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Learn How to Cancel Nutrisystem Effortlessly

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel Nutrisystem

    Nutrisystem is a meal delivery plan that focuses on weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. You get deliveries every four weeks, and the foods are pre-packaged, which is great for those who lead a busy life.

    But this service isn’t ideal for all users, and if you established that, now might be the time to cancel Nutrisystem. Our guide has all details, including what you should know to avoid potential hidden charges. Here’s the best way to cancel Nutrisystem and ensure it doesn’t cost you more than necessary!

    Pricing Details – Should You Consider Changing Your Plan Before You Cancel Nutrisystem?

    Nutrisystem has so many plans that it’s hard to keep track of them all. Let’s start with a brief overview you’ll find in the following table:

    Plan Price
    BasicFrom $9.99 per day
    Men’s Vitality for 50+ MalesFrom $15.32 per day
    Complete 55 for 55+ FemalesFrom $13.93 per day
    Uniquely YoursFrom $12.14 per day
    Uniquely Yours MaxFrom $13.57 per day
    Diabetes PlansFrom $9.99 per day

    You can find separate plans for males and females, with men’s meals being more expensive since they contain more food. Plans for seniors, as well as personalized nutrition and diabetes plans, are also available.

    The default idea offered by Nutrisystem is to use a four-week auto-delivery shipment. You can go for a one-month shipment only, but it will cost you a lot more. For example, a one-time shipment of the Uniquely Yours Men’s Plan is $681.80, while a four-week auto-delivery reduces the price to $374.99 per shipment. You can save up to 53% if you pay for two or three shipment cycles immediately.

    How Do I Cancel Nutrisystem Over the Phone

    Contacting customer support over the phone is the only way to cancel Nutrisystem, so the company doesn’t exactly make things easy. Here are the steps to follow the cancel your subscription:

    1. Prepare for the call. We advise you to have at least ten minutes of your time and get your membership number ready. You can find this on the Nutrisystem website or in emails received by the company.

    2. Know when to call. Check when your next order is scheduled to be processed. It’s necessary to call before 6 PM ET on that day. That’s why we advise calling at least a couple of hours before that to avoid reaching the deadline and getting charged for another order.

    3. Contact an agent via the provided phone number. The support is available at 1-800-585-5483, but you’ll talk to an automated system first. You’ll need to pick Option 1 and then Option 4 to contact an agent.

    4. Ask the agent to cancel your auto-delivery. You might need to be persistent if they try to convince you to stay. They will require your membership number and other basic details to finalize the cancellation. Don’t forget to ask for a confirmation via email or at least the cancellation confirmation reference number from their records.

    8 Important Things to Note Regarding the Nutrisystem Cancel Process

    The cancellation process designed by Nutrisystem is complex, so pay special attention to the following paragraphs.

    When Is the Nutrisystem Phone Number to Cancel Active?

    The official number provided on the website is 1-800-585-5483. As you need to cancel the order before 6 PM on the processing day to avoid getting charged, make sure to call before that. The automated system will guide you to the operator, who you’ll need to talk to if you want to stop your meal delivery plan.

    How Do I Cancel My Nutrisystem Meal Plan Online – Is It Even Possible?

    No, it’s not possible to cancel this service online. You have to call an agent over the phone.

    What Happens If You Cancel the Nutrisystem Auto Delivery After the First Shipment?

    There’s a seven-day money-back guarantee applied to all customers ordering for the first time. But if you cancel after the seven-day timeframe and before you get charged for the second shipment, there’s a cancellation fee, and it’s a whopping $125! You can only avoid this charge if you choose to pay for the second shipment – cancellation after that is free.

    Can You Cancel Nutrisystem After 2 Months?

    Yes, and that could even be the smart thing to do because canceling after you receive two orders comes with no special cancellation fee.

    Instead of Learning How to Cancel Nutrisystem Auto Delivery, Can I Delay an Order?

    Yes, you can log into your account on the Nutrisystem website and pick to delay your order. There’s a certain timeframe during which you can apply the delay, and it’s also possible to move your next shipment up if necessary.

    How Do You Cancel Nutrisystem Meal Plan and Switch to Another?

    You can change the plan from your profile on the site, and the pricing will adjust automatically. However, you need to do this before Nutrisystem starts processing your next order. Otherwise, the plan change will only apply to the following shipment.

    How to Cancel Nutrisystem and Activate the Money-back Guarantee?

    According to the official Nutrisystem website, the money-back guarantee is available for seven days from your first shipment. Returning customers aren’t subject to this plan, and the money-back guarantee only refers to one shipment per user.

    Can I Expect a Refund Under the Nutrisystem Cancellation Policy?

    You get a full refund if you cancel during an active money-back guarantee. However, you still might be charged a $19.99 return shipping cost.

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