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How to Cancel Blue Apron – The Quick Way

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel Blue Apron

    Blue Apron is a meal delivery service that delivers food kits to your door. You get healthy recipes to your doorstep, as well as all the ingredients you need to prepare them.

    If you are reading this article, you’ve probably tried Blue Apron, but it doesn’t fit your preferences anymore. Our detailed guide will reveal everything you need to know about canceling Blue Apron, but you’ll also find information about pausing your subscription, reactivating the account, and skipping deliveries!

    Blue Apron Pricing – Details Explained

    Blue Apron has multiple pricing options, but two things will affect the total cost of your plan. The first one is the number of servings, which can be from two to four. The second is how many meals you want per week, and you can also choose from two to four.

    Here’s a detailed overview of how the Blue Apron pricing works:

    Number of servingsMeals Per WeekCost

    Blue Apron includes a changeable menu with over 70 weekly options. You can set your preferences, such as kid-friendly meals, nutritionist-approved recipes, and plant-based food. The platform will recommend meals for you based on those preferences. It’s also possible to pick a day when your food will be delivered, but make sure to do that until the “Changeable Before” date.

    How Do I Cancel Blue Apron Membership Online?

    According to the Help Center on Blue Apron’s website, you can cancel the Blue Apron membership from the official website, and here’s how:

    1. Head to the account section and access your Blue Apron account with the credentials you picked during the registration.

    2. Once you access your account, check the upper-right section of the screen. You’ll find Account Settings – open that page.

    3. You’ll find the “Edit” button next to the Meals & Wine – click on it.

    4. Choose “Pause and Cancel Your Subscription.”

    5. Select the option to cancel and click Next.

    6. You’ll be asked to take a short survey, but it’s optional.

    Cancel Blue Apron Subscription with a Mobile Device

    It doesn’t seem you can cancel your account directly from the Blue Apron app, but here’s how you can unsubscribe using a mobile device:

    1. Open a web browser on your mobile, such as Google Chrome or Safari.

    2. Navigate to

    3. Access your account with the existing credentials.

    4. Find Account Settings in the menu and open that page.

    5. Click on “Edit” next to Meals & Wine.

    6. Pick “Pause and Cancel Your Subscription” and then click the option to cancel.

    How to Cancel Blue Apron Subscription with a Phone Call?

    • Customer support is available at the following numbers: (888) 278-4349 and (646) 891-4349.

    • The working hours of customer services are from 10 AM to 9 PM ET from Mondays to Fridays, as well as from 11 AM to 6 PM ET on Saturdays. They don’t work on Christmas Day and Thanksgiving.

    • Call customer service and let them know you want to cancel your Blue Apron subscription. They’ll guide you throughout the process.

    Things to Know About the Blue Apron Subscription

    Here is some additional information that a Blue Apron member might find useful before they cancel the subscription.

    How to Skip or Cancel a Blue Apron Meal Delivery?

    Here’s how to skip a delivery:

    1. Go to the Upcoming while logged into your account.

    2. Find the desired delivery and click Skip.

    3. You’ll need to confirm the decision in the pop-up delivery window. 

    You can manage Blue Apron deliveries for up to five weeks in advance. That’s convenient if you want to skip a delivery for a particular week. It’s useful if you plan to go out of town for vacation or simply have different plans than making meals with the food kit from this company. There’s a cutoff time for each delivery, and Blue Apron calls it the “Changeable Before” date. You can see it from the Account Settings and then the Plan Settings menu in your profile.

    Can I Pause My Blue Apron Account?

    It’s possible to pause your deliveries. From the “Pause and Cancel Subscription” menu in your account, you can pick to pause deliveries for four, six, or eight weeks. An important consideration is that the deliveries will continue automatically after that time, so make sure you remember by when you paused your subscription.

    Can I Reactivate My Blue Apron Account?

    After you cancel your subscription, you can still log into your Blue Apron account with the existing credentials. Once you access it, the website will inform you that the account is closed.

    You’ll also see the “Reactivate Account” button, as well as the options to choose from meat or wine deliveries (or both). After you confirm the reactivation, your deliveries will resume as before.

    When Does Blue Apron Charge Me for Deliveries?

    The company charges you on or after the “Chargeable Before” date specified for each order. For example, you might have an order scheduled for Thursday, and the day by when you can change its status on Monday. If you want to cancel or skip the order, you need to do so before Monday. The order status will then change to “Processed” or “Shipped,” and you’ll be charged from the provided payment options.

    Is There a Blue Apron Free Trial?

    No, there’s no Blue Apron free trial at the moment.

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