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Course Hero Cancel Subscription [Detailed Guide]

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel Course Hero Subscription

    Course Hero has been helping students worldwide since 2006. This learning platform focuses on gathering particular study resources and allowing everyone to share their knowledge with the world. You can access textbooks, study guides, and other materials, but the platform has a limited free and premium membership.

    If you already signed up for the paid option, you might be wondering, “Can you cancel Course Hero?” The answer is yes, and the following guide reveals all details!

    Before You Cancel Course Hero – What You Should Know About the Pricing

    Course Hero has Free and Premium memberships, but your access won’t actually be for free. Instead, you need to upload your study resources and get five unlocks for every ten documents you provide. It’s also possible to refer friends to get eight free tutor questions and secure a 20% discount for the friend.

    If you don’t want or can’t use any of these options, Course Hero Premium Membership is your remaining option to access the resources. You only have one subscription, but you can pay on a monthly, quarterly, or annual level. Naturally, the last is the most affordable option in the long run. Here’s a brief overview of the prices:

    Payment FrequencyPrice

    The Premier Plan will secure access to unlimited textbook solutions but also access to a restricted number of course-specific resources and expert tutor questions.

    How to Cancel Course Hero Subscription via Website

    This method will work only if you’ve registered and paid for your subscription via the platform’s website. Follow these steps to cancel your Course Hero membership:

    1. Head to the official website. You’ll notice that the “Log In” button is in the upper right section. Click it and enter your credentials to access your account.

    2. Enter Account Settings. After you log in, you’ll notice your profile photo in the upper section of the screen. Hover over it for the submenu to appear, and then choose Account Settings.

    3. Cancel your subscription. Find the button “Stop Recurring Membership” and click on it. You’ll notice the instructions on the screen, so follow them and confirm your decision. You should receive a confirmation via email that you’ve successfully canceled your subscription.

    How Do I Cancel My Course Hero Subscription via the Google Play Store?

    For starters, it’s mandatory that you have registered over your Android device and the Google Play store. If you did that, here’s how to cancel your Course Hero subscription:

    1. Open the Google Play app. After you access it and confirm you are logged in, click on your profile photo in the upper-right section of the screen.

    2. Choose Payments and Subscriptions. You can also navigate to this page with your Android device, but logging in from your mobile browser might be necessary.

    3. Find the Course Hero subscription. You should enter the Subscriptions submenu, and the list of your current memberships will appear. Click on Course Hero and follow the instructions to cancel.

    4. Confirm that you canceled the subscription. On some devices, you won’t see Course Hero in the list of current memberships anymore. Other devices will mention that the subscription isn’t active.

    How to Cancel My Course Hero Subscription via iTunes

    If you used an iOS device to sign up for this service, here’s what to do to finish the Course Hero cancel process:

    1. Unlock your iPhone or iPad. Enter the Settings app, which is installed on the device by default.

    2. Search for your name. You want to enter your Apple ID settings, so you can also navigate to this option.

    3. Find Subscriptions. They are located beneath Payment & Shipping details – click on the button.

    4. Choose to Cancel Subscription. Find the button after scrolling down, and confirm the cancellation. Once you successfully stop your Course Hero membership, this option shouldn’t be available anymore.

    Everything Else You Should Know About Cancelling Course Hero Subscription

    The following sections contain more details about what users should know about canceling Course Hero and the terms related to it!

    Can You Cancel Course Hero at Any Time and Ask for a Refund?

    The company imposes certain terms that you must meet if you want to trigger the money-back guarantee, including the following:

    • It’s necessary to ask for a refund within 30 days of your subscription purchase

    • You can’t ask for a refund if you used more than one tutor question or five subscriptions unlocks

    • Only one refund per person is available

    Can You Cancel a Course Hero Subscription Bought Via the Android App?

    Yes, but you will need to contact the company’s support team. It’s possible to use the contact form or give them a call at 1-888-634-9397. Mention that you are calling about how to cancel your Course Hero membership, and they will navigate you through everything step by step. The support is available 24/7, so even if you choose to write to them, you should get an answer quickly.

    How Long Does It Take for the Cancellation to Be Effective?

    Pay attention to the fact that Course Hero has up to seven business days to process your cancellation request. If you have a payment pending before that deadline, the odds are that you will need to pay for another billing cycle. It’s best to start canceling your membership more than seven days before it expires.

    Can You Cancel a Course Hero Subscription and Keep Using the Service?

    Yes, and there are two ways for this. The first one is that you keep using the current premium subscription until it expires, and the second option is to use Course Hero’s free access by uploading some personal study resources.

    Alternatives to Course Hero

    Here are a few good options to try out if you are searching for a new service similar to Course Hero:

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