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How to Cancel Paramount Plus

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel Paramount Plus

    Paramount Plus is a streaming service focused primarily on VOD content like TV shows and movies. You’ll also find CBS News, but also NFL, Champions League, and other sports events streamed live.

    It sounds like a good deal, but perhaps you found a better alternative, or you want to stop using any other reason. Here’s a detailed guide on how to cancel your Paramount Plus subscription in an app, web browser, and other devices!

    All Subscriptions Explained – Is Pricing the Main Reason to Cancel Paramount Plus?

    Two basic membership plans exist for Paramount+ members. The first one is Essential, which covers the entire content library, or tens of thousands of TV show episodes and movies. You also get NFL and top soccer games and CBS News channels. However, this option includes occasional advertisements.

    The Premium subscription, however, comes without ads, except for those on live TV channels and a small portion of VOD content. You also get more live sports and an option to download shows to watch offline.

    Both plans are available for monthly and yearly plans, and here are the pricing details:

    Essential Monthly$4.99 monthly
    Essential Annually$49.99 yearly
    Premium Monthly$9.99 monthly
    Premium Annually$99.99 yearly

    First-time subscribers can expect a 7-day free trial, which is a great way to try the service before you decide whether to unsubscribe from Paramount Plus. It’s worth noting that the students get a 25% discount when signing up for the membership.

    How Do I Cancel Paramount Plus from a Web Browser?

    You can cancel your Paramount Plus subscription from a PC, laptop, mobile web browser, or even by using a browser on a gaming console or smart TV, and here is how:

    1. Head to the Paramount Plus official website. Click on the Sign In button, which you’ll find in the upper-right part of the screen.

    2. Enter your account credentials. After you access it, head to the Account page.

    3. Navigate to the option “Cancel Subscription.” Confirm and finalize the process to complete the Paramount Plus cancellation. Make sure to check if the termination is confirmed on the Account page.

    How to Cancel Paramount Plus on iPhone or Other Apple Devices?

    This will work only if you joined the service via the Apple Store – here are the steps to follow:

    1. Unlock your device and open the main screen. Navigate to the Settings section.

    2. Choose your Apple ID. After entering the next menu, pick Subscriptions. Alternatively, click on “iTunes & App Store,” and then choose your Apple ID and find Subscriptions. This depends on the operating system used.

    3. Find Paramount Plus. You can now end the membership by choosing Cancel Subscription.

    4. You won’t see the option to cancel anymore if you’ve successfully completed the process.

    How to Cancel a Paramount Plus Subscription from Apple TV

    First, confirm that you installed the app and subscribed via this device. Here’s how to unsubscribe from Paramount Plus from Apple TV:

    1. Get your remote and Navigate to Settings. Now, pick Users & Accounts and find yours.

    2. Choose Subscriptions. Pick Paramount+, and then click on Cancel Subscription.

    How to Cancel Your Paramount Plus Subscription on Android Devices?

    This process applies to all types of Android devices, including TVs, tablets, and phones:

    1. Unlock your device. Find the Google Play Store app and run it.

    2. In the upper-right corner, click on your Profile icon. Choose Payments & Subscriptions.

    3. Pick the Paramount Plus subscription. Select the option to cancel and complete the process by following the instructions.

    How Do You Cancel Paramount Plus Via Roku?

    1. Open the home screen on your streaming device.

    2. Pick Paramount Plus.

    3. Use your remote – press the * button.

    4. Choose Manage Subscription.

    5. Cancel the membership and confirm your choice.

    How Do I Cancel My Paramount Plus Subscription on Amazon Prime Video and Fire TV?

    1. Head to the Manage Your Prime Video Channels page. If necessary, log into your account.

    2. Choose the option to Manage Subscriptions.” Find Paramount+ and click the cancellation button.

    3. Confirm your decision to cancel your Paramount Plus subscription.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Cancelling Paramount Plus

    If you need more details, we gathered answers to questions most commonly asked by Paramount+ users, especially regarding the cancellation process!

    How to Cancel Paramount Plus Free Trial?

    The critical thing is that you end your membership before the free trial expires. Otherwise, the platform will automatically charge you for the next billing cycle. The process of canceling the free trial is the same as ending your Paramount+ membership, and you can find the details above.

    How to Delete Paramount Plus Account?

    It’ll be necessary to contact customer support to delete your Paramount+ account. You can access this page to get in touch with an agent via live chat or call them at 1-888-274-5343. The number is only free for US callers. If you are worried about privacy, visit Paramount’s Privacy Rights Center to learn how you can exercise your rights in this department.

    Can You Cancel Paramount Plus Anytime?

    You just need to know how to end your Paramount Plus subscription, and the details are on this page. As long as you follow the instructions, you can cancel it in a few simple steps at any moment. However, don’t expect a refund. Instead, you can continue using the service until the billing cycle ends.

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