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How to Cancel Chegg Subscription: A Guide

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel Chegg Subscription

    Chegg is a well-known platform that provides textbooks, rental textbooks, tutoring, and other academic services to students. Since the lockdown, Chegg has witnessed a surge in subscribers, pushing them to 4.6 million subscribers.

    However, if you want to extract yourself from these statistics, you must learn the correct way to do it. So, keep scrolling to learn how you can successfully cancel your Chegg subscription. Because if you don’t correctly cancel your Chegg membership, it will keep charging you for the services.

    Cancel Your Chegg Subscription with a Few Simple Steps

    Even though Chegg is aiding millions of students in their studies, there must come a time when you have to say goodbye. Before you turn off your account, you should know the correct passage for leaving this platform. The steps are simple but must be followed precisely to get the desired outcome.

    Cancel Your Chegg Account from Apple Products

    To cancel your Chegg account from your iPhone, log in to your Apple ID account. Next, open your mobile settings and click on your name.

    Now, go to your account details and find the option titled Subscriptions. Open this category and select Chegg. Next, tap on the cancel subscription button.

    Your subscription is void now.

    To cancel a Chegg subscription from Mac, you need to:

    1. Select the subscription icon in the App Store

    2. Tap on the “manage” option

    3. Click on Chegg from the list of subscriptions

    4. Press the cancel subscription button.

    5. Click done

    Cancel Chegg Subscription from Android Phone

    If you are wondering how I can cancel my Chegg subscription, this is the answer:

    • Go to the Google Play app.

    • Log in from the account used in the Chegg application.

    • Click on the subscription bar.

    • Select Chegg App

    • Click on “cancel subscription.”

    • Save it, and you have successfully unsubscribed from the Chegg platform.

    Cancel Chegg Account Subscription from Website

    You can even cancel your Chegg account subscription from Chegg’s website. For that, follow these instructions:

    • Open Chegg’s website and log into your Chegg account

    • Click on your profile icon in the top right corner.

    • Select “My Account” and go to membership settings

    • Click on your payment plan and press the unsubscribe button.

    • Provide a reason for leaving Chegg and save changes

    Call Chegg to Cancel Your Account Subscription

    You can also call them up to cancel your Chegg account subscription. Dial the Chegg number – 1-855-868-1054. This number directly connects you with a Chegg representative.

    Give your details to the customer care officer and ask them to unsubscribe you. Answer any questions they may have, and your Chegg account will be unsubscribed at the end of the call.

    Pause Your Chegg Study Subscription

    If you are on a semester break and don’t want to end your subscription but don’t plan to use it for the next few months, Chegg lets you cancel your study subscription. Your credit card won’t be charged for the paused months on Chegg.

    Moreover, you can use your account till the end of the billing month. Then, the pause applies from the next billing month until whenever you want. However, Chegg doesn’t allow to pause subscriptions bought on iTunes and Google Play Store.

    How to Pause Your Chegg Study Subscription

    How to Pause Your Chegg Study Subscription

    1. Visit Chegg’s website and log into your Chegg account

    2. Under the subscription category, choose Chegg study

    3. Click on the pause subscription option

    4. Choose how long you’d like to pause your subscription for

    5. Click on the pause subscription button

    And that’s it. Your account is on a hiatus for the selected time duration, and you can resume it when your next semester starts.

    Important Things to Note When Cancelling Chegg Subscription

    Canceling your subscription doesn’t disqualify you from availing of other services from the platform.

    • You can still use Chegg’s other complementary services, such as Writing Tools and Flashcards.

    • If you are using a free trial, don’t forget to unsubscribe. Or else Chegg will automatically charge you for the next month.

    • You can re-activate your Chegg subscription at any time

    • You will still be able to order Textbooks on Chegg without a subscription.

    • The subscription that you paid for will continue to work until the end of the billing month.

    Do I Get a Refund after Cancelling My Chegg Subscription?

    If you have already paid for the month but now want to unsubscribe from your Chegg account, you might want to know if it’s possible to get a refund.

    The answer is no. Chegg does not give a refund on a paid subscription. Instead, they allow you to cancel your subscription and use their services until the billing date for the rest of the month.

    However, Chegg has a return policy for digital books. If you rent or buy a digital book from Chegg and are not satisfied with it, you can return it. After returning the book, Chegg refunds your whole amount back to your account within 14 days.

    When Should I Cancel My Chegg Subscription?

    You might think that you can continue to study without a Chegg account subscription, or maybe you’ve graduated and no longer need it.

    Chegg subscription rates are pretty low, but when cutting down on your expenses, every dollar counts. So, if you want to control your budget, it is better to cut your losses.
    However, if you are in-between semester breaks, you should pause your subscription instead of canceling and deleting your account.

    Pros and Cons of Having a Chegg Subscription

    Since its launch in 2005, a Chegg subscription has helped countless students. Here are the pros and cons of this service that you should look into when purchasing your account:

    You have a tutor available around the clockChegg automatically suspends or flags your account
    You can get help with your homework anytimePeople experience technical issues in canceling their Chegg subscription
    You can learn correct answers to complex questionsChegg’s customer support department is neither excellent nor vigilant
    It is pretty affordable with the lowest charges, ten dollarsIf you use Chegg, people automatically assume you are cheating on your academic requirements
    It comes with a free trial, so you can see if you need a full subscription or not

    Chegg is a fantastic resource. But if you are done using your account, there is no shame in getting it canceled. You don’t have to delete your Chegg account or risk deleting your Chegg history when canceling your subscription.

    Moreover, you can also pause your subscription and not pay for the days you are not using Chegg’s services. So, use this guide to easily cancel your Chegg account subscription for iPhone, MAC book, and Android phone users.

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