the content the NFL offers not that interesting or exclusive, or perhaps you’re just too busy to watch it. 

    Moreover, you can sign up again when the next season starts. In any case, you’ll need to know how to unsubscribe from NFL Plus, which brings us to the next question.

    How to Cancel NFL Plus on Desktop 

    1. Visit and sign in to your account.

    2. Navigate to the Account page.

    3. Locate and click on the Manage Subscriptions section 

    4. Click on the “Manage” button within the NFL Plus section

    5. Select the “Manage” button again and click on “Unsubscribe.”

    Note that you’ll continue to have access to NFL+ until the end of your current billing period. Once you cancel, you will not be billed at the end of your billing cycle, and your subscription will not renew.

    How to cancel NFL Plus on Apple Devices

    Cancel NFL Plus on iPhone or iPad

    1. Open the Settings app on your device.

    2. Tap on your name.

    3. Tap Subscriptions.

    4. Select the NFL Plus subscription.

    5. Tap “Cancel Subscription.”

    On Mac

    1. Open the App Store app.

    2. Choose your name.

    3. Select Account Settings.

    4. Go to Subscriptions and click “Manage.”

    5. Find the NFL Plus subscription and click “Edit.”

    6. Click “Cancel Subscription.”

    On iTunes

    1. Open iTunes on your PC.

    2. Select “Account” and then “View My Account.”

    3. Locate the Settings section and click “Manage” next to Subscriptions.

    4. Find the NFL Plus subscription and click “Edit.”

    5. Click “Cancel Subscription.”

    How to Cancel NFL Plus Subscription on Amazon

    1. Go to Your Memberships and Subscriptions in Your Account.

    2. Choose Manage Subscription next to the NFL Plus subscription.

    3. Click the link under Advance Controls, which will take you to the main subscription page.

    4. Cancel your subscription.

    How to Cancel NFL Plus Subscription on Roku

    Cancel NFL Plus from Your Roku Streaming Device

    1. On your Roku remote, hit the Home button. 

    2. Find the NFL Plus subscription channel in one of the following ways:

    Via your Channel Lineup

    • Choose Home.

    • Use your remote’s arrow buttons to find the NFL Plus channel.

    • Hit the Star button on your remote to access options.

    Via the Channel Store

    • Find and select Streaming Channels.

    • Search for NFL Plus.

    • Hit the OK button on your remote to access options.

    At this point, for both channels, proceed with the last two steps. 

    3. In the channel options, choose Manage subscription.

    4. Choose “Cancel subscription” and confirm.

    How to Unsubscribe from NFL Plus from the Roku Website

    1. Access using your computer.

    2. If needed, sign in to your Roku account.

    3. Select “Manage your subscriptions.”

    4. In the “My subscriptions” section, find the NFL Plus subscription and review its terms, status, and renewal date. Remember, only Roku-billed subscriptions will appear here.

    5. Click “Unsubscribe” to cancel the subscription.

    How to Cancel NFL Plus Subscription on Google Play

    Cancel NFL Plus on Your Android Device

    1. Access your subscriptions in Google Play.

    2. Identify the NFL Plus subscription.

    3. Tap on Cancel subscription.

    4. Complete the process by following the instructions.

    Cancel NFL Plus on Your Computer 

    1. Navigate to your subscriptions in Google Play.

    2. Locate the NFL Plus subscription and click Manage.

    3. Click “Cancel subscription.”

    4. In the confirmation pop-up, choose a reason for canceling.

    5. Select “Continue” to finalize the cancellation process.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Request a Refund for My NFL Plus Subscription?

    Yes, if you’re an NFL Plus subscriber, you have the option to request a full refund within 14 days from the start of your subscription, even if it was auto-renewed. Also, you might be eligible for a refund if you accidentally made duplicate purchases with different account details or if you’re facing significant, ongoing technical issues.

    How Do I Request an NFL Plus Refund?

    To request a refund, get in touch with Customer Services for help. They will decide whether to approve or deny your refund request based on factors like the type of purchase, the time that has passed since you made the purchase, and the specific reasons for your refund request.

    How Do I Request a Refund for an In-App Purchase?

    If you bought an NFL Plus subscription or any related products through an in-app purchase on platforms such as iOS, Amazon, Roku, or Android, you need to request a refund from the online store where you made the purchase.

    How Do I Cancel My NFL Plus Subscription?

    To cancel your NFL Plus subscription, simply follow the steps that match the platform you used to subscribe, such as desktop or mobile web, Apple devices, Windows PC, Amazon, Roku, or Google Play. 

    What Happens After I Cancel My NFL Plus Subscription?

    Once you cancel your subscription, you will have access to NFL Plus until your current billing period ends. You won’t be charged at the end of your billing period, and your subscription won’t be renewed.

    Do I Need to Uninstall The NFL Plus App to Cancel My Subscription?

    No, uninstalling the NFL Plus app does not cancel your subscription. You must follow the specific cancellation steps for the platform you used to subscribe to NFL Plus.

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