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How to Check Wawa Gift Card Balance Fast and Easily

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Wawa Gift Card Balance

    Do you hold a Wawa gift card in your hands? If so, you’ve got prepaid access to an assortment of food and beverages along with fuel services. From piping hot coffee, hearty hoagies, and fresh salads to fueling your vehicle, a Wawa gift card unlocks all of these and more. Whether you received it as a gift or you just lost track of your spending in the Wawa convenience store, knowing your current balance will help you avoid running out of funds unexpectedly. In this brief yet comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to check your Wawa gift card balance in no time.

    Check Wawa Gift Card Balance – All Methods

    While it may seem challenging to navigate through the process, it’s actually quite simple to check your Wawa gift card balance. Here’s a quick overview of the different methods you can use.

    Online1. Visit Wawa Gift Card Balance page 2. Enter Card Number and PIN 3. Click “Get Balance.”– Fast – Available 24/7 – No need to leave your home
    Phone1. Call 1-877-217-5366 2. Request balance check 3. Provide card information– Personal interaction – Immediate clarification of any doubts or questions
    In-person1. Find nearest Wawa store 2. Visit store 3. Ask the cashier about your balance 4. Show your gift card.– In-person interaction – Clarification of any doubts or questions on the spot

    Let’s take a closer look at each option and the steps it involves.

    Check Balance on Wawa Gift Card Online

    For tech-savvy Internet lovers, this method provides an easy way to monitor your balance:

    1. Navigate to the Wawa Gift Card Balance page.

    2. Input your Wawa gift card number and PIN, found on the reverse of your card.

    3. Hit the “Get Balance” button to reveal your current balance.

    Wawa Check Gift Card Balance via Phone

    If you prefer personal interaction, you can utilize Wawa’s phone service:

    1. Dial Wawa’s customer support at 1-877-217-5366.

    2. Request the representative to assist you in determining your remaining balance.

    3. Provide them with your gift card information.

    4. Await their response to know your remaining balance.

    5. Be ready to record your current balance.

    Check Wawa Gift Card Balance In-Person

    If you enjoy direct face-to-face contact or are on the move, checking your balance in-store is your go-to option:

    1. Use the Wawa store locator to locate your nearest location.

    2. Travel to the store or gas station.

    3. Ask the cashier about your balance at the register.

    4. Present your gift card to the cashier, who will scan it and let you know what your current balance is.

    Other Useful Details About Your Wawa Gift Card

    The following additional details will help you use your Wawa gift card more effectively.

    Where Can I Buy a Wawa Gift Card?

    You can get a Wawa gift card at Wawa stores, on,, the Wawa mobile app, and select Publix stores. There are different payment methods accepted in the store and online, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

    Does the Wawa Gift Card Expire?

    No, your Wawa gift card does not expire. This gives you the liberty to spend your balance as you please, without any time constraints.

    Can I Top Up My Wawa Gift Card?

    Yes, you certainly can. If you find out that your balance is running low, you can top it up in the following ways:

    • Via the Wawa mobile app: Go to “View Profile” from the menu, and select “Manage Gift Cards.” Choose the card you wish to reload and follow the instructions.

    • On After logging in, navigate to the “Wawa Gift Cards” tab and click “Reload Wawa Gift Card.” You can opt for a one-time reload or set up automatic reloads when your balance falls below a certain amount.

    • In-store: If you have the physical card, you can ask the cashier to reload it at the register.

    Can I Redeem My Wawa Gift Card for Cash?

    No, unfortunately, Wawa Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash. 

    Can I Return Purchases Made with My Wawa Gift Card?

    Sure thing! If you’ve bought something with your Wawa gift card that you’re not entirely happy with, you can return select items. You’ll just need to show valid proof of your purchase, which can be your original transaction details or receipt from or the Wawa mobile app. Once your return is processed, the value of the returned item will be refunded back onto your Wawa gift card, ready for your next purchase.

    What If I Lose and Can’t Find My Wawa Gift Card?

    Not to worry! If you’ve registered your Wawa Gift Card via or the Wawa mobile app, your balance is safe. Just let Wawa know about the unfortunate loss, and they’ll restore the balance remaining on your registered card at the time you reported the mishap.

    Alternatives to Wawa That Offer Gift Cards

    Except for Wawa, there are other chains offering a combination of convenience stores and gas stations where you can get a gift card, such as:

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