Privacy Policy

Last updated 11.05.22


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1. Personal data that we collect and how we use and share it
2. More ways we collect, use and share personal data
3. Legal bases for processing data
4. Your rights and choices
5. Security and retention
6. International data transfers
7. Updates and notifications
8. Jurisdiction-specific provisions
9. Contact us

1. Personal data that we collect and how we use and share it

1.1 End Users

We provide End User Services where we do not act as a service provider to Businesses but instead provide the Services directly to you for your personal use (e.g. Link user). See here for further information on the legal bases which we rely on for using (processing) your Personal Data.

How we use and share personal data of End Users

Services. We use your Personal Data to provide the End User Service to you, including security, delivery, support, personalization and messages related to the End User Service (e.g. communicating Policy updates and information about our Services). We also use your Personal Data for our fraud detection and mitigation Business Services and may share certain Personal Data as part of those Business Services with Business Users that you may seek to do business with. The use of this Personal Data is subject to the Business Users’ privacy policies.
Our Business Users. When you choose to connect your bank account with Stripe, you may also choose to share account information with certain Business Users that you do business with. These Business Users will have their own privacy policies which describe how they use that information.

Transactions. For payment transactions with Link, End User Personal Data is shared with others to enable the transaction. For example, when you choose to use a payment method for the transaction with Stripe or with Link (e.g. credit card, debit card, buy now pay later, or direct debit), that payment method will receive transaction information that includes your Personal Data. Please review your payment method’s privacy policy to learn more. When you use Link, the merchant you choose to do business with will also receive Transaction Data that includes your Personal Data and with your permission, your bank account information.

The merchant may share that Personal Data with others (see below regarding End Customers). Please review your merchant’s privacy policy for further information.
Fraud Detection Services.

We use your Personal Data collected across our Services (e.g. Stripe Radar) to detect and prevent fraud against us, our Business Users and financial partners, including to detect unauthorized log-ins using your online activity. We may provide Business Users (including card issuers and others involved in payment processing activities) that have requested our fraud Business Services with Personal Data about you (including your attempted transactions) so that they can assess the associated fraud risk with a transaction. You can learn more about how we may use technology to assess the fraud risk associated with an attempted transaction here.

1.2 End Customers

Stripe offers Business Services to our Business Users (e.g. in-person checkout or online checkout). When we are acting as a Business User’s service provider (or data processor), we will process Personal Data in accordance with the terms of our agreement with the Business User and the Business User’s lawful instructions.

For example, we process payment transactions for a Business User because you bought a product from them.

Business Users are responsible for making sure that their End Customer’s privacy rights are respected, including ensuring appropriate disclosures about data collection and use that happens in connection with their services.

If you are an End Customer (e.g., a purchaser of a product at an online Business User site), please refer to the privacy policy or notice of the Business User for information regarding the Business User’s privacy practices, choices and controls, or contact the Business User directly. See here for further information on the legal bases which we rely on for using (processing) your Personal Data.