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How to Check Sonic Gift Card Balance

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Sonic Gift Card Balance

    When you have a Sonic gift card, you hold the key to a myriad of delicious options: from the ever-popular Chili Cheese Coney and Sonic Cheeseburger Combo to the indulgent Master Shakes. Maybe you’ve just received it as a present or rediscovered it accidentally while digging through the drawer. No matter the scenario, checking your balance can reveal a windfall. This article will provide a simple, step-by-step guide on how to check your Sonic gift card balance, setting the table for an enjoyable Sonic dining experience.

    How to Check Sonic Gift Card Balance – All Methods

    Whether you prefer to check your Sonic gift card balance online, over a phone call, or face-to-face, we’ve got you covered. Each method has its own advantages, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and preferences. Let’s briefly overview all the options you have.

    Online1. Visit Sonic’s official website 2. Enter your gift card number and PIN 3. Click on “Check Balance.”– FastAvailable 24/7 – No need to leave your home
    Over the Phone1. Dial Sonic’s customer support number (1-888-272-6547) and clearly state the purpose of your call 2. Provide the gift card number and any required additional information 3. Be ready to record your current balance.– Personal interaction – Immediate clarification of any doubts or questions
    In-Person1. Visit a Sonic Drive-In location 2. Approach the cashier and request a balance check 3. Provide the gift card and any required information.– In-person interaction – Clarification of any doubts or questions on the spot

    Keep on reading to get more comprehensive guidelines on each method.

    How to Check Sonic Gift Card Balance Online

    If you want to avoid personal interactions and check your balance out of hours, this is the best option.

    1. Visit Sonic Drive-In’s official website.

    2. Locate the gift card section and input your unique gift card number.

    3. Enter your four-digit PIN, typically found on the back of your card.

    4. Confirm you’re not a robot with a quick security check

    5. Click on the “Check Balance” option, and voila! Your balance should appear on the screen.

    Sonic Check Gift Card Balance Over the Phone

    If you prefer talking to a person, here’s a straightforward way to check your Sonic gift card balance via a phone call.

    1. Dial Sonic’s customer support number, 1-888-272-6547.

    2. Once connected, explain that you want to check your Sonic gift card balance

    3. Provide the customer service representative with your gift card number.

    4. Respond to any additional queries and provide the requested information.

    5. The customer service representative should be able to provide the remaining balance on your card promptly.

    Check Balance on Sonic Gift Card In-Person

    If you are a fan of traditional face-to-face communication, you can easily check your balance at your nearest Sonic Drive-In.

    1. Visit your nearest Sonic Drive-In location.

    2. Walk up to the cashier with your gift card in hand.

    3. Request them to check the balance on your Sonic gift card.

    4. Provide any additional information they might require and learn your remaining balance.

    5. Note down your current balance.

    Useful Extra Details About Your Sonic Gift Card

    To fully benefit from Sonic gift cards and avoid unpleasant surprises, look at the following extra details.

    Where Can I Buy a Sonic Gift Card?

    You can buy a Sonic gift card either online or at any Sonic location

    Does the Sonic Gift Card Expire?

    Sonic gift cards do not expire, giving you the flexibility to enjoy your favorite meals and treats without any time constraints. Also, there are no fees associated with the card, making it even more user-friendly.

    Can I Add More Money to My Sonic Gift Card? 

    Yes, you can reload your Sonic gift card. Follow these steps to do so:

    1. Navigate to the Sonic Drive-In reload gift card page.

    2. Enter the 16-Digit Gift Card Number in the relevant field.

    3. Next, input your 4-Digit PIN.

    4. Verify your entry by checking the “I’m not a robot” box.

    5. Hit the “Next” button.

    6. Follow the instructions to reload your Sonic gift card.

    Note that this process may take up to four hours. After reloading, you will receive a notification at the email address you specified once the process is complete.

    Can I Redeem the Sonic Gift Card for Cash?

    Sonic gift cards are designed for purchasing food and beverages at Sonic locations and are not redeemable for cash except where required by law.

    Will Sonic Replace My Gift Card If It’s Stolen?

    No, Sonic does not replace lost or stolen gift cards. 

    What Should I Do If I Lose My Gift Card?

    Contact Sonic at (877) 828-7868. It’s crucial to have your card number and proof of purchase handy when you make the call.

    What Types of Gift Cards Does Sonic Offer? 

    Sonic offers both physical plastic gift cards and digital eGift cards. 

    What Other Fast Food Restaurants Offer Gift Cards

    Here’s a list of other popular fast-food restaurants that offer gift cards.

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