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The Easiest Way To Do A TJ Maxx Gift Card Balance Check

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

TJ Max Gift Card Balance

    TJ Maxx is an American department store with over 1,000 locations. It’s one of the biggest clothing chain stores in the United States. If you have a gift card, you can use a TJ Maxx gift card balance checker to see how much you can save on your next purchase.

    Where Can I Use My Gift Card

    When you buy a TJ Maxx gift card, you can choose cards for a host of occasions, such as thank-you gifts, birthday gifts, or other celebrations. Directly from the company, TJ Maxx gift cards can be purchased in value up to $200.

    TJ Maxx gift cards can be purchased exclusively for TJ Maxx or for the family of stores. These include the following:

    • TJ Maxx

    • Marshalls

    • HomeGoods

    • Sierra

    • HomeSense

    Where Can I Buy a TJ Maxx Gift Card?

    You can buy a TJ Maxx gift card online or in person from TJ Maxx department stores. If you buy them online, they can be redeemed online or in stores, and you can choose to send them to yourself or someone else in the regular post with free shipping or to an email address for a digital card.

    StorePhysical or onlineUsed atRemeedable inType
    TJ MaxxPhysical or eGift cardsSome styles can be used at multiple storesCan be redeemed in stores or onlineIndividual or corporate gift cards
    Ross StoresPhysical cards purchased online or in storesCan only be used at Ross storesCan be redeemed in stores onlyIndividual cards
    NordstromPhysical or eGift cards purchased in person or onlineOnly apply to Nordstrom storesCan be redeemed in stores or onlineIndividual cards

    Corporate Cards

    TJ Maxx offers corporate gift cards for employers who want to provide gift cards to their employees or customers. Corporate gift cards come in physical and digital versions with denominations available up to $500. There is a minimum purchase requirement, but you receive a discount on your total order.

    To purchase, you can fill out an online form or call customer service at 800-333-1387.

    Who Else Sells Similar Gift Cards?

    Here are some similar retailers from which you can purchase gift cards:

    TJ Maxx Check Gift Card Balance Options

    Whenever you use a gift card from TJ Maxx for an in-store purchase, the receipt should provide you with the remaining balance on the card. However, most individuals misplace this receipt and forget the amount of funds left on their cards. Additionally, it becomes even more challenging when the gift card is in a digital format. So what are your options?

    If you have a gift card, there are several fast and easy ways to do a TJ Maxx gift card balance check and see how much you have left.

    TJ Maxx Gift Card Balance Check Online

    You can check the balance online, no matter the type of card you have or how old it is. 

    1. Enter the card number on the back of the card.

    2. Scratch off the pink seal to reveal the pin and enter it.

    3. Click “Check balance.”

    Over the Phone TJ Maxx Gift Card Balance Checker

    You can also check over the phone if you are not near a computer but need to know the balance. 

    1. Call 1 (833) 888-0776.

    2. Tell them you want to check your balance.

    3. Provide the card number and pin.

    How to Check In Person

    If you are near a store, you can always go inside and ask an associate to check the balance for you.

    1. Go to a physical department store with your card.

    2. Ask them to check the balance.

    3. Give them the card or eCard information.

    TJ Maxx Gift Card Balance Checker on Corporate Cards

    If you received a TJ Maxx gift card physically or digitally as an incentive or reward from your employer or a company with whom you are a regular customer, you could check the balance using the exact same methods as individual gift cards.

    You can also apply your gift card balance toward purchases made online or in person. 

    Check Balance on TJ Maxx Gift Card and Add to Apple Wallet

    If you have an iPhone and an Apple account, you can check TJ Maxx gift card balance options using the card number and the pin number on the back and then add the remaining balance to your Apple wallet.

    TJ Maxx Gift Card Options: Other Details You Need to Know

    Does My Card Expire?

    Not anymore. Companies like TJ Maxx have done away with expiration dates or fees associated with gift cards. Any card you have will never expire, so you should always learn how to use a TJ Maxx Gift Card balance checker if you find a card.

    Can I Redeem My Gift Card Balance for Cash?

    No, according to the company, there is no way to redeem your TJ Maxx gift card balance for cash.

    What If I Want to Return The Gift Card?

    Gift cards are non-returnable. Once you purchase a gift card in person or online, you cannot return it even if the full balance remains.

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