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Learn How to Check Your Ulta Gift Card Balance [Pro Tips]

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Ulta Gift Card Balance

    Ulta is a makeup, skincare, and hair care retailer. They provide a wide range of specialty beauty brands online and in stores. They even have their own reward system where customers can earn points as they continue to make purchases, even if they make those purchases using an Ulta Gift Card balance.

    So, what are your Ulta gift card options, and how do you check your balance? We explain.

    Where Can I Buy an Ulta Gift Card?

    Ulta Gift Cards can be purchased from multiple locations, including the following:

    Ulta Gift Card Options

    When you decide to purchase an Ulta Gift card, you can find physical cards or eGift cards in any amount up to $500. Physical cards can be purchased from authorized stores like Target, Best Buy, or Sam’s Club.

    Online cards can be purchased from the same authorized retailers through their websites, directly from the Ulta website, or from sellers like Amazon. 

    If I Purchase Online With the Wrong Email, What Happens to My Gift Card Balance?

    You are responsible for making sure the email address for an eGift card is accurate, and no refund will be made if you send a gift card to an invalid, undeliverable, or incorrect email address. 

    So make sure that the address you use is correct before you finalize your purchase. Otherwise, you’ll be able to use an Ulta Gift Card balance checker again and again, and it will show a remaining balance that you don’t have access to.

    How to Check Balance on Ulta Gift Card and Where to Use It

    If you have a gift card or you are planning to give someone a gift card, it’s good to know how to check the balance on older gift card options and where to use those cards. 

    Physical CardsUse for in-store or online purchasesCan purchase online or in personNever expires
    eGift CardsUse for in-store or online purchasesCan purchase onlineNever expires

    Online Ulta Gift Card Balance Checker 

    If you are ready to check Ulta gift card balance options, visit: and follow the form directions. 

    1. Scroll to the bottom of the page.

    2. Enter the gift card or eGift card number and the pin.

    3. Click “check balance.”

    Check Ulta Gift Card Balance In Person

    If you are near an Ulta store, simply walk in and ask the associate to check your balance. Hand them the card or the printout of the eGift card, and they can check it for you. 

    Ulta Gift Card Balance Check Via Phone

    The store website does not advertise this as an option, but you can call customer service at 1-888-566-2736 anytime and ask them to check your balance. This is a bit more of a hassle, though, as they do not have a dedicated phone tree for Ulta gift card balance checks. 

    Where To Use Ulta Gift Card Balance

    If you use an Ulta gift card balance, check online, and see that you still have available credit, you can redeem your card in stores or online.

    Redeeming Physical Cards

    If you have a physical card, it will have a card number and a pin on the back. In stores, you simply present your gift card when you make your purchase. Online you enter that number and pin from the back during the checkout.

    Note: To access the pin number, you have to scratch off the black and silver coating from the bottom of the physical card.

    Redeeming eGift Cards

    If you have an eGift card, you can apply the card number and pin to your online payment when you check out. You can only use one eGift card per online order, but if you have physical cards and you are in the store, you can apply all available balances toward your purchase.

    eGift cards can also be used for in-store purchases. You have to present the original email that contains a printed copy of the card number and the pin when you make your purchase.

    Ulta Check Gift Card Balance FAQ

    If I Check the Balance, Can I Buy Another Gift Card With It?

    You cannot use a gift card to purchase another gift card. However, you can use any Ulta gift card balance toward online or in-person purchases.

    Can I Add Funds to My Card Balance?

    If you use an Ulta check gift card balance option and find that there is a remaining balance, you might want to add to it. However, you cannot add to an existing gift card. If you want a gift card with a higher balance, you’ll have to purchase another.

    What If My Ulta Gift Card Is Lost or Stolen?

    If you still have an Ulta gift card balance, but the card was lost or stolen, you can get a replacement from the company directly, assuming you have the original proof of purchase.

    Similar Retailers That Sell Gift Cards

    Here are a few other retailers to consider when looking to buy a gift card for a friend or family member who is into beauty.

    SephoraLuxury beauty and skincare retailer hub.
    DermstoreOnline specialist for dermatological needs.
    Beauty BayA platform for diverse beauty products.
    NordstromUpscale fashion with beauty department.
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