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How to Check your Texas Roadhouse Gift Card Balance [Explained]

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 29, 2023

Texes Roadhouse Gift Card Balance

    If you plan on dining out and feel like eating a delicious steak, Texas Roadhouse can be the perfect choice. The famous restaurant also has gift cards, which are an easy way of paying for your meal at the restaurant. 

    But before heading there, you should check the Texas Roadhouse gift card balance. Our article reveals all details on different methods used to easily check how much funds you have left on the card!

    Every Method You Can Use to Check Texas Roadhouse Gift Card Balance

    You can pick between four different ways, so it’s all a matter of which option you find convenient. Here is an overview of potential options to see how much you have left on your Texas Roadhouse gift card!

    Use the Online Texas Roadhouse Gift Card Balance Checker

    This is the fastest way since it only takes a few seconds to see the balance on your card. Here are the steps:

    1. Head to this page. Alternatively, visit the Texas Roadhouse website and then choose Gift Cards. You will find “Check Balance” on that page – that link will take you to the checker.

    2. Enter the gift card number. It should have 19 digits, so check that you entered it correctly.

    3. Insert card PIN. You will find it on the back of your card – it should have six numbers. It’s necessary to scratch the silver box to reveal the PIN. Don’t use a sharp object like a knife to avoid damaging the numbers.

    4. Click Check Balance. If necessary, confirm that you aren’t a robot.

    5. See how much funds you have available. The balance will now appear. It’s best to write it down in your phone’s notes to ensure you don’t forget it.

    Call Guest Relations Team for a Texas Roadhouse Gift Card Balance Check

    1. The restaurant has a guest relations team. They are available at 1-800-839-7623.

    2. Call and follow the instructions. Make sure to get in touch with an agent.

    3. Ask them to check your balance. Agents might ask you for the card number and other details.

    Ask a Cashier in a Restaurant to Check the Balance on Texas Roadhouse Gift Card

    1. This is a convenient method if you are in a Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

    2. Give the cashier your card and ask them to check its balance.

    3. They will inform you about the available funds.

    Send an Email Via the Contact Form on the Website for a Texas Roadhouse Check Gift Card Balance Process

    1. Head to the Contact Us page on the Texas Roadhouse website.

    2. Scroll down to the contact form.

    3. Pick gift cards from the drop-down menu in the “What’s going on” section.

    4. Choose “I have a question about my gift card” and ask them to check your balance.

    5. Send an email and wait for a reply. It shouldn’t take longer than 24 hours

    Where Can I Buy Texas Roadhouse Gift Card?

    It’s fastest to buy a Texas Roadhouse e-gift card via the website. You complete the entire process yourself, and the card arrives to your email immediately.

    For physical gift cards, we suggest finding a local Texas Roadhouse restaurant. You can get the card immediately there, but if you order via the site, you’ll wait at least 2-3 business days for customer service to process your order, and then there’s shipping.

    Here’s an overview of the places where you can buy Texas Roadhouse gift cards:

    Card TypePurchase LocationDelivery
    Physical gift cardOnlineAt least 2-3 business days
    Physical gift cardRestaurantImmediate
    Bulk card purchaseOnlineVaries

    How to Redeem the Texas Roadhouse Gift Card

    The card is only for in-store use, which means you can use it at all Texas Roadhouse restaurants throughout the United States. Once you arrive at the restaurant and place your order, tell the server that you will be using the gift card. They will swipe it, and you’ll see your bill amount covered by the gift card funds.

    If you spend more than what’s on your gift card, that’s okay. You can always add cash or use another payment method to pay for the full order.

    What to Do If I Lose My Texas Roadhouse Gift Card or It Gets Stolen?

    If someone steals the card or you lose it, it’s necessary to contact customer support at 1-800-839-7623. Make sure you have proof of purchase that you bought the card in the first place. You should also have the 19-digit gift card number ready to provide to an agent. If you have these, it might be possible to get your funds transferred to another card, but if you don’t, agents won’t be able to assist you.

    Alternatives to Texas Roadhouse Gift Card – Which Is Best?

    Perhaps you’d like to try something different than the Texas Roadhouse. Here are some great gift card options for restaurants and more:

    • Red Lobster gift card. The famous restaurant is an excellent choice if you enjoy seafood.

    • Olive Garden gift cards. If you are a fan of Italian cuisine, there aren’t many better restaurants than Olive Garden.

    • Longhorn Steakhouse gift card. It’s a restaurant similar to Texas Roadhouse, making it the closest alternative in terms of menu choices.

    • Starbucks gift card. If you prefer a cup of coffee and something sweet to an entire meal, Starbucks will meet your expectations.

    • DoorDash gift card. You don’t have to dine out, as DoorDash offers fast and reliable delivery from numerous restaurants nearby.

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