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How to Cancel Blink Membership: 3 Things to Know

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 29, 2023

Cancel Blink Membership

    Blink is a gym or fitness company. They offer memberships that include more than just in-person gym access but:

    • Personal training virtually

    • Facebook live workouts

    • Wellness articles

    • Recipes and nutrition information

    When you first sign up, you get a 30-day free trial. After these 30 days, you will need to purchase a paid membership.

    Types of Memberships

    After your 30-day trial, there are three memberships available:

    1. The first is the annual agreement. This is a 12-month agreement for which you must provide notice before you can cancel a Blink membership. You are not able to cancel before the end of that 12-month membership without paying a buy-out fee. 

    2. The second is their monthly agreement. This is one where you pay each month but are not under contract. You are able to cancel at any time with 30 or 45-day notice. 

    3. The third is a paid-in-full agreement. This is where you find discounts for students or corporations, but the agreements do not let you cancel within the first 6 months, and even if you do, your access continues until the end of your agreement.

    Whether you want to cancel right after that 30-day window, right before, or months later, there are different ways to cancel Blink Fitness. Knowing how to cancel Blink Fitness or pause rather than cancel Blink subscription agreements can be very helpful.

    When you go about canceling your membership, you will need some of the same information no matter how you cancel:

    1. Your first and last name

    2. The phone number on the account

    3. The billing address for the membership

    4. Account number

    5. Date of birth

    How to Cancel Blink Membership in Person

    You can visit any front work area at any gym and speak with them about canceling or updating your membership. They will get the necessary information and then confirm once it is done.

    1. Fill out information like your name, address, and account number

    2. Write a letter explaining why you want to cancel

    3. Send it to Blink Fitness – 386 Park Ave. South 11th Floor, New York, NY 10016

    How to Cancel Blink Gym Membership via Email

    If you are going to cancel your Blink membership via email, you have to send your account information and your reason for canceling.

    1. Send an email to:

    2. Include your membership number and plan and reason for cancellation

    3. They will send you an email to confirm.

    How to Cancel Blink Fitness Membership Online

    You can also cancel your membership online. Below are the instructions:

    1. Go here

    2. Log in to your Blink account

    3. Click on the “billing” should be at the top.

    4. Click on “cancel membership.”

    How to Cancel Blink Membership Online With the App

    Can I cancel my Blink membership online with the app? Yes.

    1. Open the app on your device

    2. Sign in

    3. Click the “My Subscription” button

    4. Choose your membership for Blink

    5. Click “Manage”

    6. Click “Cancel”

    7. A confirmation will show up on the screen once it is canceled.

    How to Cancel a Blink Membership Over the Phone

    1. Call 800-256-1953

    2. Submit your request for cancellation

    3. They will ask for the necessary information and send a confirmation once it is done.

    Why Cancel Blink Membership?

    Even if you know how to cancel Blink membership, the company is rather strict about allowing members to cancel before the end of a subscription term. For example:

    1. They let you cancel for medical reasons even if you are under contract

    2. The company will let you cancel your Blink gym membership if you move and are now more than 25 miles away from any gym location.

    Can I Pause My Blink Membership?

    You might want to pause Blink membership instead. You can freeze and unfreeze your membership, depending on your state. Blink requires you to submit written requests through their online methods, after which it can take up to 7 days to process. The bills are all frozen until you unfreeze your account.

    When you pause, your membership options are not canceled but snoozed until you reactivate your subscription.

    How Much Does it Cost to Cancel Blink Membership?

    Can I cancel my Blink membership online and get my money back? That depends. There are some situations where you qualify for a Blink fitness refund. These include the two mentioned above, which are outlined in their terms of service.

    1. Medical reasons, even if you are under contract

    2. You move and are now more than 25 miles away from any gym location

    The cost to cancel the Blink membership is based on the membership agreement you have.

    Annual Membership AgreementYou will have to pay the prorated amount and the buyout fee when you cancel.
    Monthly No-commitment Membership AgreementYou must pay the prorated amount for the month in which you cancel.
    Paid-in-Full Membership AgreementYour agreement automatically ends at the expiration date. If you have a one-year paid-in-full plan, you have to provide notice to cancel it, and you can get a prorated refund after you pay the buyout fee. If you have a less than one-year paid-in-full membership, you get a partial refund reduced by your prorated cancellation fee. If you have a corporate membership, you cannot get a refund for the first six months, but you must pay a buyout fee after that.

    With each of the memberships below, there are buyout fees (fees to cancel) which vary by state. The length of notice you have to provide also varies by state. In states like California, you have to provide one month’s notice before your membership is over, but in New York, you have to pay for 45 days before canceling your membership altogether. Buyout fees are listed as follows:

    New York New Jersey Massachusetts Florida Texas$60 buyout fee and 45 days’ notice
    Pennsylvania$50 buyout fee and 45 days’ notice
    California$50 buyout fee and 30 days’ notice
    Illinois Virginia$60 buyout fee and 30 days’ notice

    Similar Services

    Even knowing how to cancel Blink might not be enough. There are similar services that you could use as a replacement for Blink.

    If there are unexpected charges on your account, you might be ready to cancel your Blink Fitness membership as a result and switch to Anytime Fitness. They offer monthly or annual memberships, which can be canceled for the same reasons (medical or having moved 20 miles away from a gym).

    Another alternative is 24 Hour Fitness which gives its members access to 280 locations across 11 states. You can get a discounted paid-in-full membership or a year-long membership. If you do not want a contract, they also have monthly options. 

    Crunch has over 300 locations with some of the lowest basic memberships. They have online nutritional information as well as physical gyms. The more expensive plans give you access to fitness classes, online live workouts, and massages. Their premier membership has babysitting services and advanced classes.

    Samurai can help you cancel the following gym memberships:

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