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How to Cancel OrangeTheory – The Easy Way

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel Orange Theory

    You might have tried OrangeTheory because you enjoy group workouts and you wanted to improve your body appearance. But for whatever reason, the program didn’t meet your expectations, and now you’d like to learn how to cancel OrangeTheory.

    Our guide will tell you everything about the program’s specific 30-day cancelation policy and how to start canceling your account today. We’ll also discuss other important details, including how OrangePolicy pricing even works!

    What You Should Know About Membership Pricing Before You Cancel Orange Theory

    OrangeTheory allows you to sign up and try a class nearby. The testing option applies to a single session and could be a smart way of seeing if the program is the right thing for you.

    If you choose to become a member, here are the available pricing plans:

    BasicFour classes monthly$119 monthly
    EliteEight classes monthly$159 monthly
    PremierUnlimited classes$219 monthly

    OrangeTheory offers monthly contacts with no long-term obligation. Classes are available in 1,300 studios nationwide, and you can also get add-on classes at discounted prices. Only the members of the Premium package have a money-back guarantee included in their subscription.

    How to Cancel OrangeTheory Membership Via the Website

    OrangeTheory has a 30-day cancelation policy in most cases, and the only exceptions are if you’ve been approved for a different Membership Agreement. Make sure your account is active before you submit the request, and follow these steps to start canceling your OrangeTheory subscription:

    1. Go to the Cancelation Information page. It’s the starting point for canceling your membership.

    2. Choose the option to cancel. The platform will first offer some opportunities to modify your membership, such as freezing your account for a while. Scroll down and pick “No, I’d still like to cancel my membership.”

    3. Select how you subscribed. You can pick from a local studio or online at, but make sure to choose the correct option.

    4. Enter the required details. These will include your name, phone number, email address associated with your account, and information regarding the studio. You’ll also have to pick the reason to cancel the membership.

    5. Agree with the terms and submit. Once you submit the request, you are entering the 30-day cancelation process. Any payments during that time will continue as planned. The home studio will contact you to verify your cancelation requests

    Simple OrangeTheory Cancelation by Calling Your Studio

    1. Find your studio’s phone number. You can check the locations of licensed studios to find the phone number.

    2. Call and speak to a licensed staff member. You might be transferred to the studio manager or anyone else in charge of cancelations.

    3. Follow the instructions and provide the information about your account. Make sure to ask them to send an email where they confirm the cancelation process has started, as that ensures you have proof in writing. 

    Cancel OrangeTheory Membership In-Person in 3 Simple Steps

    1. Visit your home studio. It’s important that you pick the studio where you registered. You can use an opportunity while you are there for the class and cancel your membership after the exercise.

    2. Find a staff member and let them know you want to cancel your membership. They’ll try to convince you to stay by offering alternatives, but stay persistent.

    3. Complete the cancelation form. You’ll fill in the necessary details and sign the form. Ask for a copy to have for yourself and check that they don’t charge anything after the agreed 30-day cancelation timeframe.

    Things to Know About the Orange Theory Cancellation Policy and Membership

    The crucial thing to understand is that you don’t cancel the membership right away but rather enter a cancelation process. It’s something that you should be aware of prior to even registering for the service. Members don’t have the option to cancel their subscription immediately.

    How to Cancel Orange Theory Classes If I Can’t Make It?

    If you schedule a class but can’t make it, you can cancel your attendance. It’s necessary to do this for up to eight hours before the class, or the system will charge you a late cancelation fee. If you are late for class, you’ll only be able to enter it five minutes after it starts. 

    How to Cancel OrangeTheory and Use the Money-Back Guarantee

    The website specified that this guarantee is only available for Premium members. Also, the Promotion page states that you have 30 days to cancel your membership risk-free. The offer is only available for those who purchased the Premium subscription for the first time. However, you need to complete at least 12 sessions before you can request a refund. 

    Is OrangeTheory Equipment Also Subject to a Refund?

    No, the heart rate monitor or any other equipment isn’t subject to a money-back guarantee. The good news is that it’s yours to keep forever. That means you don’t need to return it after canceling your membership, and you can use the equipment with other fitness apps.

    Instead of the OrangeTheory Cancel Membership Process, Can You Freeze Your Account?

    Yes, you can deactivate your account for a certain time. Let’s say you are out of town or busy for the next few months – this option comes in handy in those situations. However, you’ll still pay a small fee for a dormant account, although it won’t be as high as your membership subscription.

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