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How to Cancel Nurx Subscription: 4 Things You Need to Know

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel Nurx Subscription

    Nurx is mainly a birth control delivery service, but they also provide a range of other women’s healthcare products. They provide things like:

    • Birth control (pills, rings, patches, and shots)

    • PrEF

    • Genital herpes treatment

    • Migraine treatment

    • Acne medication

    • Eyelash growth serum

    • Mental health treatment

    • UTI treatment

    • Yeast infection medication

    • Home tests for HPV, STIs, and COVID

    How Much is a Nurx Subscription?

    If you decide to use Nurx, they ask you a few questions about your health, confirm your health insurance information if you have it, and then submit your order for your medical consultation and any regular subscriptions you choose. 

    Nurx has a wide range of products, and each product comes with different costs depending on whether you have insurance or not. Many of their products are listed at a monthly price but are charged every 3 months.

    For oral acne medication, for example, the medical consultation is $40, after which a healthcare provider on staff will determine whether oral acne medication is the right fit. What you are expected to pay for your subscription will vary. Something like doxycycline requires you to pay your insurance copay and deductible if you have health insurance. If you don’t have health insurance, you are charged $120 every 3 months for a 3-month supply.

    So what are the 4 things you need to know when you cancel Nurx?

    How to Cancel Nurx Subscription: 4 Things You Need to Know

    1. You must provide a cancellation reason

    2. You must email customer service within the Nurx platform; there is no other way to cancel. 

    3. You should follow up and delete your account after. 

    4. Nurx will maintain your medical records whether you delete your account or not. 

    How to Cancel Nurx Subscription

    You can figure out how to cancel Nurx from any device or mobile app. The process is the same: You have to send an email to customer service from within the secure Nurx messaging center, but what you send is based on your reason for cancellation. To cancel Nurx subscription plans, follow these steps. 

    1. First, select the type of medical service you receive.

    2. Next, you have to choose why you are canceling your account from the list of options. 

    3. Then copy and paste the text into a secure message from your Nurx account and send it to the customer service team. 

    Here are some examples of the text you would send them:

    Type of Service You ReceiveReason for CancellationText to Use for Message to Customer Service
    Acne treatment“I am experiencing a customer service issue.”“Hi – I am experiencing shipping issues and want to cancel my prescription delivery.”
    Migraine treatment“I am switching my medical provider.”“Hi – I am switching medical providers and would like to cancel my Nurx account.”
    Mental Health Treatment“I can’t afford my medication.”“Hi – my current medication is too expensive, and I would like to cancel my subscription.”
    Birth control“I don’t need birth control anymore; I am not currently sexually active.”“Hi – I am not currently sexually active and would like to cancel or pause my prescription delivery.”

    Do I Need to State a Reason for Cancellation?

    Yes, you do, because this is how the menu generates the text you should use when you email customer service. 

    However, there is nothing stopping you from figuring out how to cancel Nurx subscription plans by just copying and pasting any of the available text information from the list. Some of the reasons for cancellation are very explicit. 

    For example, if you state that you are canceling your birth control subscription because you don’t need it anymore, you have to either state that you don’t need it because you are planning to start a family, you are not currently sexually active, or you are in a same-sex relationship. 

    If you are uncomfortable providing such explicit information about your situation, you can choose any reason you want to facilitate a cancellation. Some of their main examples are:

    • Switching medical providers

    • Have more medication than you need

    • Have side effects and want to change

    • Didn’t get the medication you want

    • Moving to a state that doesn’t support Nurx

    • Having customer service issues

    Nurx Cancel Subscription Follow-Up Steps: Deleting Your Account

    Figuring out how to cancel Nurx does not mean your account gets deleted automatically. Your account details will remain in their system unless you take follow-up steps such as deleting your account.

    To delete your account, you must send a message using the Nurx messenger or contact the customer care team M-F from 9 am – 9 pm EST at 1-800-321-NURX.

    Important Information

    Can I Cancel Nurx For My First Order?

    No, you cannot cancel your first order. Upon checkout, you are given a reminder that your first shipment is final. As soon as an order is placed, the company moves quickly to get it shipped to you within a matter of days, so it’s difficult to cancel an order in a timely fashion.

    When Do I Need to Cancel Nurx Subscription Plans? 

    All clients receive email reminders that refill orders are being prepared. You must cancel Nurx within 48 hours of receiving your refill reminder; otherwise, you will be charged for the next refill. For most subscriptions, especially those paid for out of pocket, you will receive your refill reminder once every 3 months.

    How to Cancel Nurx Account: What About Medical Data?

    Even if you figure out how to cancel Nurx subscription plans and you follow up by deleting your account, the company will still keep your medical records on file, something mandated by federal law. The company claims they keep your medical records on file to ensure they can provide any medical information to Future medical providers if necessary. They also state that all information is stored on encrypted servers according to HIPAA requirements.

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