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Check Your Publix Gift Card Balance in Less Than a Minute

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Publix Gift Card Balance

    A Publix gift card is the ideal present for anyone who appreciates quality groceries, delicious bakery treats, and the convenience of a one-stop shop. These cards, available in denominations from $5 to $500, can be used in any Publix location. Whether you received the gift card as a special treat or simply forgot how much you’ve spent, keeping track of your balance will help you better plan and manage your next purchases. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Publix gift cards and how to check your Publix gift card balance efficiently

    Publix Gift Card Balance Check: What You Need to Know

    Before we dive into the specific details, let’s have a glance at the various methods available to check your gift card balance. 

    Online1. Visit Publix’s gift card balance page 2. Enter the gift card number and pin 3. Click on “Check balance.”
    Publix AppUse the menu to select “Check Gift Card Balance.”
    In-Person1. Visit a Publix store 2. Request a customer service associate to check your balance.

    Let’s dive into each method for a more detailed look.

    How to Check Balance on Publix Gift Card Online

    1. Start by navigating to the Check Balance page on the official Publix website.

    2. Locate the 19-digit gift card number on the back of your card and enter it in the specified field.

    3. Scratch off the PIN area on the back of your card to reveal a 4-digit number, and enter it next.

    4. Finally, click “Check balance” to view the remaining amount on your gift card.

    In the App – Your Handy Publix Gift Card Balance Checker

    1. Open the Publix app on your mobile device.

    2. Tap on the menu icon located in the upper left corner of the screen.

    3. Select “Check Gift Card Balance” from the dropdown menu.

    4. If you’ve added your gift card to your Club Publix wallet, tap on “Wallet” after opening the menu.

    Publix Check Gift Card Balance in Person

    1. Visit your nearest Publix store.

    2. Locate a customer service associate and let them know you would like to check your gift card balance.

    3. Provide them with the necessary details from your gift card.

    4. They will quickly process your request and provide you with your remaining balance.

    And that’s it! Now you know how to stay on top of your Publix gift card balance. 

    Where Can I Purchase a Publix Gift Card?

    Look no further than your nearest Publix store! You’ll typically find them near checkout lanes or in the greeting card section. 

    However, if you prefer digital convenience, eGift cards are available for purchase at Just remember, Publix gift cards are exclusively sold at Publix locations and not available at other retailers.

    Does My Publix Gift Card Have an Expiration Date?

    Rest assured, Publix gift cards do not come with an expiration date. Furthermore, no fees are charged on these cards, ensuring the entire balance remains intact until your next shopping spree.

    Can I Top Up My Publix Gift Card?

    Yes, you can! If you have a physical Publix gift card, you can top it up at any register in Publix stores. However, the balance should not exceed a $500 limit. 

    Unfortunately, eGift cards cannot be recharged.

    Can I Add Value to a Publix Gift Card I Gave to Someone Else?

    If it’s a physical card, yes, you can! Simply present the gift card at any register in a Publix store.

    However, this service isn’t available for eGift cards.

    Can I Exchange My Publix Gift Card for Cash?

    Unfortunately, cashback is not provided for these gift cards. The value on your card can solely be used for purchases within Publix stores. 

    What Steps Should I Take If I Misplace My Publix Gift Card?

    Unfortunately, it’s important to note that Publix gift cards, once lost or stolen, cannot be replaced. It’s always best to store your cards safely to avoid such situations.

    What Other Super Markets Offer Gift Cards

    Here’s a list of other popular supermarkets offering gift cards. 

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