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How to Cancel HelloFresh: A Step By Step Tutorial

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel HelloFresh

    HelloFresh is a meal-kit delivery service that ships fresh ingredients along with recipes to subscribers every week. As a food delivery service, it’s perfect for people who have trouble choosing healthy eating items.

    It is a great option if you are committed to eating healthy. However, the low selection of choices or having to cook yourself can take its toll. So, if you think it is better to cancel your HelloFresh subscriptions, learn the correct way to do it from this article.

    Quick Ways of Cancelling HelloFresh Account Subscription

    HelloFresh is a healthier choice among other food options, such as takeout. They offer a few low calories options, but you can eventually get tired of shuffling between those few dishes. Not to mention it is already quite challenging to cheer yourself up to eat rabbit food. So if you are tired of cooking and eating healthy food, it is time to say goodbye to your HelloFresh subscription.

    Cancel HelloFresh Subscription from Web Browser

    To cancel your HelloFresh subscription, please follow these steps:

    1. Open the HelloFresh website in your preferred web browser.

    2. Log in to your HelloFresh account using your credentials.

    3. In the main menu, click on your name or account icon.

    4. Go to the Settings section.

    5. Look for the Subscription category and click on it.

    6. Locate your current subscription package.

    7. Tap on the ‘Manage’ option associated with your subscription.

    8. Finally, click on ‘Cancel my Subscription’ to initiate the cancellation process.

    You have successfully canceled your HelloFresh subscription.

    Cancel HelloFresh Account from Apple Products

    You also have the option of canceling your HelloFresh account from your iPhone or IPad. This is what you will have to do:

    1. Open HelloFresh app

    2. Go to account settings and tap on your name

    3. Find and click on the subscription tab

    4. See the ‘Cancel’ option and press it

    However, if you can’t find the subscription tab in the HelloFresh app, follow these steps.

    1. Go to iTunes or App Store.

    2. Click on your Apple ID

    3. Sign in if you are not already logged in

    4. Scroll to Subscription

    5. Tap on HelloFresh subscription

    6. Click on the cancel button

    Congratulations, you are no longer a part of the HelloFresh community.

    How to Cancel HelloFresh from Android Phone?

    Canceling a HelloFresh subscription from your Android phone is pretty straightforward. You only need to follow these steps:

    1. Open Google Play Store

    2. If you have multiple Gmail accounts, log in to the one used for HelloFresh

    3. Go to the main menu

    4. Open Subscription category

    5. Find the option that says Cancel Subscription

    6. Select the HelloFresh subscription you want to cancel

    Your HelloFresh account is now removed from Google Play Store, and you will not be charged for further subscriptions.

    How to Cancel HelloFresh Account on PayPal?

    Did you know you can also cancel your HelloFresh account on PayPal? Well, you can, and this is how it’s done:

    1. Visit the official PayPal website

    2. Log in to your PayPal account.

    3. Find Settings. It is right next to the log-out option

    4. Go to ‘Payments’ from the setting menu

    5. Open ‘Automatic Payments

    6. Click on the ‘Manage Automatic Payments’ category

    7. Find HelloFresh from the list and click on it

    8. You will be directed to the confirmation page

    9. Look for the Cancel Automatic Payments option and click it

    10. Tap the ‘Done’ button on the verification page to complete the unsubscribing process

    Cancel HelloFresh Account Through Email

    You may not be sure whether your HelloFresh subscription is canceled for sure. So, it is better to drop an email. Email at with the subject line: unsubscribe HelloFresh account. Clearly state that you don’t require HelloFresh services anymore. Please provide them with your full name and registered email address. Your HelloFresh account will be terminated in 3 to 5 working days.

    Cancel HelloFresh Subscription via Phone

    It’s also possible to cancel your HelloFresh subscription by calling the HelloFresh helpline. Contact HelloFresh Customer Care at (646) 846-3663. This line will connect you with their customer support representative. Inform the representative of your call purpose (account cancellation). They will ask you to share your registered email and basic account details for verification purposes.

    After your credentials have been successfully verified, the representative will cancel your account subscription. They will also ask you the reason behind canceling your account for service improvement purposes.

    Cancel HelloFresh Subscription on Social Media

    If you want to forgo all the formalities, feel free to cancel the HelloFresh subscription from social media channels. First, find the official social media account of HelloFresh on any famous social media platform. Then, message them with your account name and registered email, stating you want to cancel your HelloFresh subscription plan. They will get back to you ASAP and cancel your subscription plan.

    Can I Pause My HelloFresh Account Subscription?

    You may be going out on holiday or need a little break from cooking. Or maybe it’s your cheat week, and you don’t want HelloFresh delivery to send you on a guilt trip. Then there is no need to cancel your HelloFresh account subscription when you can easily pause it.

    This is what you need to do to pause your HelloFresh account subscription:

    1. Log into your account

    2. Go to settings

    3. Find ‘Menu’

    4. Select the delivery date of the weeks you want to skip

    5. Press ‘Skip Week’

    6. And you’re done

    You will not receive HelloFresh delivery for the selected weeks.

    How Soon Do I Have to Cancel HelloFresh Order or Subscription?

    HelloFresh has a time limit before you can cancel your order or subscription. If you plan to cancel or pause your subscription, make sure that it is five days before the next scheduled delivery.

    It’s important to cancel or pause your account within this time limit as HelloFresh requires this period to notify their vendors.

    Unfortunately, if you fail to cancel your subscription before the time limit, you will have to pay the total cost of processed orders because HelloFresh will deliver your order.

    Do I Get Refund After Cancelling My HelloFresh Order/Subscription?

    Luckily, HelloFresh does have a refund policy. However, you need to follow their terms to become eligible for a refund. Cancel your HelloFresh order or subscription for under 5 to 7 days to qualify for a refund. After you notify HelloFresh, your refund will be in process. It would take a maximum of 14 days to reverse your payment. Moreover, HelloFresh also refunds delivery charges along with the order payment.

    Is it Possible to Change My HelloFresh Subscription Plan?

    You can modify your HelloFresh subscription plan. For this, you do not need to cancel your subscription and then take out a new subscription plan. For example, you might want to try fresh foods and recipes, and HelloFresh does not limit you to one order plan. Instead, you can change your HelloFresh subscription plan like this:

    1. Go to account settings

    2. Search ‘Meal Plan’

    3. Customize your meal plan by selecting the number of recipes, the number of servings, the type of recipes, and the meal delivery frequency

    What Are the Reasons Why People Cancel HelloFresh?

    Even though HelloFresh is spreading and providing meal choices to millions of people, it doesn’t mean they don’t experience customer loss. Many people opt for different food options and remove or pause the HelloFresh subscription. So, you are not the only one saying goodbye to HelloFresh. Many people cancel HelloFresh because of multiple reasons, such as:


    HelloFresh minimally costs $7.49 per meal. However, this amount is way higher if you buy ingredients yourself. So, if you take three meal plan for a day, it would cost you 22.47 dollars. Therefore, HelloFresh is not an economical option if you are on a tight budget.


    HelloFresh weekly offers 27+ recipes to choose from. So, if you are taking the HelloFresh week plan, you don’t have many choices. This usually results in recipes that you may or may not enjoy making.

    This makes it an unwise investment because you can make your favorite foods for a lot less without them.

    Does HelloFresh Renew My Subscription?

    If you don’t want to receive HelloFresh meal delivery, you need to cancel or pause your subscription. HelloFresh renews your subscription every time and deducts payment. The payment is deducted from the credit/debit card information you provided during the first order placement. So, it is mandatory to cancel the HelloFresh subscription.

    Can I Reactivate My HelloFresh Account Subscription?

    When you cancel your account subscription on HelloFresh, it does not delete your account from the HelloFresh database. Therefore, you can reactivate your subscription plan anytime you want. However, even though you can pause your HelloFresh subscription, you can’t predict the future and know you might require their services in the future. In this case, follow these steps to reactivate your HelloFresh account subscription.

    1. Open HelloFresh app

    2. Sign in to your account

    3. Go to settings

    4. Open Plan Settings and click on the edit button

    5. Press ‘Reactivate’ on the subscription plan you want to restart

    Now you are back on board.

    What Are the Pros and Cons of HelloFresh Subscription?

    Just like every service, HelloFresh also has its pros and cons. Many people enjoy this service, but some have to leave due to its drawback. So, see what the pros and cons of HelloFresh are.

    HelloFresh delivers groceries to your doorstep, and you don’t have to waste time and energy on supermarket trips.You have to cook your meal.
    HelloFresh offers a selection of recipes right along with groceries. So you don’t have to wonder what you should make for lunch every day.HelloFresh doesn’t seem very appealing when you can use prepared meal delivery services.
    You get various foods to choose from, such as different cuisines, food types, and calorie intake.HelloFresh doesn’t offer gluten or allergen-free meal options.
    HelloFresh gives easy-to-make recipes that even a beginner cook can easily make.People following strict diets such as keto or paleo diet plans can’t use HelloFresh because there is no diet-friendly meal plan.
    HelloFresh has a different menu for vegetarian, pescatarian, and calorie controllers.Even if HelloFresh costs less than competitor companies, the prices are still high. For example, it costs $10 per meal after adding delivery charges.
    HelloFresh prices are lower than other meal kit-providing companies.HelloFresh offers minimal dishes in the weekly plan. Unfortunately, therefore, you can’t choose the dishes you want.
    HelloFresh only delivers grocery ingredients. So, you still have to go to the supermarket to buy other cooking ingredients, such as oil, salt, butter, sugar, spices, etc. Moreover, buying them costs extra.

    If you are wondering about canceling your HelloFresh account subscription, then this tutorial is made for you. With this article, you can cancel the HelloFresh account in multiple ways. Just remember to cancel your subscription five days before order delivery, or else HelloFresh will charge your credit/debit card and deliver the selected meal kit. Also, if you can’t see the ‘Cancel’ option in your account settings, you have successfully canceled your HelloFresh account subscription.

    Other Meal Services

    If you are interested in trying out another meal service, here are a few good options. Most of these services are very easy to cancel as long as you remember to cancel before the deadline. You can click on the meal service name to learn how to cancel.

    Meal ServiceDescriptionDifficulty to Cancel
    EveryPlateAffordable meal kit. Sends you ingredients and recipes. You cook at home. Saves money.Pretty easy. Go online and follow the steps on your account.
    Blue ApronMeal kit service. Sends unique recipes and ingredients. You do the cooking. Learn new dishes.Not hard. Do it on their website, but give a week’s notice.
    Home ChefDelivers ingredients and instructions for meals. You cook them. Customize recipes if you want.Simple. Use their website, but need to do it before the deadline.
    Factor MealsPrepared meal delivery. Sends fully cooked, healthy meals to your home. Good for busy or dieting.Fairly easy. Cancel online, but must do it a few days ahead.
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