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How to Cancel Stitch Fix: The Best Way

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel Stitch Fix

    Stitch Fix is an online wardrobe-building service that lets you use a personal stylist to put together clothing options. You have options for on-demand, single purchases, or subscription services. With each “fix” or delivery, expert stylists send you clothing based on your price, fit, and style preferences. But what if the matches aren’t working well for you? You might ask, “How do I cancel Stitch Fix” or “Can I change my frequency”?

    Cancel Stitch Fix or Change Frequency? Your Options Explained

    If you are learning how to cancel Stitch Fix, it might be because you have auto deliveries set up but don’t want them as often. In this case, you don’t necessarily need to cancel your account entirely. Instead, you can change your frequency from monthly deliveries to quarterly deliveries or other options based on your needs. 

    Tip: Before you figure out how to cancel Stitch Fix account settings, try new frequencies to see which schedule works best, or cancel your automatic deliveries entirely and order when you need them.

    Other Options: Cancel or Skip

    Before you figure out how to cancel Stitch Fix and miss out on the services you might still want, you should consider skipping or pausing your deliveries.

    1. You can skip your next delivery and enjoy regularly scheduled deliveries on the next delivery date OR

    2. Pause your deliveries until you decide to resume the service, with all charges and deliveries on hold.

    Tip: These options are great for people who are going on vacation, experiencing an unexpected cost for one month, or just need a short break. During the break, you can reassess whether you need to change the frequency of your deliveries or cancel Stitch Fix entirely.

    If you pause, make sure you follow these steps when getting ready to resubscribe:

    Look at your style profileThis is a chance to make sure your sizes or style preferences didn’t change during your break.
    Schedule your fixThis will give you a chance to choose the calendar date you want for your new subscription, or opt for the on-demand service.

    How to Cancel Stitch Fix From a Browser

    The company clarifies that if you want to learn “how do I cancel my Stitch Fix account” because you are disappointed in the items, you can try to communicate your preferences more effectively with the stylist first.

    However, if you still want to learn how do I cancel my Stitch Fix, the steps are relatively easy:

    1. Sign into your account from any device or browser.

    2. Choose from the available options (cancel, change frequency, stop auto-deliveries, skip, or pause). To cancel, unclick the box which reads “save my time by sending Fixes on a schedule.”

    3. Then click “stop receiving Fixes automatically.”

    4. Confirm your choice.

    You should be able to refresh the page, see the updated terms, and receive an email confirming that your account has been closed or changes made. If not, you can reach out to customer service directly to confirm you were able to cancel Stitch Fix.

    How to Cancel Stitch Fix from the App

    The same rules apply to learning how to cancel Stitch Fix from your phone. If you are using the app, the company has options for canceling, changing frequency, or skipping.

    1. Go to the app.

    2. Click on “account.”

    3. Unclick the box which reads “Save my time by sending Fixes on a schedule.”

    4. Confirm that you are canceling the scheduled deliveries.


    How Do You Cancel Stitch Fix If You Don’t Want Auto-Deliveries?

    If you have already signed up for auto-deliveries but don’t want to continue receiving them, you can change your account settings to “on-demand” scheduling. This means you can still use the site to order clothes with the help of a stylist, but you order them at will rather than have them automatically created and sent to you.

    How Do I Cancel My Stitch Fix If It Is In-Progress?

    If you have already been charged your styling fee, you might not see an option for “Stitch Fix cancel” on your account. This is because the stylist is already working on it. If you have been charged but still want to cancel, you need to contact customer service with your request.

    How to Cancel Stitch Fix Account Without Hidden Fees

    Stitch Fix makes it clear that no hidden fees or subscriptions are required. You pay a $20 fee for the stylist who puts together the ensembles. They send you clothes, you try them, and decide whether you want to buy them. If you don’t want to buy them, you return or exchange them using a prepaid envelope. Still, you might decide that you don’t want items sent to you regularly, in which case, you can safely cancel your account without any hidden fees, so long as you return any unwanted clothes from a recent delivery using the prepaid envelope.

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