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The Easiest Way to Cancel Costco Membership

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 29, 2023

Cancel Costco Membership

    Costco is a wholesale shopping center where you can enjoy bulk purchases at a discounted rate. Most people get a Costco membership to capitalize on large purchases for the home a few times per year. But suppose you aren’t getting enough from your service or you moved too far from a warehouse. In that case, you can easily cancel your Costco Membership by visiting a Costco warehouse or calling their Member Services center.

    What Costco Membership Chargers Look Like on Your Credit Card or Bank Statement

    Costco memberships cost either $60 or $120, and they will usually happen around the beginning of the month, based on when you sign up. 

    Spotting a Costco membership charge can be done in many ways:

    Bank AccountCheck your bank statement for a Costco Membership Renewal
    Credit or Debit CardCostco Membership Renewal can show up here as an annual charge
    Third-Party Ewallet like PayPalYou can find a Costco Membership Renewal for your annual fee listed under your payments.

    When you look at your credit card or bank statement, you will likely see a charge called “COSTCO *ANNUAL RENEWAL 800-774-2678 WA” or similar.

    About Costco Membership

    Costco memberships allow you to enter any Costco warehouse and make purchases for yourself or your home. A single membership is valid for one year and will allow you to purchase Costco products at any warehouse around the world or online. When you initiate a membership, you get your member number sent in the mail. You have to visit a physical membership service counter at any location to have your picture taken and your membership ID card processed. It’s that card that allows you access to any Costco location. Other benefits include:

    • Access to Costco services

    • 100% satisfaction guarantee for any purchase

    • Price adjustments*

    • Complete records of all purchases in case you need to get a price adjustment or a refund

    • Access to Costco Travel

    • Ability to shop online

    • Access to Costco gas stations

    • Ability to use Costco hearing aid centers, optical centers, and pharmacies

    *The price adjustment feature applies to purchases made on the website and in stores. If you purchase something and within 30 days, there is a promotional price listed, Costco will refund you the difference. You have to request a price adjustment

    How to Cancel Costco Membership

    The two ways you can cancel a Costco membership are in person or over the phone. You will need your membership card and your ID. However, if you cannot find your membership card, you can provide the Costco agent with your physical address, the contact number associated with your account, and your birth date.

    How to Cancel Costco Membership In Person

    Costco makes it easy for you to cancel in person. Most people who have a Costco membership have a store within a reasonable distance. As such, when you visit the store, the membership counter is located at the entrance, and any employee servicing the membership counter can help you cancel your Costco membership.

    How Can I Cancel My Costco Membership Online?

    Knowing how to cancel a Costco membership online helps circumvent the need to drive to the store or wait on hold. Costco lets you make several changes online like:

    • Renewing your Costco membership regularly or after a membership pause

    • Upgrading your membership

    • Adding a cardholder

    • Changing the address or contact information if you move

    • Changing how Costco communicates with you

    To do any of this, you have to log into your account online, after which you must verify your membership. This requires your membership number, which you can see on a copy of your Costco bill.

    Unfortunately, there is no way actually to cancel directly through Costco online.

    How Do I Cancel My Costco Membership Over the Phone?

    To cancel your Costco membership over the phone, you have to call the member services center at 1-800-774-2678

    1. Call 1-800-774-2678

    2. Choose “Membership” from the list of automated options.

    3. Choose “Cancellation” from the next list. 

    4. Enter or say your membership number.

    5. Follow prompts and confirm cancellation.

    How to Pause or Freeze Your Costco Membership Instead

    An alternative is to freeze or pause your Costco membership rather than cancel your Costco membership online. Costco is very flexible when it comes to freezing or pausing. Military members, for example, will often pause or freeze their Costco membership when they are deployed or sent overseas where no Costco facilities exist.

    This process allows any member, for any reason, to pause their membership and reactivate it. However, it’s the same as canceling:  you cancel what subscription you have for a specific length of time and then reactivate it by paying your renewal fees as soon as you are ready. 

    How to Change Your Subscription Costs

    For some people, the membership fee or subscription cost is simply too high. In these situations, you might want to continue with your membership, but instead of trying to learn how to cancel your Costco membership account, you can change your subscription. Costco offers three different subscriptions, and they also have discounts on which you might capitalize to change your subscription costs.

    Below is the table of the three different options from which to choose:

    Gold Star Membership$60 per year1 card includedCan be used at all Costco shops
    Business Membership$60 per year1 card includedCan be used at all Costco shops, but for $60, you can add extra cardholders.Can be purchased for resale
    Executive Membership$120 per year1 card includedCan be used at all Costco shopsQualifies for 2% rewards on Costco purchasesBenefits for Costco travel products and savings on other services

    Costco offers six other special promotions for new members, each of which can be confirmed online through a verification service or in person at the member services counters:

    Medical ProfessionalsMedical professionals like nurses, medical providers, or hospital employees will get a $20 Costco gift card after they sign up.
    MilitaryMilitary active-duty, veterans, retired members, and spouses or dependents can receive discounts on services.
    College StudentsCollege students who can provide a college ID will receive a $20 Costco gift card when they sign up.
    First RespondersFirst Responders who confirm their job with will receive a $20 Costco gift card when they sign up for a new membership.
    Government EmployeesGovernment employees who verify they work for the government through will receive a $20 Costco gift card when signing up for a new membership.
    TeachersTeachers must verify their teaching status through, and when signing up as a new member, They will receive a $20 Costco shop gift card.

    How Does Cancellation for Costco Work?

    When you cancel a Costco membership, Costco will issue a refund. If you are dissatisfied and you cancel within the confines of your 1-year annual membership, Costco will refund your membership fee.

    Similar Services to Costco

    For those who want similar services, there are several different stores like Costco.

    1. Sam’s Club: Sam’s Club has a basic membership starting at $45 per year. In order to use any Sam’s Club locations, you need a membership. Their premium membership is $100, which gives you 2% cash back on your Sam’s Club purchases. Like Costco, they don’t offer military discounts, but they give you perks. There are 600 Sam’s Club locations throughout the United States and Puerto Rico if you want to learn how to cancel Sam’s Club just. Learn to cancel Sam’s Club.

    2. BJ’s Wholesale: BJ’s Wholesale offers a basic membership of $55 with a premium membership of $100. There are online-only memberships offered through BJ’s for only $10 per year. The online memberships don’t allow you to shop in any of the physical stores, but they do allow you to make purchases online. BJ’s warehouse is one of the few comparative services that will discount your membership if you are a military member. They give you 25% off your membership and a $10 coupon. BJ’s is available across 17 States.

    3. Walmart: Walmart+ is a program that offers exclusive benefits and savings to its members. For a monthly fee of $12.95, members gain access to perks such as special discounts, free shipping on eligible items, member pricing on select products, and early access to sales. Additional services include prescription savings through Walmart+ Rx and fuel discounts at Walmart gas stations. Learn to cancel Walmart+.

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