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How to File a Claim With UPS

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Oct 9, 2023

File a Claim With UPS

    If you’ve gotten a notification that you have a UPS package damaged in transit or you haven’t received your UPS package as expected, you may need to file a claim. The good news is that it’s a fairly simple process to win a UPS damage claim; you just need to make sure you have the information you need available. Read on to learn what you need to do to submit a claim with UPS.

    Gather the Details You Need for Your UPS Insurance Claim

    You need to start a UPS claim within 60 days of the expected delivery date, so time is of the essence. Make sure you have the tracking number available whether you’re the sender or the receiver.

    If you have items like receipts, invoices, and purchase orders, that will be helpful. Also, if you have a UPS damaged package, you’ll want to take photos of it to include with your claim.

    Log In or Complete Your UPS Claim As a Guest

    If you’re the receiver of the package, you will need to log into the UPS dashboard. You have the option of submitting the claim as a guest if you are the sender, which might be a quicker process if you don’t have an account already.

    When submitting a UPS claim as a guest, you will more likely be contacted to provide additional information. Also, claim status will be limited after you submit it.

    Provide Additional Information and Documents As Needed and Available

    Once your claim has been submitted, you might be asked for additional details. Here are some items you might be required to add to your UPS damage or lost package claim:

    • An invoice or receipt to provide the value of the merchandise

    • A description of the items lost or damage, including serial number, brand name, size, color, etc.

    • Photo documentation of a damaged item, possibly including a photo of the item itself, a photo showing how it was packaged in the box, a photo of the packaging material, a close-up photo of the shipping label, a close-up photo of the box manufacturer’s certificate, and photos of all six sides of the package

    • Physical inspection of a damaged item at a UPS location

    As you can see, UPS claim support can be extensive, so while you’re waiting to hear back from UPS, it’s important not to discard of the packaging materials or do anything with the damaged item.

    Monitor the Progress of Your UPS Lost Package or Damage Claim

    Length of TimeWhat to Expect
    Within 60 DaysIf you have a UPS claim, you need to begin the process within 60 days.
    Within 15 DaysAfter your claim is submitted, you should have a resolution within 15 days.
    Within 3-5 DaysAfter your claim is approved, you should have a direct deposit within 3-5 days.
    Within 15 DaysIf you’ve chosen to receive a paper check, you should have it within 15 days of approval.

    If you’ve logged into the UPS system and have an account, you’ll have access to the UPS claims dashboard. On this, you can manage and monitor your claim. You’ll see updated details of the claim and any notifications of additional documentation here.

    Here are some of the things you can do through the UPS claim site dashboard:

    • Edit information and add supporting documentation

    • Submit a new claim if needed

    • Review nine months of your claims history

    • Create reports and export data

    • Set contact preferences

    If you decided to file your UPS claim as a guest, you won’t have access to this dashboard, so it’s really better to log in and manage your UPS damaged package or lost package claim that way.

    What to Expect in Terms of Compensation

    Depending on the situation, you might receive compensation for your UPS claim from the shipper. If you are the shipper, you might receive compensation from UPS if they were at fault in the case of a lost or damaged shipment.

    You’ll receive a Request for Payment Form, and you will need to send that, along with any additional requested information, back to UPS.

    The fastest way to get your payment is to provide your bank information so you can receive a direct deposit. There’s also the option to request a paper check, but that can take up to 15 business days to arrive.

    Preventing Damage and Loss Through UPS

    Sometimes you can prevent a lost or damaged package. Make sure the recipient’s address is recorded correctly. If you are placing an order, double check that your zip code and house numbers are correct.

    If there’s an apartment or suite number, ensure it’s there. In addition, if there are specific delivery instructions, such as leaving the package at a side door, make sure those are included.

    You can also make sure the address is on a securely attached label or written directly on the box with a waterproof marker.

    To prevent damage as a shipper, make sure the box you’re using is appropriate for the item you’re shipping. Sending items in too large of a box can cause damage, as can squeezing something into too small of a box. Make sure you’re using an appropriate amount of cushioning, too.

    Frequently Asked Questions About UPS Claims

    How can I contact UPS Customer Service by phone?

    The UPS claims support number is 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877).

    How long does the UPS claims process take?

    It depends on how timely you are in responding to requests for information, but the UPS claims process generally takes less than 15 business days. It might take an additional 3-5 days for you to receive your compensation, or up to an additional 15 days if you’ve requested a paper check.

    Who will receive the claim payment?

    The UPS claim payment will go to the shipper, and the shipper will reimburse the recipient. For example, if you’ve ordered merchandise for $100 and it was lost in transit, the shipper will refund your $100 (or will send you out another order at no additional cost to you), and UPS will reimburse the shipper for the $100 lost.

    What if my lost package is through FedEx or USPS?

    The process described here is only for UPS claims. You'll want to check out our articles on how to file a USPS claim and how to file a claim with FedEx to address those issues.

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