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How to Cancel Max Subscription (formerly HBO MAX)

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Oct 11, 2023

Cancel Max Subscription

    With the multitude of streaming services available today, weighing each platform’s costs and benefits is essential to ensure you’re getting the most value for your money.

    If you realize a streaming service is not for you, the best approach is to cancel the subscription and try something new. So, we’re going to discuss how to cancel HBO Max, now known as Max.

    However, HBO Max, now known as Max, is one of the most popular streaming services. So, why cancel HBO Max (Max)?

    In this article, we’ll discuss why HBO Max is becoming Max, the reasons to cancel your Max subscription, the costs associated with its membership plans, and a step-by-step process to cancel through various providers. 

    Finally, we will provide a comparison between MAX and other streaming services so you can choose where to go next.

    Why is HBO Max Becoming Max?

    HBO Max is becoming Max because of the merger between Discovery Communications and WarnerMedia. This merger means that Max will now show both HBO Max and Disney+ content on one platform.

    The name change may take a little getting used to but with time, subscribers will have more value for their money. If this change still does not appeal to you, no worries! Here is how to cancel your Max subscription.

    Why Cancel Max?

    Although Max provided a vast library of shows, the pricing has always been relatively high. This high pricing is the main reason why most people choose to cancel Max

    However, after becoming Max, they added a Max Ad-Lite Tier that is going to be cheaper than all the other plans they have had at $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year. 

    Here is an overview of the plans:

    • Max Ad-Lite Tier – $9.99/month or $99.99/year (16% savings). This plan allows you to watch all the available content with limited ads at a lower price. This might be a suitable option if you are on a tight budget and you are okay with occasional ads.

    • Max Ad-Free Tier – $15.99/month or $149.99/year (over 20% savings). The Ad-Free plan enables you to watch content without any ads and download shows and movies for offline viewing. If you prefer an uninterrupted streaming experience and watching content on the go, this plan might be more appealing.

    • Max Ultimate Ad-Free Tier– $19.99/month or $199.99/year

    All these plans grant access to the same content library. The only difference is the presence of ads or 4K viewing for the Max Ultimate Plan.

    Here is a quick overview of Max charges: 

    With AdsAd FreeUltimate Ad Free
    Monthly Charges$9.99$15.99$19.99
    Yearly Charges$99.99$149.99$199.99

    As we can see, Max is relatively expensive.

    It’s essential to evaluate your streaming preferences and consider the available options before making a decision. You might choose to cancel your Max if you think that its cost outweighs the benefits you get. Another reason to unsubscribe is to look for other streaming options that better suit your needs and budget.

    How to Cancel Max Subscription

    Let’s discuss the first step to cancel your Max subscription.

    But first, let’s take a moment to highlight the crucial points you need to remember before initiating the Max cancellation process. Your Max is set to auto-renew unless you actively cancel it. Here is how to avoid that:

    • To avoid being charged for another billing period, cancel your subscription 1-2 days before the renewal date (the exact time frame may vary depending on your provider).

    • Uninstalling the Max app from your device will not automatically cancel your subscription.

    • You need to identify your subscription provider so that you use the correct method to cancel your Max subscription.

    How to Identify Your Max Account Subscription Provider

    To cancel your Max subscription, first, identify who bills you for the service. 

    You can find this information in the Max app settings or by checking your bank statement for a Max subscription charge. Alternatively, you can ask your TV provider if they bill you for Max.

    To determine which provider is billing you, follow these steps:

    1. Access Max by launching the app or signing in at using your computer.  

    2. Depending on your device, perform one of the following actions:

    • Web: Sign in at

    • On your phone or tablet: Tap your profile picture, access the Settings menu, and then locate and tap the Subscription option.

    • TV device: Choose the Settings icon, then select Account.

    • Computer: Choose your profile, then select Settings, and locate Subscription.

    How to Cancel Max Using Different Methods

    Now that you know who bills you, follow the steps below to cancel  Max using the method of your choice.

    Steps to Cancel Max on Your Computer

    1. Visit and sign in to your account.

    2. Select the main username associated with your account.

    3. Locate your profile icon in the top right corner and click on it, then the Subscription option.

    4. Select Cancel Subscription and confirm the cancellation.

    How to Cancel Max Subscription on Your Phone or Tablet

    1. Launch the Max app, and tap your profile icon in the bottom right corner. 

    2. Tap the Settings icon in the upper left corner, then tap or scroll to the Subscription section.

    3. From the Settings menu select the Billing Information option. Then select the Manage Subscription button.

    4. Select Cancel Subscription and confirm the cancellation.

    How to Cancel Max on Amazon

    1. Visit and log in to your Amazon account.

    2. Locate the Account icon and click it.

    3. Look for the option labeled Membership and Subscriptions, then click on it.

    4. Find Prime Video in the list of options and click on it.

    5. Scroll down to the channels section, search for Max and select it.

    6. Click the Cancel button and confirm your decision.

    How to Cancel Max on iPhone, Through Apple iTunes or App Store

    1. Launch the Settings app on your iOS device.

    2. Select your name at the top of the screen.

    3. Choose the Subscriptions option (if necessary, sign in with your Apple ID).

    4. Locate and select your Max subscription within the list.

    5. Tap Cancel Subscription.

    How to Cancel Max Using Google Play 

    1. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android phone or tablet.

    2. Locate your profile icon at the top right corner and tap on it.

    3. Select Payments & Subscriptions, followed by Subscriptions.

    4. Scroll through your list of subscriptions to locate Max and tap on it. Then, choose Cancel subscription.

    Cancel Max Through Roku 

    1. On your Roku remote, select the Home button to access the main screen.

    2. Navigate through the channels using the directional pad on your remote until you reach Max.

    3. Press the Star button (*) to bring up the Options menu for Max.

    4. Select Manage subscription, followed by Cancel subscription.

    How to Cancel Max Subscription on Samsung TV 

    1. Visit and sign in using your Samsung account credentials.

    2. In the Purchase History section, click on Subscriptions.

    3. Locate your Max subscription and click on Unsubscribe.

    4. Follow the prompts to confirm the cancellation of your Max subscription.

    How to Cancel Max Subscription Through Prime Video Channels

    If your subscription is billed via Prime Video Channels, you can cancel it through your Amazon account page. Follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to the Manage Your Prime Video Channels page and sign in to your Amazon account.

    2. Locate Max within the Your Channels section.

    3. Select the Cancel Channel option and confirm the cancellation.

    How to Cancel Max Through Hulu 

    1. Visit and sign in to your Hulu account.

    2. Click Manage Plan next to Your Subscription.

    3. Locate the Max add-on and remove the checkmark next to it.

    4. Click on Confirm the cancellation.

    How to Cancel My Max Subscription Through YouTube TV 

    1. Visit and sign in to your account.

    2. Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner, then navigate to Settings > Membership.

    3. Locate Max in the list and select Cancel.

    4. Click on Yes, Cancel to complete the cancellation process.

    Max Comparison to Other Streaming Services

    Now that you have all the information you need to cancel your Max, you can get it done with no hiccups along the way. Remember, if you change your mind, you can simply subscribe to the service again.

    People unsubscribe for many reasons, but with Max, the issue is usually the price. However, if you unsubscribed because the shows just don’t cut it anymore, you must be hoping to try something new. So, what next can you try?

    There are several streaming services available and all of them have their own perks. Here is a comparison of various streaming services based on pricing to help you decide where you will consider going next:

    Free PlanBasic PlanStandard PlanPremium Plan
    NetflixNone$6.99/month with ads$15.49 / month ad-free19.99 / month ad-free
    HuluNone$5.99/month with adsNone$11.99/month ad-free
    Amazon Prime VideoNoneNoneIncluded with Amazon Prime Membership for $12.99/monthNone
    Paramount+NoneNone$4.99/month limited ads$9.99/month ad-free
    Peacock(NBC Universal)Yes, but with ads and limited contentNone$4.99/month with ads$9.99/month ads-free

    Regardless of where you choose to go next, streaming services will always have something to offer. As you cancel your Max plan, know that there is still an exciting world to explore.

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