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Does Walmart Take Apple Pay and What is Walmart Pay?

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 29, 2023

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay

    Does Walmart take Apple Pay? The short answer: not in the U.S.

    Does Walmart accept Apple Pay anywhere else? Yes, In Canada, Walmart customers can use Apple Pay.

    Will Walmart accept Apple Pay in the future? That also remains uncertain.

    The refusal to embrace Apple Pay, a widely acclaimed and user-friendly payment method, has triggered curiosity. Why doesn’t Walmart doesn’t accept Apple Pay? Is there any reason for Walmart not to take Apple Pay?

    With this post, we aim to answer the question, “Does Walmart accept Apple pay?” and contemplate the implications it holds for Walmart customers. We also explore whether launching Walmart Pay was a good business decision and how Walmart Pay works.

    Why Walmart Has Chosen Not to Accept Apple Pay

    Walmart has purposefully made a conscientious decision against adopting Apple Pay as an accepted mode of payment within their Walmart stores. In lieu of this choice, they have launched their own distinctive digital mobile payment platform named Walmart Pay. 

    Consequently, such a verdict has stirred significant curiosity amongst customers who wonder about Walmart’s rationale for shying away from the incorporation of Apple Pay, considering Apple Pay API’s remarkable popularity and extensive usage on a global scale. Here are the reasons why they chose the Walmart Pay app over apple pay:

    Increase Customer Engagement and Loyalty

    Behind its choice lies one underlying reason: an earnest eagerness on behalf of Walmart to broaden usage numbers for its mobile payment system, the Walmart Pay app. By deliberately opting out of Apple Pay, they effectively encourage patrons to download and partake in their self-contained application. 

    As a result, besotted with strategic purpose, ample opportunities are presented before them, availing invaluable insights into customer-laden transactions, which are then harnessed for highly-targeted marketing efforts. This objective truly occupies the role of the principal driving force behind Walmart’s ultimate decision.

    Efficient Payment Service

    Furthermore, Walmart asserts that its in-house payment solution is designed with customer convenience in mind. Utilizing services like Walmart Pay and innovative features like Scan & Go allows users to skip traditional checkout lines entirely. 

    They argue that shoppers can enjoy hassle-free transactions that save time. However, despite these claims made by the company, some consumers maintain their skepticism towards this argument as they find comfort in the straightforwardness and ease of Apple Pays’s touchless payment method.

    As a Strategic Choice

    Interestingly Walmarts’ decision to not accept Apple Pay at its US stores contrasts with the fact that its Canadian branches have been equipped with Apple Pay checkouts. This strategy indicates that the decision is not a result of any technical constraints, but rather a deliberate strategic choice made by the company.

    Walmart’s Own Mobile Payment Solution

    Walmart Pay is an exclusive mobile payment solution devised by Walmart. Offering customers an effective method of settling their purchases. By incorporating Walmart Pay into the Walmart app, customers are now able to carry out transactions using their mobile devices effortlessly.

    How Walmart Pay Works

    All it takes for customers to enjoy the convenience of using Walmart Pay is downloading and installing the readily available Walmart application on their devices. Once completed successfully, users can effortlessly navigate through various features Walmart offers, including selecting their desired Walmart pay option. 

    By choosing the Walmart Pay functionality within this application, customers can make payments through various means using methods they have already synchronized with this platform. Hence, besides using a credit or debit card, even those who fancy paying through Walmart gift cards will find them registered successfully with Walmart Pay in no time.

    Walmart Pay Benefits

    There are numerous benefits to using Walmart Pay that customers can take advantage of:

    • It offers convenience, allowing customers to make purchases using their mobile devices, eliminating the need for card swiping or PIN entry. 

    • it promotes efficiency by allowing customers to simply scan a QR code at the checkout, saving time and reducing physical contact. 

    • Walmart Pay provides rewards through personalized promotions, discounts, and rewards based on customers’ shopping habits. This feature adds value to the shopping experience and saves customers money. 

    • It enhances the overall shopping experience by offering various features such as custom shopping lists, access to weekly ads, and special offers. 

    • It allows customers to easily compare prices by scanning barcodes and reading product descriptions for informed purchasing decisions. 

    • It provides digital receipts, which eliminates the hassle of keeping physical receipts. This feature enables customers to conveniently track their spending and identify areas where they can save money in the future. 

    Walmart Pay offers multiple advantages that enhance convenience, promote efficient transactions, and provide rewards based on shopping habits and preferences, improving customer experience.

    What is Walmart Plus

    Walmart Plus, a membership program tailored for regular shoppers, provides a range of in-store and online benefits. Subscribers enjoy the convenience of unlimited free delivery on orders above $35. 

    Along with exclusive member prices on fuel at specific Walmart gas stations, the innovative mobile Scan & Go feature allows you to scan items effortlessly. At the same time, you shop in-store, expediting your checkout experience and as a member, you can access Walmart deals before others during significant retail holidays.

    Walmart Pay Features

    Walmart Pay offers various features to its customers; here are five notable features for its customers:

    • It seamlessly integrates with the Walmart app, providing convenient access and utilization of the payment feature. 

    • It is compatible with a wide range of payment methods. Customers can conveniently use major credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, or even their Walmart Gift Card when purchasing. 

    • Using Walmart Pay is as simple as scanning a QR code at the checkout counter. Customers only need mobile devices to scan the code and complete their transactions. 

    • Customers can ensure the security of their account and card information by setting up a personalized four-digit security PIN when accessing Walmart Pay.

    Although Walmart stores do not accept Apple Pay, the company’s choice to create and adopt its mobile payment solution showcases its dedication to offering a convenient shopping experience for its customers. Walmart Pay provides the same level of simplicity and security as other mobile payment options and incorporates supplementary features that further enhance the overall shopping experience.

    Competitor Store Policies Regarding Apple Pay

    Other major retail stores have also made various decisions on Apple Pay as a form of payment. Noteworthy chains that fall into this category include:

    KrogerIn 2023, Kroger, which holds the distinction of being the largest supermarket chain in the United States, finally decided to embrace Apple Pay by integrating it into its payment systems. This move comes after a substantial time during which Kroger had been refraining from adopting Apple Pay.
    The Home DepotApple Pay was previously accepted at Home Depot, but unfortunately, it has been discontinued. The decision behind this change stems from their association with PayPal, which happens to be a competing mobile digital payment service. A collaborative agreement between Home Depot and PayPal is already in place. It entails that Apple Pay cannot be embraced as it would contradict their existing partnership and directly compete with PayPal.
    TargetTarget graciously accepts Apple Pay as a convenient payment option for physical and online transactions.
    LowesLowes currently does not offer Apple Pay as a means of payment, whether through their online platform or in their physical stores. This decision is mainly due to the absence of NFC technology required to support Apple Pay at Lowes locations. While it is plausible that Lowes may consider accepting Apple Pay in the future, there are no existing plans or information regarding this potential implementation.

    Alternatives for Buy Now Pay Later

    Walmart offers numerous Buy Now Pay Later options through various partnering companies. The esteemed companies accepted by Walmart include:

    AffirmAffirm offers the option to finance your purchases up to $17,500. This flexibility allows you to divide your payments into multiple installments and select from several repayment plans. You can choose to pay off your purchase for three, six, or 12 months.
    ZipZip divides your payment into four installments, which are distributed over six weeks. Moreover, to buy Walmart products using Zip you will need to download the Zip app first and then locate Walmart within the app. All you have to do is add your desired items, select Zip as your payment method, and carefully review the specifics of your 6-week payment plan.
    PaypalPaypal has introduced a new Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) solution, that allows customers to finance their purchases from Walmart using a convenient 4 installment plan. When checking out on the Walmart website, customers can easily select Paypal as their preferred payment option. Upon being redirected to Paypal’s portal. They will then have the option to choose Paypal Pay in 4. After this selection is made, Paypal will establish an installment schedule in which a fixed amount will be deducted from the customer’s Paypal balance; at regular intervals until all four installments are successfully paid.

    Future of Mobile Payments at Walmart

    Walmart is firmly dedicated to making mobile payments a more convenient and secure option for customers worldwide. Key areas being focused on include:

    Expanding Accessibility through Worldwide Availability

    To cater comprehensively, Walmart has formulated plans aimed at enabling every store globally with the functionality of utilizing Walmart Pay. An additional focus remains on expanding Walmart pay accessibility across numerous countries.

    Seamless Integration via Adjoining apps

    Considered highly valuable by many consumers, Walmart intends on introducing ideas that better integrate innovative features like Walmart Pay with existing mobile app systems. This integration will provide customers with an optimal experience when utilizing various Walmart services to satisfy their unique demands.

    Reassuring Security as an Absolute Priority

    Walmart continuously invests efforts geared toward internalizing the latest cutting-edge security technologies. These continued developments aim to protect valuable data by proactively managing potential risks effectively. 

    Collaborating with Other Retailers

    Furthermore, Walmart actively collaborates with other retailers and payment providers fostering cooperation and innovation in the pursuit of new advancements. The key objective of this collaboration aims at providing customers with seamless and practical options to pay for purchases at any retailer regardless of their preferred mobile payment method.

    Although it may come as a disappointment to many loyal shoppers. It should be noted that Walmart has yet to adopt Apple Pay as an acceptable form of payment. However, rest assured that numerous other viable options are still accessible to fulfill your purchasing needs seamlessly. 

    Our suggestion is to consider embracing Buy Now Pay Later services; these platforms offer unparalleled convenience and flexibility for all your transactions at Walmart. By exploring these alternative avenues of payment. You can revel in a smooth shopping experience at this renowned retail establishment!

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