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Learn How to Cancel Spotify Premium in Minutes

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel Spotify Premium

    Spotify is a music-sharing platform. The platform encourages users to:

    • Find songs they like

    • Save songs for playback offline

    • Create playlists

    • Listen to exclusive content on demand.

    The company offers several subscriptions.

    Subscription TypeSubscription Information
    FreeThis version gives you ad-free listening, the option of playing music when you’re offline, and on-demand playback.
    PremiumThis version gives you ad-free listening, the option of playing music when you’re offline, and on demand playback.
    Premium DuoThis is the same as Premium but for two people.
    Premium FamilyThis is designed for families so you can have six accounts, block explicit content, and set up a separate app for kids.
    Premium StudentThis is designed for families, so you can have six accounts, block explicit content, and set up a separate app for kids.

    Spotify Premium Cancel Subscription or Switch?

    Before you figure out how to unsubscribe from Spotify Premium, figure out if you want to change to a different level of service. Spotify offers very similar subscriptions free of charge. If you aren’t getting enough out of the service for what you’re paying or need to take a break from additional payments for a while, you can figure out how to cancel a Spotify subscription from your given device. This will automatically switch your account to the free version at the end of your next billing cycle.

    Quick Way to Cancel Premium Spotify But Still Use It

    If you figure out how to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription, you can still use the service until you reach that next billing cycle. This means you can enjoy the service for up to 30 days if you cancel at the start of your subscription after it renews. 

    However, you can learn about a Spotify unsubscribe option and still use the existing benefits until the end of your billing cycle, after which you can change to the free version.

    How Do I Cancel My Spotify Subscription? Four Ways for Four Devices

    How do you cancel Spotify? The Spotify membership cancellation process looks a little different depending on the device you are using.

    How to Cancel a Spotify Subscription from a PC: Quick Steps 

    For a PC:

    If you cancel on a PC, you can learn how to cancel Spotify Premium using any browser and your Spotify account. 

    1. First, you need to log in to your Spotify Premium account. This can be done with any browser. 

    2. Second, you need to look under your “Plan” and click “Change Plan.”

    3. Third, you need to scroll to the bottom, where it has the button for Spotify cancel account.

    4. Finally, click “Cancel Premium.”

    Note: If you have initiated a Spotify Premium cancellation process, your account should indicate how many days are left on your plan before it expires. This will confirm that you have figured out how to cancel your Spotify subscription and membership correctly. 

    What If I Have No Option To Change My Plan?

    If you have logged into your Spotify premium account and there is no option listed to cancel the plan, you probably have a plan associated with a partner company. This just means you initiated your plan through a third party like your phone provider, Apple, or Google. In this case, you need to figure out how to cancel the premium on Spotify directly through that subscription service.

    Spot Spotify: How to Cancel Spotify Premium on Android App While On The Go

    For Android users, you have to figure out how to end Spotify Premium directly through the Google Play store.

    1. Sign in and open the Google Play app.

    2. Tap on “Payments & Subscriptions”

    3. Click on “Subscriptions”

    4. Your list should show “Spotify Premium” Once you find it, click “Manage.”

    5. Click “Cancel Subscription”

    Note: To confirm you learned how to cancel Spotify, you can refresh the app and look at your current subscriptions. It should now be listed as inactive. 

    How to Cancel Spotify Premium on iPhone: End Spotify Premium in Four Quick Steps

    If you have a plan associated with Apple, you have to learn how to cancel your Spotify premium through your phone.

    1. Open the settings on your iPhone.

    2. Click your name.

    3. Click on “Subscriptions”

    4. Tap “Spotify”

    5. Tap “Cancel”

    Note: Once you confirm it’s canceled, you should see a red expiration message in the app next to the subscription.

    How Do I Cancel My Spotify Premium from a Mac? Easy Steps You Can Do Anywhere

    How do I cancel Spotify Premium on a Mac? You could follow the same process as a PC, logging in to your Spotify account through a browser IF you subscribed online, or you can go through the App Store IF you subscribed through the App Store. 

    For the browser, follow the same instructions as a PC cancellation. For the App Store:

    1. Click on the App Store 

    2. Go to “Account Settings”

    3. Click on “Subscriptions” 

    4. Hit “Manage”

    5. Click “Edit” under the Spotify subscription 

    6. Then click “Cancel subscription.”

    Note:  You can refresh the page, and there won’t be an option to cancel the subscription anymore if you do it correctly.

    Other Things You Need to Know When You Cancel Spotify Subscription

    How to Cancel Spotify and Still Enjoy Services

    If you have Spotify Premium, canceling Spotify will give you ongoing access to the free version at the end of your billing cycle. So, not only do you get to enjoy all of the benefits associated with your Premium plan until the end of that billing cycle, but you can still use basic Spotify services.

    Tip:  if you know you’re ready to figure out how to cancel Spotify Premium, consider the date you choose. If you cancel Spotify right after payment has gone through, you’ll still get nearly 30 days of ongoing benefits before it switches to the free version.

    How Do I Cancel My Spotify Entirely?

    Spotify cancel options let you downgrade to the free version, but you can also close down your account entirely if you no longer want to use the service. You can permanently close your account and delete all your data, but you will lose everything associated with your account. Any purchased audiobooks will also disappear. 

    Do I Have to Explain Why I Cancel Spotify Account?

    No, unlike some memberships, you do not have to choose from a drop-down list of reasons why you canceled. However, if there was a particular issue you were having, feel free to send a message to customer service letting them know about the issue. It might be something they can fix or something other users struggle with as well. 

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