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How to Cancel Peloton Membership in Under 2 Minutes

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel Peloton

    If you have joined Peloton to enjoy working out on your Peloton Bike or Tread, or you just use the app to work out at home, you might be wondering how to cancel your Peloton subscription when you are ready to make a change. Knowing the steps that are required to cancel any membership of this type can save you a lot of time and effort spent guessing and clicking through menus blindly.

    There are various processes that can be used to cancel a Peloton membership, depending upon the kind of device that you are using to take care of this process. This guide will show you how to cancel your Peloton membership on various devices with ease.

    How Long is a Peloton Subscription?

    Peloton Subscriptions for app usage are annual or month-to-month. They are called “All-Access Memberships,” and they offer you the use of all of the various training materials and classes that are included in the Peloton App. The charge for monthly access is $44, while the annual charge is $129 for a year of use.

    There is also a 30-day free trial that you can use before you pay for your All-Access Subscription. Many people start with the 30-day free trial and then progress to upgrading to a paid membership. Be aware that when you cancel an annual subscription, you will not be refunded any of the money for the remaining months of the year.

    If you are only using the app and do not have a Peloton device, the app costs $12.99 a year. If you pay for an annual membership, you will get 2 months free.

    What Are My Options for Managing My Peloton Access?

    Peloton offers All-Access Memberships that provide you with the ability to use their classes and various training information on the app with your Peloton devices, as well as phones and tablets through the Peloton app. These memberships are charged via an annual fee or on a month-to-month basis. There are various ways that you can manage your membership, but you also do not have to have access to the Peloton app to use your Peloton Bike or Tread.

    Put on HoldAccounts can be held for 1-3 months with a $5 fee
    CancelYou can share your Peloton membership, but the person sharing will lose access as well if you cancel
    ShareYou can use Peloton devices without having access to or paying for the Peloton App.
    Use Device Without Peloton AppYou can use Peloton devices without having access to or paying for the Peloton App

    How do you cancel a Peloton Membership?

    If you wish to cancel your Peloton membership, you will need to use the following processes. Different devices might require unique steps to complete the cancellation process.


    1. Go to device settings.

    2. Click on your name.

    3. Select “Subscriptions.”

    4. Select “Peloton.”

    5. Find “Cancel Subscription” and click on it

    6. Confirm in the dialogue box that pops up that you want to cancel.


    1. Open Google Play Store

    2. Make sure that you are in the correct user account in Play.

    3. Tap your profile icon at the top right of the screen.

    4. Select “Menu” and then navigate to “Payments & Subscriptions”.

    5. Select “Subscriptions”.

    6. Find the right app subscription in the provided list.

    7. Select “Cancel Subscription”.

    8. Follow any provided instructions.

    9. Confirm cancellation.


    1. Select the “home” button.

    2. Use the directional pad to find “Peloton Channel”.

    3. Use the star(*) button to open the options menu.

    4. Find “Manage Subscription”.

    5. Select, “Cancel Subscription”

    6. Confirm that you want to cancel.

    7. Click on “Done”.


    1. Navigate to this link (you will need to log in).

    2. Click on the “subscription” link.

    3. Click “cancel subscription”.

    4. Confirm that you want to cancel.

    Fire TV (Amazon)

    1. Navigate to the Amazon website.

    2. Log into the correct Amazon account associated with your Peloton profile.

    3. In the upper right-hand corner, select “Your Account”.

    4. Find “Your Android Apps and Devices”.

    5. Select “Your Subscriptions”.

    6. Find the Peloton Subscription.

    7. Select “Cancel Subscription”.

    Fire Tablet (Amazon)

    1. Select “apps”.

    2. Select “Store”.

    3. Select “Subscriptions”.

    4. Find your Peloton Subscription.

    5. Select “Cancel Subscription”.

    Amazon Appstore

    1. Open your menu.

    2. Find “Subscriptions”.

    3. Select Peloton subscription.

    4. Click “Cancel Subscription”.

    Verizon Play Store

    1. Navigate to this link (you will need to log in).

    2. Find the “Manage Subscriptions” tab.

    3. Locate your Peloton membership.

    4. Click “Manage”.

    5. Click “status”.

    6. Toggle the button from “on” to “off.”

    How to Pause a Peloton Membership

    Peloton will allow you to put your subscription on hold, which basically pauses it. This requires a $5 fee. You will need to call Peloton Customer Service at (866) 679-9129 to have this done. Holds can be placed for up to three months. The $5 fee is waived if you reactivate your membership before the three months are up.

    For those who do not reactive their subscription, the $5 fee will be kept by Peloton. Your account credits will also expire. These breaks are intended to allow people to save money during times of illness or when they are on vacation. However, you will still be charged the monthly fee for your financed Bike or Tread device.

    You can pause your Peloton membership at any time in the future as well but will need to reactivate once the three-month period is up to retain your credits and resume your use of the app. Customer service at Peloton can advise you with regard to any questions that you might have about pauses or the need to change the way you are accessing your membership.

    Canceling Your Peloton Membership Can be Quite Simple

    Be aware that the app membership without a Peloton device, like a Bike or Tread, is charged at a different rate per month than an All-Access Pass. You will follow the same cancelation process to remove access to either kind of membership.

    If you have decided that you no longer want to use your Peloton membership, you will just need to follow the easy steps in this guide to cancel your subscription. It is simple to cancel this app or membership from a variety of different platforms.

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