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How to Cancel Home Chef in 4 Easy Steps

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel Home Chef

    Home Chef is a food subscription service that helps you create meal kits that fit your dietary preferences. These meals can be customized using a meal planning tool. Pre-portioned ingredients are delivered fresh to your home on a regular basis. But what happens when you don’t need the service anymore? You might ask, “How Do I Cancel Home Chef?”

    Home Chef Subscriptions

    Subscriptions are charged on a weekly basis based on the meals you have. It can be difficult to budget for Home Chef subscriptions because their “standard meal” price fluctuates, as does the cost of customization. The more servings you order per week, the less the “standard meal” price will be.

    According to Home Chef Main PageAccording to Home Chef Support PageStandard Meals$8.99 per serving depending on meal type$9.99 per serving for 6 or more servings, depending on meal type, $11.99 per serving for 4 or more servings, depending on meal typeMinimum Weekly OrderMust be $49.95Must be $47.96, excluding tax

    Given the fluctuations, it is no wonder many people ask how to cancel Home Chef, especially when prices were above what was stated upon signup.

    Home Chef Cancel or Reschedule: Your Options

    In some cases, you might not be ready for a delivery yet. You always have the option of changing the delivery dates in your account.

    1. Go to your Home Chef account.

    2. Click “View Order Summary.”

    3. Change your next delivery date.

    Cancel Home Chef or Modify Delivery Schedule

    When you sign up for Home Chef subscriptions, your account defaults to a weekly delivery day. If you do not want a weekly delivery schedule, you can keep the subscription you have but change the delivery schedule.

    1. Sign in to your Home Chef account.

    2. Click “Account Settings.”

    3. Navigate to “Subscription.”

    4. Select the delivery schedule you want and save the settings.

    Skip a Delivery or Cancel Home Chef: Which One Is Best?

    There are options to skip a delivery if you don’t need it. This is better for people who might be on extended vacations, out of town for work, or just want a break. 

    The steps are different for first orders, but after that, you can use the dropdown menu from your account options or contact customer service.

    How Do I Skip or Reschedule My First Delivery?

    The first delivery gets automatically scheduled upon payment. To skip or reschedule your first delivery, you need to 1) remove all meals from the order or contact customer support.

    Removing all meals from the order will cause the internal system to indicate that there are insufficient items in your cart for the minimum threshold. Home Chef’s help pages indicate that you should see your first order skipped once the delivery deadline arrives, and you should be able to use the “Skip” button for all future weeks you wish to skip or reschedule.

    How Do I Cancel Home Chef Temporarily?

    If you don’t like the option to reschedule or modify your delivery, you can always pause your subscription. Pausing your subscription will pause any charges and deliveries immediately. You can use the same steps to unpause when/if you are ready to resume service.

    1. Go to the website and log in.

    2. Click “Account” in the top right corner of the dashboard.

    3. From there, click on your “Account Settings” tab.

    4. On the bottom of the navigation page, click “Pause Subscription.”

    How to Cancel Home Chef Subscription Online

    You can use any browser from any device to cancel Home Chef online.

    1. Log in to the website.

    2. Click “Account” in the top right corner of the dashboard.

    3. From there, click on your “Account Settings” tab.

    4. Click “Cancel.”

    From there, you will be asked to explain why you are canceling.

    How to Cancel Home Chef From The App

    You can learn how to cancel Home Chef subscription plans directly from the app too.

    1. Tap on the Home Chef app.

    2. Click “Account” at the bottom right of the app.

    3. Tap “My Settings.”

    4. Choose “Pause My Account”

    Additional Information About How to Cancel Home Chef

    I Canceled But Was Still Charged. Why?

    When you learn how to cancel Home Chef, you still have to make sure you cancel prior to an upcoming delivery. You must cancel a Home Chef subscription before 12 PM CT the Friday before an upcoming delivery week.

    Are Pausing and Canceling the Same?

    Home Chef’s website uses language that implies “pausing” and “canceling” are the same. The steps are the same, but the words “pause” and “cancel” are used interchangeably. This means they are the same action, and no matter your intention, you can reactivate your subscription. You have to contact customer support with an email sent to with the subject “Cancel My Account” to have your account deleted permanently.

    Can I Receive Meals Later, If I Change My Mind?

    Yes, if you decide after canceling that you want to use the service again, you can reactivate your account at any time. All you need to do is log back into your account and reactivate your subscription.

    Other Meal Services to Consider

    Here are a few other popular meal services that you can try, and don’t worry, if you need help canceling, you can just click the name to learn how.

    Meal ServiceDescription
    EveryPlateAffordable meal kit. Sends ingredients and recipes. You cook them at home. Good for saving money.
    Blue ApronMeal kit service. Sends unique recipes and ingredients. You do the cooking. Good for learning new dishes.
    Factor MealsPrepared meal delivery. Sends fully cooked, healthy meals to your home. Good if you’re busy or dieting.
    NutrisystemA popular weight loss program that offers pre-packaged meals and support to help individuals achieve their weight loss goals.
    Weight WatchersA well-known weight loss program that uses a points-based system to encourage healthier food choices and provides support for individuals.
    HelloFreshAnother meal kit service. Sends recipes and fresh ingredients. You cook. Good for trying different foods.
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