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How to Cancel 24 Hour Fitness Membership With Ease

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 29, 2023

Cancel 24 Hour Fitness Membership

    24 Hour Fitness is a popular gym and fitness club that’s one of the leading destinations for those interested in health and wellness. However, the pandemic has been challenging for them, forcing them to downsize. Instead of 400 fitness clubs, they are only operating 300 clubs in 13 states.

    So, if the fitness club near you has stopped operating, you need to cancel your membership ASAP. Also, if you have switched houses, you need to check whether your gym is within 50 miles radius or not. They only allow members within the specified radius. So, if you don’t fall under the limit, you would have to select their other franchise.

    As long as you are a club member, you are obligated to pay monthly dues no matter what. So, there is no point in paying a membership fee when you are not even using the services.

    Therefore, you need to know how to cancel your membership. Then read on to learn how to cancel your subscription in several ways.

    24 Hour Fitness Membership Packages

    24 Hour Fitness offers various membership packages without any initial fee. You can choose to work out in a group or select a personal trainer. The charges depend on the type of training session you choose.

    Moreover, they provide a three-day free trial period for newcomers. If the gym and workout sessions are up to your liking, you can subscribe and become a member. There are three membership programs you can choose from:

    Monthly Subscription Package

    You can pay month-to-month if you don’t want to commit to a yearly plan. Every month, membership charges will be automatically deducted from your checking account or credit/debit card through electronic funds transfer (EFT).

    Yearly Subscription Package

    In a yearly subscription package, you pay no initial or annual fee. This is an economical package because you get a discount if you subscribe to two years membership.

    Limited Term Subscription Package

    24 Hour Fitness offers a limited-term package in which you can subscribe for seven days up to two years. You can cancel this package anytime without paying any advance payment. However, you will not be eligible for any discount and will have to pay the full price.

    Membership Pricing

    Membership rates range from $31.99 to $56.99 per month. The due amount depends on the club location and selected membership package.

    The 24 Hour Fitness Membership Cancellation Process

    How to Cancel From Your Browser

    One of the easiest ways to cancel your membership is through the website. You can quit your subscription package by following these simple steps:

    1. Go to the 24 Hour Fitness cancellation page on your web browser.

    2. Select “No thanks” from the options unless you want to “Freeze” or decide to keep your membership.

    3. Enter your “Member Number” or “Check-In Code.”

    4. Enter your “Birth Date”

    5. Click on the “Proceed” option.

    Congratulations, you have successfully canceled your 24 Hour Fitness subscription.

    How to Cancel Your Membership At the Gym

    You can also cancel your 24 Hour Fitness membership after your workout session. Talk to a 24 Hour Fitness representative and inform them about your decision to leave their platform. They will ask you to provide essential details for verification. After verification is successful, the representative will cancel your membership.

    How to Cancel Through the Phone App

    24 Hour Fitness app also has the option of membership cancelation. Follow these instructions and cancel your subscription without any hassle.

    1. Open the 24 Hour Fitness app

    2. Tap on your “Profile Settings”

    3. Click on the “Subscription” option

    4. Select the subscription package you want to cancel

    5. Click on the “Cancel” button

    You are no longer a part of the 24 Hour Fitness gym club.

    Call to Cancel Your Membership

    Call 24 Hour Fitness customer service by dialing 866-308-8179. Once the call is connected, select the correct option to connect with an agent. A representative should then come on the line to assist you further. Take a hands-on approach and call 24 Hour Fitness for membership cancelation.

    Ask the agent to cancel your membership immediately. Then provide your account information, birth date, and membership code. The agent will take a few minutes to verify your credentials and cancel your account. They will ask you about the reasons why you unsubscribed for feedback purposes. And your task is successfully finished.

    How to Cancel by Mail

    If you like to take care of things the old-fashioned way, you can also write a letter and send it through the mail. Write a letter to 24 Hour Fitness and ask them to cancel your package. Provide the following information in the letter:

    • Name

    • Billing address

    • Last four digits of the credit/debit card used for payment

    • Phone number

    • Email address

    • Birthdate

    • Membership code

    After writing everything in the letter, please send it to PO Box 2689, Carlsbad, CA 92018. 24-Hour Fitness will contact you after receiving your letter. Note: You should send this letter as certified to confirm that they received it.

    How to Pause Your 24 Hour Fitness Membership?

    You don’t need to cancel your membership if you take a break from a challenging workout routine. Instead, you can quickly “freeze” your 24 Hour Fitness and resume where you left off.

    To freeze your subscription, follow these steps:

    1. Go to 24 Hour Fitness’s official website.

    2. Log in to your account.

    3. Open the “Cancel membership page.”

    4. Select the “Freeze” option.

    5. Select the period you want to freeze your account.

    6. Click “Done.”

    Your subscription is frozen now and will resume from your selected date. As your membership is prepaid, 24 Hour Fitness increases the membership term when you freeze your account. So you will not have to pay for the days your account was inactive.

    How to Check Your Subscription’s Expiration Date?

    Here’s a method to know if your 24 Hour Fitness subscription is about to expire.

    • Visit their website from your web browser.

    • Scroll down the page and click on “Membership Information.”

    • On the next page, locate your membership card barcode

    • Click on “Check Expiration Date” to access your account

    • Check the “Expires” date to know if your subscription is about to expire

    You need to cancel your membership before the cancelation date, or else 24 Hour Fitness will deduct payment and renew your membership.

    How to Get a 24 Hour Fitness Subscription Trial?

    There are no eligibility criteria to get a free subscription trial. Just visit your nearby 24 Hour Fitness gym, sign up, and mention the three-day free membership. You also don’t need to make an appointment. They all offer a free studio class along with a free trial.

    You can enjoy various workout routines and in-studio classes, such as cardio, Zumba, yoga, strength training, and conditioning.

    The only downside of this free subscription is that you have to cancel your membership within 14 days, or it will get automatically renewed to a monthly rate of $ 14.99. So if you want to take advantage of your free trial membership, you must remember to cancel your subscription before the 14 days are up.

    How to Request 24 Hour Fitness Refund?

    Once you become a member, you will get so many benefits. But when you cancel your membership, you must demand them to refund your subscription charges.

    However, they have a strict refund policy. You are only eligible for a refund if you cancel your subscription within 3 to 5 days of the initial purchase. After that, you will have to call 24 Hour Fitness at 866-308-8179 and ask them to cancel your subscription and process your refund. You will receive the refund amount in your bank account in the next 14 business days.

    24 Hour Fitness does not allow you to cancel and demand a refund on the subscription you have already paid for. You will have to use the services for the paid time. However, 24 Hour Fitness will not renew your subscription after it because you have canceled your membership.

    What Are the Pros and Cons of a 24 Hour Fitness Account?

    24 Hour Fitness is one of the largest gym chains in the world. With 300 locations across 13 states, it has almost 4 million members. However, like any service, membership also has pros and cons.

    Open seven days a week, with most locations opening at 4 am and closing around midnight.The monthly membership fee is pretty high. Members have to pay $30 to $50.
    Members can choose between group workouts and personal trainers.Not all locations have friendly and accommodating staff.
    A large selection of fitness classes are available during regular business hours.Some users have reported it not being cleaned properly at times.
    Memberships give unlimited access to state-of-the-art weight equipment, cardio machines, and other exercise accessories.Some locations can get extremely crowded, especially during peak hours. This can impact workout quality.
    Fitness members have access to tanning beds in most locations.


    If you’ve realized that 24 Hour Fitness is not your fitness studio of choice, there are a few steps you can take to cancel your membership at the gym.

    You will need your account number and some form of identification to process this cancellation request.

    However, if you are canceling your account due to high charges, they will give you 30% off on your next three months’ fee and a free one-year buddy pass that is worth $120. So, you can take advantage of that offer instead of canceling your membership. If you don’t cancel your membership in this limited time frame, you lose the right to apply for a refund.

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